Anna Whitehouse & Toby Cotterill Showcase
27th July - 30th October 2021

Anna Whitehouse is a contemporary ceramicist and Toby Cotterill is a contemporary jeweller. Through their combined passion of nature and insect life, the pair are coming together and showcasing two new exclusive collaborative pieces in this fabulous exhibition as well as complimentary collections of their own.

Anna Whitehouse 

In early 2016 Anna was asked to produce a collection of work for Swarm, an exhibition that focused on the decline of the honey bee, using visual art as a way to communicate a serious ecological issue and engaging the audience by suggesting ways in which they could help.  Anna decided to investigate the seasonal forage available to bees, she contacted local bee keeping associations and the North York Moors National Park Authority, as well as scouring the extensive RHS bee friendly plant list.  Using an online database of images from a Scanning Electron Microscope for reference, Anna hand carves and models porcelain specimens of larger than life pollen grains, allowing the viewer into this beautiful and hidden microscopic world.  Back in 2019 Anna held her fascinating Ceramic Showcase here called 100 Bottles in 100 Days which you can read more about here.

Toby Cotterill

Toby grew up on a farm in West Wales and spent his childhood immersed in nature.  His jewellery celebrates the natural world, particularly arthropods, the group of animals including crustaceans and insects, imagining them evolving onto and around the human body.  Toby uses traditional silver-smithing techniques, forging sheet silver over steel stakes and into wooden formers using hammers and punches to create unique three dimensional forms.  After soldering, fusing and finishing these are often articulated and combined with gold and oxides to create lively, humorous pieces of wearable sculpture.


Please note - the pieces in the images are just representations of the work Anna & Toby intend to supply us with and may not feature in the exhibition.