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1st Feb - 28th April 2001

​​A showcase of objects associated with food and dining by contemporary designers who are keen to make eating a enjoyable domestic ritual.  We have invited sixteen makers who are inspired by the joys of the culinary world and have a fascination for 'kitchen culture'.

Their aim is to produce unique creations for presenting or holding edible items or condiments, multi-functional eating tools, serving utensils and place mats to encourage a sense of fun towards meal time and to turn an everyday task into an enjoyable moment.

Featuring work by Shona Carnegie, Karen Smith, Elizabeth Ayre, Cheryl Sillis, Frances Julie Whitelaw, Sam Hunt, Annabet Wyndham, Lisa Marklew, Beatrice Lopiano (pictured), Susan Vernon, Kerry O'Connor, Rachel Eardley, Ella Doran, Jenni Wilson, Vanessa Johnson and Ellen Garner.  Also including a ceramic showcase by Victoria and Michael Eden featuring a bold range of cheerful pots for eating and drinking.


5th May - 28th July 2001

We intend to investigate the link between the traditional values of craft and fashion where skills are recognised celebrated and pushed to their limits.

Techniques such as hand sewing, embroidery, hand and machine knitting, felting  and hand hooking are explored by select group of new and recognised designers who utilise their craft skills as the basis for innovation and creativity.

The exhbition will focus on bags, slippers and conceptual items of jewellery.  Worn at expressive points of the body, accessories have the freedom to be flamboyant, frivolous or classic and provide an excellent way to express your individuality.

Featuring work by Jessica Bailey, Lynsey Jane Nicol, Angela Buchan, Lin Cheung, Sarah Crawford, Emily Jo Gibbs (pictured), Alice Gill, Claire Goddard, Emma L Humphreys, Miglena Kazaski, Anna Lewis, Wendy Jane Marshall, Louise Bell, Angela O'Kelly, Alice Palmer, Corinne Pierre, Helen Plaumer, Eleanor Povey, Kirsty Powell, Eyv Saunders, Kayo Saito, Cecilie Telle and Kate Wilkinson

Sarah Kirby & 
Richard Gee

3rd July - 31st Oct 2001

A joint print exhibition featuring work by Sarah Kirby (pictured) and Richard Gee.  The printmakers were chosen to exhibit together as they both work from their imagination, sparked off by ideas, dreams and memories.

Sarah Kirby uses repetitive elements such as trees, towers and women within her imaginary landscapes.  The same women can turn up in different locations, on a beach, in a garden or even holding a boat.  They reveal different emotions through what they wear, how they stand and what they are doing.

Richard Gee will display a series of monoprints derived from his memories and ideas.  The prints are colourful and simplistic representing the landscape and the animals within it.  Like Sarah, Richard also uses repetitive elements, such as a group of trees in a freshly furrowed field of a flock of birds in a bright swirly landscape.

'Inspired by Nature'

1st August - 31st Oct 2001

An exhibition of thirteen designers who are inspired by nature and the landscape.

The exhibition will showcase a variety of works from raku fired ceramic vessels inspired by shells, leaves and rocks to delicate one off pieces of jewellery that transfer the quality of flowers and trees.

The designers capture the textural qualities of organic objects.  Materials used include porcelain clay, laminated fabric, enamel precious metals and resin.

Featuring work by Gillian Blum, Mandy Clapson, Kirsty Guise, Sarah Henrys, Lucy Sylvester, Tanja Ufer (pictured), Fiona Cameron, Rebecca Ricard Elbek,  Gail harding, Ingrid Pears, Sarah Tanner and Amy Wardell.  Also featuring a ceramic showcase by Hanne Westergaard.

Alchemy 2

3rd Nov 2001 - 12th Jan 2002

Fifteen exciting and innovative contemporary jewellers will be showcased in our annual Christmas exhibition.

A range of beautiful handcrafted jewellery will be displayed using a variety of materials including silver and machine embroidery, hand painted stainless steel, previous metals, porcelain resin and enamel.

Featuring work by Jane Hay, Annabet Wyndham, Gilly Langton, Alison Baxter, Miranda Sharpe and Abbott & Ellwood.

Richard Spare

3rd Nov 2001 - 28th Feb 2002

Richard Spare is a highly talented printmaker.  He spent most of his early career as a printmaker collaborating with and editioning work for artists such as David Hockney, Jasper Johns and Howard Hodgkin.  Over the last ten years Richard has been developing his own work, colourful drypoint etchings derived from his personal and domestic life.

"I enjoy the almost sculptural quality involved in working a plate and particularly like the rich, velvety quality of line produced by drypoint, which in combination with vibrant colour, I use for my prints."

The garden behing Richard's studio, a converted coach house filled with antique presses, proves a rich source of inspiration; the garden plants, flowers and vessels are a starting point for much of his work.

'A New Breed'

3rd Nov 2001 - 12th Jan 2002

Seven notable ceramicists display their sculptural representations of the canine form.  The makers, Zoe Whiteside, Anna Noel, Ian Gregory, Jeremy James, Virginia Dowe, Brendan Hesmondhalgh and Catrin Howell (pictured) give various reasons for choosing to make dogs, but they are all obviously fascinated with the essence and character of the animal.

Whether they are concerned with anatomical correctness of a more imaginative approach, most of the makers start with studies from real life but combine this with an artistic understanding to enhance or exaggerate certain features. 



1st Feb - 30th April 2002

The chemistry of combining the most basic of natures resources; earth, fire and water has provided ceramicist Sheila Boyce with a life long challenge.  As a relatively new maker, the aim in developing this particular range of ceramics is to create silky smooth, almost slippery tactile surfaces which would encourage a sense of touch.  Sheila describes these elegant spherical forms as 'touchy feely pieces'.

We're delighted to exhibit this sumptuous and distinctive range of ceramics made from 'tile' materials and a mixture of hand-building and press moulding techniques.  The showcase is a selling exhibition as well as an educational venture, which encompasses exiewtraordinary versatility in the field of ceramics.  Our aim is to entice the viewer by encouraging an appreciation for Sheila's work and the unique exquisite skill and aesthetic content.

'Jewellery Showcase -

1st March - 30th April 2002

The work of five exciting and innovative jewellery designers who use textiles within their designs.

The work on display will include hand embroideries framed in silver by Jane Hay (pictured), woven suede and silver pieces by Alice Menter, delicate floral and silk encased pieces by Lynne Morgan, perspex and textile layered jewellery by Blue Eye Design and flexible foam jewellery by Simon Ralph.

Emma Grover

1st March -30th June 2002

A provocative and inspiring exhibition of recent prints by Emma Grover, whose work is illustrative and childlike but executed with technical and creative sophistication.  Emma's inspiration is derived from 'everyday things that happen'.  She uses imagination to create her characters who are often repeated throughout her work.  With names like 'bucket man' and 'bird' these pictorial characters reveal themselves through recognisable symbols.

Emma uses a technique known as chine colle and intaglio.  In this process different coloured light weight papers are adhered to the printing paper, allowing the artist the use of flat colour areas without two colour printing.  Coloured paper is torn or cut into shapes to form part of the overall shapes.  Intaglio is also referred to as etching, a generic term which includes the techniques of engraving drypoint, stipple, etching, mezzotint.

Samantha Bryan

4th May - 31st July 2002

Samantha Bryan is a young and fresh local mixed media designer.  She graduated only last year from Herefordshire College of Art and Design and has been extremely successful in making and selling her work since.

Samantha's work is unique and fantastically individual.  Based on the everyday life in fairyland Samantha creates the work from found materials and handmade objects.  Each character has clearly been scrutinised over and created through a lengthy and thoroughly considered process.

Samantha's extraordinary objective is to strive to provide everything a fairy would require during its daily existence through 'Brain's Fairy Aiding Inventions'.  She is able to fuse together the practical with the fancy and imaginary in a most wonderful way.

Elisabeth Ryan

4th May - 31st July 2002

The dramatic landscapes found within the natural world have inspired ceramicist Elisabeth Ryan to create these impressive, sandy and textural agate vessels.  

These beautifully crafted vessels seem to have a certain energy about them, perhaps due to their tenacious, sturdy yet wholesome quality.  The viewer can depict the aggressive, powerful and determined force of nature alongside the tranquil, restful and serene elements in nature.  Vessels that convey these qualities remain identifiable and familiar to the onlooker, allowing the pieces to sit comfortably within the domestic sphere both in the home or garden.

Each piece is handbuilt by coiling and slabbing.

New Glass

4th May - 31st July 2002

Eleven contemporary glass makers have been invited to produce a functional range of works featuring vases, bowls and vessels; each demonstrating the diversity and vibrancy of this exciting medium.

The makers taking part, Aaronson Noon, Blowzone, Ruth Dresman (pictured), Catherine Hough, Wendy Johnson, Charlie Macpherson, Paul Mazza, Morag Phillips, Lisa Michaela Rabone, Kathryn Roberts and Jo Vincent, work on the functional form creating ranges that emphasise the individuality of each piece.  

Combining an innovative variety of hot and warm glass techniques, such as blowing and kiln forming with distinctive treatments and decorative finishes.

Mychael Barratt

2nd July - 31st Oct 2002

Mychael was born in Toronto, Canada but has lived in London since 1984.  He discovered printmaking at Central St Martins School of Art and it was here that he learnt the method of etching, which he now uses to create his work.

Coming from an illustrative background, this is recognisable within his approach to recording social situations or depicting well known sayings.  His passion for theatre and narrative are also evident in his work.

There is a simple, unambiguous humour that runs through all his work.

'Moving Parts'

1st August - 28th Sept 2002

The  exhibition Moving Parts will introduce the work of five innovative jewellery designers who use kinetic elements within their unique designs.

Featuring work by Dot Sim, Lindsey Bain, Melanie Allan, Sally Moore (pictured) and Angela Fung.


Hortense Sulyman

1st August - 31st Oct 2002

Hortense Suleyman is a French ceramicist living and working in London.  She graduated in 2000 from Camberwell College of Art and Design and is currently following an apprenticeship with the well-established artist, Edmund de Maal in his South London studio.

She is well travelled having visited several different parts of the world including India, Norway, Columbia, Costa Rica and Morocco.  Throughout out her travel she has acquired an extensive cultural  foundation of pottery and an exquisite and unique experience of glazing.

Hortense uses Limoges porcelain and glaze both in reduction and oxidation.  The outcome is an elegant and luxurious piece of work.  Through her carving, Hortense has created her own trademark; this thin carved line is produced in the throwing and it appears so well balanced between the delicate and the robust.

The work has an aesthetic and ornamental quality while still being functional and tactile.

Mugs as celebratory vessels​

2nd Nov 2002 - 11th Jan 2003

This Christmas a number of contemporary ceramicists have been chosen to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of The Craft Centre and Design Gallery.  Each potter has been particularly supportive of the gallery over its twenty years and, equally so, the gallery has been aware of their needs and supportive to each of them in return.

Each potter has been asked to create and assemblage of drinking vessels which illustrates their work, past or present in commemoration of this event.

This intriguing showcase will provide an interesting insight into a number of different techniques, glazes and processes.

The showcase will feature work from well-renowned established makers; Walter Keeler (pictured), Morgen Hall, Ian Rylatt, Victoria Bryan, Rebecca Harvey , Anna Lambert, Jessica Ball, Michael Eden and Taja Simpson.

'20 years'

2nd Nov 2002 - 11th Jan 2003

This Christmas at the Craft Centre and Design Gallery will be celebrating its twentieth anniversary.  To commemorate this, twenty jewellers have been invited to produce work for a showcase.

These jewellers are a representation of each of the yearly showcases that have taken place here since we were established in 1982.  Each designer has supported the gallery and in return the gallery has been supportive and considerate of each designer's needs throughout its duration.  The showcase is to be a celebration of this relationship.

Featuring work by Emma Jay, Jessica Briggs (pictured), Alan Vallis, Diana Porter and John Field.


Norman Ackroyd

2nd Nov 2002 - 28th Feb 2003

Norman Ackroyd is a well renowned and established etcher.  he was born locally and studied at Leeds College of Art and Design and subsequently at the Royal College of Art, London from 1961-64.  He now lives and works in London but throughout his practise he has retained strong links with Yorkshire.

Ackroyd's etchings are landscape based, this lifelong inspiration is drawn from his empathy with British and Irish landscape, its changing moods and its vast and dramatic wilderness.  

Ackroyd often works in the open air creating freedom by flooding acid directly on to the copper plate.  He finds this to be the truest way of etching because he is within the environment he is depicting.


Joanna Sancha

1st Feb - 30th April 2003

Joanna Sancha is a ceramicist producing incredible stoneware fired hand-built coiled pots.  Her work was initially  inspired by a fascination she had with a collection of domestic vessels she once saw in Peru.  Her forms are beautifully organic, inspired by gourds, figs and pomegranates and have a figurative quality expressing movement and gesture.  Relationships, either purely those of direct human interaction or how shapes, forms and colours combine heavily influences her work.

She successfully uses a range of clays and glazes to provide a variety of colour textures and finishes.  An important in Joanna's work is revealing and exploiting the particular qualities of the medium with which she works.  These forms are powerfully spacious while being remarkably elegant and deserve to be admired.

Jewellery Showcase

1st March - 30th April 2003

This charming exhibition is to showcase the work of two jewellery designer-makers;  Stephanie Jayne Summerhill and Ruth Tomlinson (pictured), both whom graduated in 2001 from the University of Manchester. 

Stephanie's work is free of limitations; she creates her work to be worn on the traditional and more unusual areas of the body.  For inspiration she looks to the work of Andy Goldswothy and Alberto Giacometti.  She continually refers to organic forms and natural shapes.

Ruth Tomlinson is equally as driven by the inspiration 'Mother Nature' has upon us changing cycles and seasons.  Alongide ths particular ideology she also finds inspiration through pre-Raphaelite imagery, Japanese fshion and Victorian mourning jewellery.

Angela Harding

1st March - 28th June 2003

Angela Hardng is a very talented printmaker working with narrative imagery and repetitive themes.  She uses a selection of techniques, in particular etching and drypoint.  Consequently, the quality of line and tone in her work is rich and intense. 

Angela's work is based upon nature, anmals and birds.  She is clearly fascnated by the shape and form of such creatures.  The landscape acts as a theatrical backdrop in which her characters are set.

Her work is wonderfully illustrative and particularly representative of her own experiences; the elements in her work tell stories of places she has seen or people she has met.  This representation is subtle as people become animals and objects.

'Drawing from

3rd May - 27th July 2003

This enchanting showcase will feature the work of five jewellers; Abbott & Ellwood, Julie Arkell, Amanda Coleman, Deborah Edwards and Bronwen Tyler Jones (pictured).

Their jewellery is reflective of childrens drawings, especially the simplified line drawings and topics which children choose to depict, which can be quirky, humourous and occasionally sophisticated.  Each designer, due to their inspiration, sentimentally considers their own work and plays on the understanding that each piece becomes personal and precious to the owner through their own associations, memories and emotions.  This then enhances each piece and gives it a timeless quality


3rd May - 27th July 2003

An exciting and charming exhibition of applied art by nine female designer-makers.  The showcase aims to rekindle childhood memories and to remind people of treasured items.  The designers take their inspiration from 'old loved things', memories, fables, dreams and wishes.  Each piece tells an enchanting tale of sentimentality of naivety through the ingenious use of techniques such as collage, embroidery and assemblae and through the subtle use of materials such as fabric, thread. found objects or papier-mache.

The select group, which includes new and well established makers comprises of Julie Arkell, Janet Bolton, Jennifer Brampton, Samantha Bryan, Lucy Casson (pictured), Adele Christie, Victoria Lindo, Nina Mankin and Linda Miller

Nicola Contreras

3rd May - 26th July 2003

A wonderful showcase of pale coiled porcelain vessels hand crafted by Nicola Contreras.  Nicola originally trained in fasion and textiles before later studying ceramics and wheel throwing while living in New York in the 1980's, finally choosing to concentrate on coiling porcelain in 1989.

Her vessels are delicate and carry a distinctive uneveness in their shape due to her coiling technique.  Her bottles, vases and platters are carved to enhance the delicate properties of the translucent porcelain.  Each piece is individual and organic and the carved and rippled surface accentuates the often glazed or coloured interior.  These lustrous finishes hint on reflections of faded grandeur.  Her work is beautifully elegant and particularly minimal which is magical.  The environment in which she lives; the wild skies andtides of Mersea Island, clear pools, rough marshes, rippled mud, shells and pale sand influence her primarily.

Pauline Meade

1st July - 31st Oct 2003

Pauline Meade is a remarkable printmaker working with a number of different techniques.  The work ranges from colourful relief and screen printing to subtle atmospheric blakc and white etching and mono printing.  This enables Pauline to work within two very distinctive characteristic styles.

Her main influences are landscape and the natural environment in particular plants, wildlife and the countryside in Britain and abroad.  Pauline makes watercolour sketches direct from her subject regardless of seasons or weather conditions.  She considers these sketches to be vital starting points for her printing.  A vast variety of tone, depth and colour are created through printing and Pauline pushes this medium to great lengths.  She aims to convey the beauty and dynamism of her own natural inspiration through different techniques and processes.

Louise Gibb

1st August - 31st Oct 2003

An exciting exhibition of domestic ceramics by the very talented Louise Gibb.  Introducing her new range of pots, platters, jug and bowls as 'Kitchen Conversations'.  They are made from moulded and hand thrown white stoneware clay which is then decorated with various slips and under-glazes, often working on more richly decorated pieces between firings to adjust and accentuate colour and image.  She uses a combination of both shiny and eggshell finishes that prove to be extremely effective.

The images in Louise's work are still life depictions of familiar kitchen utensils.  Sheappreciates the subtle features specific to different decades of design and finds these utensil to be charming but frequently witty in their form and function.  She uses  cool muted palette with a keen 1950's streak.  This simple and evocative style is ironic and elegant yet remains wholly contemporary.

'Ten of the Best'

1st August  31st Oct 2003

A remarkable showcase to introduce the work of ten new jewellers who graduated in 2002.  This show intends to promote the work of ten inventive and resourceful newly established jewellers whose fresh and inspiring designs illustrate a diverse range of materials and techniques.

Featuring work by Ruth Chalmers, Donna Barry, Kaz Robertson, Harriet Clayton, Beki Dickinson-Vyse, Adele Kime (pictured), John Moore, Lindsey Mann, Livvy Wooton and Susan Kerr.

'Alchemy 4'

1st Nov 2003 - 17th Jan 2004

Its 16th successful year, Alchemy, the annual jewellery exhibition continues.

Fifteen jewellers hve been invited to display collection of their work.  Comprising a mix of old and new designers who sell both nationally and internationally.  An exquisite range of pieces will be on display comprising of innovative and occasionally complex design combined with a multitude of materials.  Elegant precious metals, such as gold and silver with crisp clean finishes will sit side by side with fun materials such as resin, acrylic and rubber. 

Including work by Eileen Gatt, Lourdes Rodriguez and Katie Clarke (pictured).

Alison Blant

1st Nov 2003 - 17th Jan 2004

As a recent graduate from Herefordshire College of Art and Design, Alison produces a wonderful array of work based on farm animals.  her knowledge of these animals, having grown up on a farm, is clearly one of her strengths.  She is inspired by Victorian paintings of abstracted animals and she uses this to exaggerate and enhance their form.

Alison uses a combination of raw dyed materials and leather.  By patching it together and using hand and machine ebroidery she creates unusual and quirky animals, accentuating personalities and expressions.

Jennie Hale

1st Nov 2003 - 17th Jan 2004

Jennie has been fascinated with the natural world since childhood and is an avid bird watcher.  She is an observer, watching and waiting for moments of pleasure and enchantment when a creature crosses her path, such as a fox, badger or even a seal.  She is clearly in awe of the beautiful animals and personally feels she creates work as 'comic, fierce and tender manifestations of  life long passion.'  She often spends hours makinf preliminary studies in zoos and in the wild alike.

Her pieces are slab and coil built using a variety of techniques in orer to accentuate prticular life-like details.  She makes her raku smoke fired ceramics using glazes, wax resist and oxides to create wonderful figurative and humorous pieces.

Sue Brown

​1st Nov 2003 - 28th Feb 2004

Sue Brown is a printmaker producing work influenced by animals and in particular birds.  She makes etchings and uses chine colle and collograph techniqus with the addition of silver leaf, inks and watercolour.  Sue has exhibited in several exhibitions and featured in a selection of publications throughout her working life illustrating her popularity.


Sally Hodkinson

3rd Feb - 30th April 2004

Sally’s work is extremely tactile; beautiful sculptures and vases attract the viewer to touch and feel the unusual shapes and forms.  Her work is organic in nature, suggesting reference to the human body.  Textures used in the collection are a mix of smooth and polished with rough and irregular.  Sally initially uses white body clay to which various aggregates and body stains are added.  The composition of the material is revealed after firing by hand grinding the surface.  A further firing is performed at a high temperature to create the unusual textured surface, or at a lower temperature to create the smooth finish by later sanding and polishing.


3rd Feb - 30th April 2004

Based upon the inspiration and ideas of organic and natural forms five jewellers feature in this showcase providing exquisite and sophisticated designs.  Featuring jewellery by Tanja Ufer working with gemstones and raw diamonds, set in silver with fine gold and enamel; Sam Maund (pictured), whose work is based upon her knowledge of physiology; Malcolm Morris’s beautifully refined silver and 18ct gold jewellery depicting twigs, willow and leaves; Glen Campbell’s organic jewellery made in 18ct gold and platinum and Shimara Carlows elegant jewellery depicting natural forms with the use of precious metals, handmade paper and found objects.

Pip Carpenter

1st March - 30th July 2004

Pip Carpenter is a printmaker creating work from a range of different techniques and media; from etchings, drypoints and collagraphs to hand finished monoprints.  Pip makes work directly from the subject in order to portray the immediacy and spontaneity of the colourfully interpreted landscape.  In this show Pip concentrates on the minutia and panorama of landscape, accentuating the differences in scale and the combination of the two ideas.  Pip is particularly inspired by the elemental components that evoke mood and feeling; wind and rain, sun and drought, night and day, time and tide.  Using an array of bright and intense colours she accentuates the contours and lines of the landscape pulling the viewer into the most compelling features and details.

Tracy Hollins

​1st May - 31st July 2004

Tracy takes inspiration from historical ceramics and produces objects that capture the hand building and surface techniques of that particular time.  She primarily takes inspiration from the 18th century lead glazed ceramics and the floral transfer designs from 19th century tableware; this is evident through her own creative approach to surface decoration.  Tracy is sensitive to the clay she uses (red earthenware) and the surfaces of her pieces are achieved by combining techniques which deal with colour, texture and linear imagery.  The surfaces combine numerous techniques, including monoprinting, overlaying coloured slips and decoration with rich lead glazes.

'This Way that Way'

1st May - 31st July 2004

‘This Way that Way’ is a solo exhibition celebrating the work of Michael Eden.  Michael uses slip-decorated earthenware to investigate the relationships between proportion, volume and formal arrangement.  Michael has a fascination with architectural forms and uses his vessels to explore the concept of containment and the relationship between the inside and outside of space.  Michael uses red earthenware clay, thrown and then altered and assembled.  He decorates the forms with white or coloured slips and captures the dynamic and fluid qualities of the material.  The slip and glaze decoration is an integral part of Michael’s ceramics and completes the finished piece by linking or disrupting the different planes.

'Colour Me Beautiful'

​2nd May - 31st July 2004

A vibrant showcase of five jewellers who are influenced by the richness of colour.  The jewellers involved utilise numerous materials including acrylic, anodised aluminium and slate; materials that are not considered precious but have many beautiful qualities including being rich in pattern and texture.  Featuring the acrylic jewellery of Wendy Sarah Pacey who combines metallic foils to her designs; Marlene McKibbon’s acrylic and stainless steel jewellery; Mychael Peckitt’s (pictured)  hand painted aluminium jewellery; Ann Little’s slate jewellery inlaid with silver and acrylic jewellery by Julie-Ann Seaman.

Sean Rorke

1st July - 30th Oct 2004

Sean Rorke creates abstract photo-etchings directly from his original photographs.  His work is based upon industrialisation and the urban architecture that now seems to be a feature of most UK and European cities.  Originally from Merseyside, Sean often used to photograph everyday urban scenes such as old buildings, graffiti, rusty railings or old water towers around Liverpool.  Now he continues to be inspired by the everyday industrialisation that he encounters.    By varying the process of inking the plate Sean creates wonderful tonal subtleties and colour changes.

Sarah Ferguson

3rd August  30th Oct 2004

Sarah uses a variety of clays and firing techniques enabling her to produce a diverse range of forms.  Keeping glazing to a minimum ensures she does not detract from the form’s individual status.  Surface texture is particularly important to her; the contrast between the rough and the smooth where jagged lines lie next to organic formations.  Her work is greatly influenced by Italian product design and this is quite clear from the overall style of the ceramic forms she creates.

'The Written Word'

3rd August  30th Oct 2004

An exhibition presenting the power, potency and presence of the written word evident through contemporary jewellery design.  Featuring jewellery by  Nick Hubbard and Jenni Wilson, who both use text in a humorous manner; Clare Hillerby (pictured) using text as a way of mark-making; Neil Wood whose work can be particularly identifiable to the wearer; Nicola Becci whose inspiration comes from calligraphy; Daphne Krinos’s jewellery inspired by love-related vocabulary; ‘Marmalade Designs’ quirky and fun PVC jewellery and Karen Whiterod, Amy Goodwin and Elizabeth Abbey all using the written word in a particularly romantic and poetic manner.

Penny Fowler

6th Nov 2004 - 15th Jan 2005

Penny Fowler was educated at the Central School of Art in London and then continued to achieve a Post-Graduate Diploma in Ceramics at Goldsmith College.  She is a professional member of the Craft Potter's Association.

The inspiration for her work is drawn from life: people, architectural features, found objects and natural forms.  The work arises from abstracting, developing and combining different aspects of the natural and man-made world.

Her work is beautifully composed using bone china and porcelain clays, combining layering, inlay and carving techniques.  The primary aim of this delicate work is to explore the subtlety of the hollow form.

Sonia Rollo

6th Nov 2004 - 15th Jan 2005

Sonia Rollo is a remarkable printmaker with an outstanding reputation.  She originally studied a degree in Botany at the University of Glasgow.  After a spell working in publishing Sonia went on  to study printmaking at Morley College.  In 1990 Sonia became a founder member of Half Moon Printmakers in London.

Sonia's continued interest in biology led her to making detailed studies of natural forms.  Through her training as a biologist she observed plant life and animals, drawing them in order to aid her understanding of these forms.  These drawings escalated in to the etchings and aquatints she creates today.

She views her etchings as a more fun approach to her factual drawing, often accentuating the humorous features evident in the creatures she depicts.

'Alchemy 5'

6th Nov 2004 - 15th Jan 2005

The Craft Centre and Design Gallery is well renowned for the quality and diversity of work on display in the annual jewellery exhibition.  This year is no exception.  Fifteen jewellers have been chosen to take part in order to capture the direction of contemporary jewellery at the present time.  The designers range from both up and coming to well established makers who utilise a variety of materials and techniques.

Featuring work by Alena Asenbryl (pictured), Donna Barry, Laura Baxter, Shimara Carlow, Emma Gale, Jane Hay, Leom Heath, Cath Hill, Susan Kerr, Anna Lewis, Lucy Martin, Carol Meng-Yi Yeh, Wendy Sarah Pacey, Stephanie Summerhill and Lynsey Walters.

'Flying Solo'

6th Nov 2004 - 15th Jan 2005

A local designer, having graduated with a first class degree from Herefordshire College of Art and Design in 2001, Samantha Bryan is probably one of the most appreciated designers in the UK.  With both national and international recognition, it is not surprising that this new-fashioned maker is a flying success.

Her work is unique, quirky an intricately sculpted.  She creates charming 'domesticated fairies' with machine-like contraptions, cleverly crafted from hand-dyed and stitched leather, paper clay wire, organic matter and found materials.  Inspired by Victoria gadgetry and whimsical childhood stories the work is perfectly created.  As her largest yet, this exhibition will capture every imagination.


'Wedding Belles'

5th February - 30th April 2005

An exhibition of work by designers inspired by and deemed perfect for contemporary weddings and associations of that special day.  Featuring bridal adornment; rings, jewellery, headwear and accessories, wonderful textiles and beautiful bags. 

With jewellery by Irene Metaxatos (picured), Kayo Saito, Ruta Brown, Olivia Schlevoght, Mackay and Pearson, Alison Macleod, Kate Wilkinson, Anna Lewis, Sarah Cilia and Tracy Jones. 

Alongside the stunning jewellery are bags by Jenifer Wall, Ruth Waller, Elaine Elder, Emily Jo Gibbs and Clare Webster.  Emma Jay and Sarah Cant’s headwear and intricate hair accessories also feature with Pamela Rawnsley’s silver vessels providing ideal gifts for the occasion.

Lowri Davies

5th February - 30th April 2005

Lowri Davies’ Welsh heritage is a major source of inspiration for her collection of ceramics.  Using both hand built and slip cast processes and techniques she makes pretty jugs, cups and objects that are decorated with her own illustrations of flowers, domestic objects and Welsh stock imagery. 

Her hand built technique is created using porcelain clay and is formed by pressing small samples of clay in an etched plaster surface and brought together on a plaster ‘hump’.  She uses the term ‘patchwork’ to describe this technique due to the way the pieces are assembled.  She uses a white earthenware slip for her slip cast pieces which acts as an ideal surface for her illustrations, which are applied using industrial transfers.

Piers Browne

1st March - 25th June 2005

Piers has a passion for printing and the first proof from a plate has always excited him.  Piers lives in Wensleydale in the heart of the Pennines.  It is here that he became inspired by the panoramic landscape with its many outlines and seasons.  Seascapes are a subject close to his heart too, with the reaction of movement and light on the ocean in particular providing much inspiration for his printmaking. 

Piers is a colourist who likes to fully understand the forms he paints; he has to know how waves break or how clouds form.  Melvyn Bragg, Prince Charles, David Bellamy, Paul Simon and Julie Andrews are among his fans.

'Expect the Unexpected'

7th May - 30th July 2005

An exhibition of unconventional materials used to create ingenious collections of contemporary jewellery and objects. 

Paper jewellery  by Katherine Pearce, heat treated plastic jewellery by Sarah Lindsay, rubber jewellery by Deborah Zeldin O’Neill, felt jewellery by Rachael Hadley and Grace Girvan’s jewellery utilising found objects.  Stella Corrall’s translucent plastic pieces feature in the show with  Rebecca Gouldson’s  metal sculptures, Jennifer Collier’s remarkable paper objects, Magie Hollingworth's paper vessels, Laura Ellen Bacon’s willow sculptures, Lucy Adamson’s  fabric vessels  and Tamsin Saccani’s contemporary wall pieces using felt, fleece and PVC.

Fiona Thompson

​7th May - 29th Oct 2005

Fiona’s work is slab and coil built made from white earthenware or white stoneware clay.  Her main emphasis is on the surface of a piece; once forms are constructed the imagery is built up through layers of brushed and mono-printed slips.  Text is juxtaposed with areas of matt white, incised lines, glossy glazes and very tiny sections of photographic imagery. 

Her work is inspired by travel and tourism; in particular the way in which places are represented through imagery and text.  Notations and collected visual material such as postcards and photographs are gradually absorbed and reinterpreted through her ceramics.

Susie Perring

2nd July - 28th Oct 2005

Susie takes her inspiration from quirky subjects, portraying them in a subtly fantastical way.  She creates an unusual collection of oversized images of fish, flowers, fruit and vegetables.  Susie’s work is outstanding, vibrant and colourful.  She uses the printmaking technique of aquatinting for the sheer range of contrast that can be created by this method.  Susie has had many commissions throughout her career, including having made work for the P&O liner Oriana, The Pride of Rotterdam and The Pride of Hull.


​6th August - 29th Oct 2005

A diverse exhibition of designers who explore the qualities of the medium they use creating both small and large pieces of work in an attempt to appeal to wider audiences. 

Featuring felt work by textile artist Suzanne McCulloch, wood turned vessels and bowls made by Sarah Thirlwell, stoneware and porcelain ceramics and jewellery made by Sarah Perry, Amy Cushing-Mosquito’s glass jewellery, bowls and hanging installations and glass vessels and jewellery by Jodi Wright (pictured).  An outstanding exhibition celebrating the ingenuity of designers.


'Love Me Do'

21st Jan - 31st March 2006

A beautfully romantic exhibition based on the theme of love and affection.  Our carefully selected jewellery designers and ceramicists all evoke sentimental and nostalgic flavours within their work, presenting a wonderful array of uniqu artefacts ideal for the special somebody in your life. Small items and keepsakes showcase work deemed perfect for the Valenine's and Mother's Day period.

Featuring work by Rachel Eardley, Penny Warren, Charlotte Brown, Chie Mannami, Becky Crow, Daisy Dunlop, Karen Christie, Frances Ford, Allison Wiffen (pictured), Lorna Jackson Currie, Stacey Howarth, Dayle Green, Karen Shapley and Sarah Jones.


21st Jan - 31st March 2006

Sally's inspiration comes from traditional ceramic and bronze forms combined with her fascination with eroded natural and manmade objects; pitted and worn metals; terracotta bricks that have been sculpted by the sea; the remains of plastic buoys that have been won smooth and ground into dishes by sand and wind.  Sally uses a combination of hand building methods, including coiling and throwing in stoneware and porcelain clays.  The finished pots are shaped and their surface eroded by scraping and burnishing over many hours.  They are then biscuit fired and often rubbed down again with carborundum paper before sawdust or raku firing.

Richard Spare

4th March - 24th June 2006

Richard's drypoint prints take inspiration from nature and travel.  The beautiful garden he has designed at his studio provides a rich source of inspiration.  Filled with hollyhocks, foxgloves, poppies and wisteria, it is a small haven for wildlife and is ever-changing with the seasons.  Richard also explores over imagery, especially whilst on his yearly visits to Cornwall.  This is where most of his boating imagery is derived from.  Richard manages to maintain an unusual velvety quality with the drypoint prints; a technique that has been developed over many years.  The prints are all then hand cloured after they have been through the printing press.


8th April - 29th July 2006

A wonderful showcase of designers whose work incorporates the diverse qualities inherent in fibre.  Fabrics, threads an yarns ae manipulated by stitching, twisting and knotting making an exciting exhibition of jewellery and sculptural forms.

Featuring work by Harriet Hill, Alison Yule, Gemma Wormwood, Hannah Sherratt, Hilary Anderson-Barr (pictured), Laura Blackedg, Tadek Beutlich, Nicola Pearson, Tanja Igic, Betty Pepper, Linda Miller, Stanley Barrett and Ruth Waller.

Rebecca Appleby

​8th April - 30th July 2006

Rebecca Appleby was educated at Edinburgh College of Art where she gained a Ceramics degree.

Her ceramic vessels continue to explore the interest she has in form and surface.  Inspiration comes from sculptors Gordon Baldwin and Richard Serra.  With painters Cy Twombley, Tapies and Robert Rauchenberg also inspiring her.

The surface of the work explores the theme of the diary; extracts of text and expressive mark making are applied to the vessels creating exquisite areas of interest.  Her subtle use of colour with areas of contrast make the collection unique and refreshing.

Janis Goodman

1st July 28th Oct 2006

Janis Goodman is a long standing Leeds based printmaker.  She creates etchings and aquatints which reflect her architectural training and her love of the vitality of her home in inne city Leeds.

Janis's prints are preoccupied with the repetitive patterns formed by roofs, windows and chimney pots and how they contrast with the organic forms of plants and birds; themes also common in her work.

The prints are exceptionally detailed and astoundingly atsmospheric as she uses the technique of aquatint to give tone and shading to the prints.  Her expressive mark making and unique drawing style give us a real sense of the environemnt she is portraying and one which we can associate with.

Elena Blunsum

​5th August - 28th Oct 2006

Elena began her journey into ceramics when she joined a night school class.  After seven years of adult education she studied at degree level and after graduating began to teach at the adult education centre where it all began.

Important to Elena are the tactile qualities inherent in her work.  She is delighted to observe people reaching out to touch the work, perhaps unsure of the material used.  Contrasting elements are a strong theme in the collection.  These strong differences create an opulent display of work and are incredily atmospheric as a collection grouped together.

Blown Away

5th August - 28th Oct 2006

A wonderful showcase celebrating the work of designers who specialise in glass blowing.  Our carefully chosen designers working in this medium show how diverse the technique can be as they offer a vast range of designs, colours and forms to produce highly original and innovative pieces of contemporary art.

Featuring work by Shan Valla (pictured), Karinna Sellars, Dominic Fonde, Paul Barcroft, Steven Newell, Jenny Beardshall, Kamini Chauhan and Maggie Williams.

Also featuring seven inspirational jewellers working with glass as their medium to showcase an array of colourful and unique jewellery.  With work by Jenny Cork, Sue Shaw, Amy Christie, Jodi Wright, Emma Wells, Paul Barcroft and Kate Orton.


4th Nov 2006 - 13th Jan 2007

An exciting exhibition of two and three dimensional wotk from an exceptional group of designers who work with wire.  Nine designers have been selected who illustrate the diversity of their medium.  Diffrerent techiques and approaches are highlighted to demonstrate how wire can be wrapped, twisted, knotted knitted, sculpted, coloured and textured thus creating original and wonderful pieces of contemporary craft.

Featuring work by Lynn Walters, Celia Smith (pictured), Cathy Miles, Rachel Ducker, Rozie Keogh, Priscilla Jones, Sarah Jane Brown, Fiona Morley and Katherine Harvey.

'Alchemy 7'

4th Nov 2006 - 13th Jan 2007

A breathtaking exhibition of fifteen carefully selected designers whose jewellery will inspire and entice.  These innovative designers working in an extensive  range of materials are all distinctive in style and aesthetically striking.

Featuring work by Guy Royle, Malcolm Morris, Jane Moore, Angie Boothroyd, Alice Highet, Jed Green, Ruth Bridges (pictured) Jill Stewart, Georgina Franklin, Chie Mannami, Daisy Choi, Olivia Schlevogt, Rachel Hearne, Deborah Zeldin-O'Neill and Penny Warren.

Tony Sugden

4th Nov 2006 - 13th Jan 2007

This remarkable collection of ceramics by Bradford born Tony Sugden is being showcased here to celebrate the distinctive style of this highly talented and unique maker.  His collection is exceptionally impressive as bold patterns and mark-making combine to captivate the viewer.

The series of flattened vessels are tecchnically very simple; sheets of clay are press-molded in plaster moulds which are then decorated and designs are scratched into the surface.

Carl Johnson

​4th Nov 2006 - 28th Feb 2007

A charming selection of prints by outstanding printmaker Carl Johnson.  His drypoint prints of livestock and in particular, rare breeds of sheep, goats, pigs and cattle appeal to a wide audience and are sure to create a endearing display for all to appreciate and admire.



20th Jan - 24th Feb 2007

A small but select showcase of beautiful jewellery, textiles and ceramics marking this romantic time of year.  We're proud to offer a different perspective on the choice of items that can be purchased for that special someone in your life.​

Featuring jewellery by Elizabeth Chamberlain, Marion Barclay, Anne Morgan, Suzanne Smith, Bryony Burn and Ben Woodcock.  With ceramics by Andrea Cundell, Vanessa Chen, Lowri Davies (pictured), Bethan Lloyd-Worthington, Catherine Ball.  And textile work by Bridget Davies, Anne Crowther and Darren Deardon.​​

Kristen Godfrey

​1st Feb - 28th April 2007

Fascinated by industrial chimneys and their different shapes and designs, Kristen Godfrey has been able to interpret the urban landscape to produce large and medium scale, freestanding tubular forms.​

Each piece is thrown stoneware with a white porcelain slip.  Bands overlapping glazes are then applied, initially to imitate the palette of colours from the skyline in varying hues of grey-blues and grey-greens.  In Kristen's latest work the warm natural shades of earth, wood and autumnal leaves are evident in subtle beiges, browns and buff glazes.​


​3rd March - 30th June 2007

This striking exhibition has been researched to include twenty established jewellers and their ring designs.  Rings will explore the technical and aesthetic qualities in this jewellery item and bring together a diverse collection for our viewers to admire.​

Featuring work by Alex Kreglewski, Jill Rednap, Robert Feather, Natalie Jane Harris, Tanya Ufer (pictured), Stephanie Johnson, Pruden & Smith, Daphne Krinos, Mackay & Pearson, Allison Evans, Lindsey Mann, Katie Clarke, Angela Fung, Marianne Anderson, Diana Porter, Anthony Blakeney, Joel Degan, Gerlinde Huth and Alan Vallis.​

​New Designers​​

​3rd March - 30th June 2007

A magnificent showcase celebrating work sourced from New Designers (graduate show) in 2006.  This carefully selected showcase not only accompanies the main Rings exhibition but aims to enrich it by adding an array of wonderful talent emerging from universities around the UK.​

Featuring work by Caren Hartley, Gemma Kay, Beth Hughes, Ai Morita, Yoriko Mitsuhashi (pictured), Ruth Jackson, Lyndsey Davies, Victoria Stockbridge and Jo Hayes.​

Julie Bailey

3rd March - 30th June 2007

A beautiful collection of new prints by renowned printmaker Julie Bailey.

Julie uses her sketchbooks and journals to collect thoughts and images that belong to the everyday.  Her attention is drawn to detail, the layers and the intricacies of the relationship between things that have been directly or indirectly a part of her life experience.  These processes are mirrored in Julie's printmaking as layers are built up within each print, creating an exquisite visual story.

Charlton Nicoll

​1st May - 28th July 2007

Charlton creates cool, white, abstract sculpture in response to the ever-changing nature of language and words.  The process begins with a complete sphere, which is then cut into segments and respositioned. 

Physically the sphere captivates Charlton as they have infinite internal and external surfaces and therefore lend themselves perfectly to variance, whilst continuing to allow for relationships and conversations between each other.

'Knock on Wood

7th July - 28th Sept 2007

A mixed showcase of designers who use wood or wood related materials bringing out the beautiful qualities inherent in this wonderful material.  Whether carved, cut, turned, burnt, bleached, polished or simply in it's own right this inspiring material reveals each grain and textural marking adding to the unique story of its existence.​

Featuring work by Jeff Soan (pictured), Jan Zalud, Peter Archer, Tracie Murchison, Rosemary Wright, Jane Cummins, Bert Marsh, Emma Lister, Ian Clarkson and Audrey Hayes.  With jewellery by Laura Wilson, Sarahh Thirlwell, Caroline Tomlinson, Tom Machin, Heidi Butler and Chie Mannami.​

Peter Wray

​​7th July - 27th Oct 2007

A remarkable showcase of carborundum prints by the talented printmaker Peter Wray. 

Initially trained as a painter, Peter decided to extend his practice into the wonderful world of printmaking.  It was the richness and unique expressive power of the intaglio surface which enticed this gifted artist into using this printmaking technique.

With his background in painting and being largely a self taught printmaker, the integration of a painterly style into a graphic process was a natural development, and it is this combination of approaches which gives Peter's work its distinctive style.

Kate Schuricht

3rd August - 27th Oct 2007

Kate’s ceramics are renowned for their distinctive sculptural qualities, often comprising a series of repeated forms or collections. The passage of time and the ability of certain objects to connect us with our past are continual sources of inspiration for her work in clay.

Her collections of jugs, tapered vessels and containers are conceived as small scale installations. Wood, stone and precious metal gilding are used in combination with the ceramic pieces to create a sense of balance and harmony. Applying glaze like layers of fabric to partly wrap the ceramics, Kate highlights the surface qualities of each piece, creating a subtle interplay between light and dark.


3rd Nov 2007 - 19th Jan 2008

A visual archive featuring a medley of some of the best designer/makers from a selection of our best ever exhibitions.  We aim to highlight each individual maker and the exhibition that they took part in yet at the same time create a group show for maximum aesthetic impact.

Featuring works in mixed media by Rachel Higgins, Alison Blant, Robert Race, Lucy Casson, Samantha Bryan, Christy Keeney, Justine Smith and Fiona Morley.  Ceramic pieces by Jennie Hale, Jeremy James, Catrin Howell (pictured) and Ian Rylatt.  With glass by Ruth Dresman.


3rd Nov 2007 - 19th Jan 2008

'Collect' intends to feature four prolific and well-known ceramicists that have exhibited here at The Craft Centre and Design Gallery in the past.  Displayed in our prestigious Ceramic Showcase, our selection of highly collectible pieces will appeal to those already collecting such works and for those who wish to start their very own new collection.

Featuring work by Gabriele Koch, Morgen Hal (pictured), Walter Keeler and Duncan Ross

'Alchemy 8'

3rd Nov 2007 - 19th Jan 2008

This celebratory jewellery exhibition will be bringing together twenty jewellers in total; ten makers who we have supported over the last five years alongside ten up and coming makers who we feel deserve representation and support for the future.

Featuring work by Gail Klevan, Helen Smythe, Becky Crow, Katie Clarke, Nick Hubbard, Jacqueline Warrington, Poppy Dandiya, Debby Moxon, Jessica Briggs, Jolene Smith, Sarah Lindsay, Meng Jung Li, Jo Pond, Teri Hawes, Dianne Saad, Marianne Anderson, Hannah Bedford, Sonja Bennett, Hannah Simpson (pictured) and Lorraine Allan.

Trevor Price

3rd Nov 2007 - 23rd Feb 2008

Trevor studied Printmaking at Falmouth and then Winchester School of Art.  On leaving school he found work in a London etching studio; a hugely important time for Trevor learning the skills of professional printmaking.  On returning to Cornwall, Trevor based himself in St Ives, where his work began to change and develop into the distinctive style we see today.  Trevor has since returned to London but has maintained the St Ives base, from where he also still works.

Trevor's subject matter is a reflection of his life.  Some of the prints are about the intimacy between a couple and reflect the time spent drawing his surroundings in St Ives.  Trevor is influenced by the work of other artists notably Picasso but also Henry Moore, Henri Rousseau, Elizabeth Frink and Cecil Collins.


Jane Blackman

19th Jan - 26th April 2008

​Jane Blackman paints in an intuitive way, laying down colour and marks which are often informed by memories of landscapes particularly those of northern England, Wales and France.  Her work combines this with ceramics to make three dimensional paintings.​​

​Using expressive brushstrokes she created abstract landscapes on the inside of slab built earthenware vessels.  In contrast, the  chalky white exteriors are calm and precise with clean-cut edges emphasising shadow and line.

'With Love'

26th Jan - 22nd March 2008

​A mixed showcase to mark Vaelntines Day and Mothers Day.

An array of jewellery and keepsake items by a selection of designers deemed perfect for that special someone in your life.

Featuring jewellery by Ruth Chalmers, Fiona DeMarco, Helen Brice Sarah Packington, Alice Highet and Emily Thatcher.  With ceramics by Olivia Brown, Sarah Jones, Emer O'Sullivan, Michelle Freemantle and Karen Atherley (pictured).  Mixed media work by Priscilla Jones and wire work by Lauren Van Helmond.


Helen Hanson

1st March - 28th June 2008

​The familiar northern landscapes of the Lake District and the Pennines provide the initial inspiration and focus for Helen's ideas.  Her work shows a fascination with the detail and pattern of plant life set against the changing aspects of the landscape.  Colours, moods and textures develop from one plate to the next, often in a series of closely related images.​​​

​Water and weather are recurrent themes, from her early Cumbrian landscapes to the Kent seascapes and East Anglian fens.  In recent years her chief inspiration has been the rich and varied ecology of the Scottish Highlands.​​​

'In the Spotlight'
Helen Noakes

​​5th April - 28th June 2008

'In the Spotlight' is a new showcase that highlights the work of an individual maker whose work demonstrates inspirational contemporary jewellery practices.

Helen Noake's jewellery is full of humour and little surprises. Using miniature models as the nucleus of her designs, the small figures are cast in resin and set in simple, finely crafted silver settings. A recent newcomer to the world of contemporary jewellery making, Helen is slowly achieving recognition with galleries throughout the UK and further afield.


5th April - 28th June 2008

Following the success of our Ring Showcase last year the Craft Centre and Design Gallery is proud to present another stunning collection of rings by a selection of ten jewellers. These designers have been carefully chosen to demonstrate the diversity of contemporary ring design using a variety of materials and processes.

Featuring work by Charlotte Brown, Anthony Blakeney, Poppy Dandiya, Gerlinde Huth, Beccy Gillatt, Hidemi Asano, Zelda Wong, Jane Kenney, Claire Troughton and Natalie Jane Harris (pictured).


'Flora and Fauna'

​15th April - 28th June 2008

​A mixed show of jewellery and applied arts which have taken inspiration from nature and the world around us.  Flora and Fauna' intends to represent a varied yet high profile selection of work that has been successfully inspired by the natural world around us.

​Featuring jewellery by Shimara Carlow, Charlie High, Marion Kane, Lynne Glazzard, Zelda Wong, Jessica Sheriff, (pictured), Grainne Morton, Shivani Patel and Lucy Coyne.  With ceramics by Gemli Fei Ferguson, Gwen Bainbridge, Jill Ford, Rachel Holian and Kim Norton.  And mixed media work by Sarah Roberts, Deidre Hawthorne, Fiona Gall, Michelle McKinney​

​Ken Eardley

3rd May - 26th July 2008

Ken Eardley was born in the Bahamas and now lives and works in Brighton making his bold collection of ceramics, which expresses his love of pattern and colour.  Originally coming from a textile background Ken moved on to create a distinctive range of graphic functional ceramics for the kitchen and home.​

Each piece is handmade and glazed using white earthenware.  Some of the pieces are made using press moulds or are slab built.  The ceramics are then painted with an under glaze of colour, with a clear glaze being applied on top.​

Ken often repeats familiar patterns such a spots, circles and lines which celebrate the world of surface pattern design.​

'In the Spotlight'
Rachelle Varney

5th July - 27th Sept 2008

'In the Spotlight' is a new showcase that highlights the work of an individual maker whose work demonstrates inspirational contemporary practices.​

Rachelle Varneys work is inspired by photographs and poetry.  Her pieces draw on historical and autobiographical material, giving the forgotten a second life.​

Using oxidised silver alongside silver, flocking and various materials and found objects Rachelle's collection a romantic edge.  She often layers all these elements onto one piece to add depth and intrigue to the work.  A truly beautiful collection.​

'Simply Silver'

​5th July - 27th Sept 2008

Simply Silver is a stunning showcase highlighting designers who use silver as their main material. ​Concentrating on how this wonderfully malleable material can be worked into so many fascinating design concepts we aim to highlight the very best of innovative and contemporary work including jewellery and objects of desire. Nineteen designers take us on a journey of discovery as they highlight such techniques as press forming, coiling, folding, hand raising and hammering, to name just a few techniques.​

With jewellery by April Neate, Charlotte Brown, Gerlinde Huth (pictured), Stephanie Johnson, Cath Hill, Natalie Jane Harris, Zelda Wong, Joanne Thompson and Daniela Dobesova.  With small keepsake items and silversmithing by Pamela Rawnsley, Rauni Higson, Annabet Wyndham, Shimara Carlow, Angela Cork, Sam Maund, Abigail Brown, Marion E Kane, Sian Matthews, Camlla Wells, Emily Collins and Rebecca Gouldson.​

Karolina Larusdottir

5th July - 25th Oct 2008

The Craft Centre and Design Gallery is thrilled to present a beautiful collection of new prints by renowned printmaker Karolina Larusdottir.  This will be Karolina's second solo exhibition with us here at The Craft Centre and Design Gallery highlighting her enormous appeal to our visitors and collectors alike.​

​Karolina's subject matter is rooted in her upbringing in Iceland.  Her grandfather was the owner of the first grand hotel in Reykjavik.  Many of the images are derived from glimpses of this busy environment.  In some of her works Karolina creates a world of her own, with imaginary people in strange situations.  Her work contains a wry humour that enhances the surreal and timeless qualities she creates when dealing with her favourite topic of people.

Judith Davies

2nd August - 25th Oct 2008

Judith Davies studied painting and illustration at Manchester Polytechnic gaining a BA in Illustration in 1978.​

Her work is concerned primarily with two things: with the metaphysical connection of the vessel to the body and with the journey of the firing and the effects of what takes place inside the kiln transforming the pieces in the process.​

Judith initially slowly coils the ceramics from porcelain and then thins and stretches as she builds.  She makes forms that are curved, that swell and stretch and show subtle undulations and turns, reflecting the form of the human body. ​

The forms are then saggar fired, which gives an atmospheric feel to each piece.​


'Loving You'

24th Jan - 21st March 2009

Our annual mixed showcase of jewellery, ceramics and works in mixed media deemed perfect gifts for someone special over Valentine's and Mothers Day.  Nineteen designers come together in this showcase of talented makers all producing work that is beautifully accomplished and charming. 

Featuring jewellery by Sue Bull, Kate Rhodes, Heather Scott, Rosie Bill, Judith Brown, Victoria McGary, Clara Breen, Yu Lan Burkmar (pictured), Hannah Louise Lamb and Kate Hamilton Hunter.  Ceramics by Stacey Manser Knight, Katie MCulloch and Gail Mahon.  With mixed media pieces by Julie Roberts, Lynn Walters, Cathy Miles and Abigail Brown and Linda Marie Young.


24th Jan - 28th March 2009

Our annual striking ring exhibition has been researched to include ten established jewellers and their ring designs.  Rings will explore the technical and aesthetic qualities in this jewellery item and bring together a diverse collection for our visitors to admire.

Featuring work by Kate Hodgson, Susanna Hanl, Alison Macleod, Sally Grant, Emma Farquharson, Tanya Krackowizer, Shimara Carlow, Nick Hubbard, Mackay & Pearson and Alexis Dove.

Rie Tsuruta

​​24th Jan - 25th April 2009

A wonderfully subtle collection of ceramics with sumptuous colours, highlighting this makers expertise in this field.

Rie originally came from Japan to study ceramics in the UK and the inspiration for her work is drawn from the knowledge she will one day return.  Current works are thrown and moulded porcelain bowls, which forms and surfaces are inspired by her impressions of the landscapes around her.  The many different glazes are to illustrate the various seasons.  Moreover, Rie thinks that porcelain itself is a medium that expresses cultural mix.

'The Black and White Show'

7th March - 27th June 2009

An outstanding selection of prints from this diverse group of esteemed printmakers.  Each printmaker has been carefully selected to demonstrate their unique style in printmaking under a black and white theme, showing a range of techniques in the process.

Featuring etchings by Michael Atkin, Flora McLachlan, John Duffin (pictured) and Neil Owen.  With drypoints by Anita Klein and lino prints by Colin Park.

'Without Colour'

​28th March - 27th June 2009

Twenty makers showcasing work where shape, form and structure are the principle objectives.  No colour as such is required to accentuate any of these wonderful piece on display.

Featuring ceramics by Janice Sinclair, Desiree Hope, Gillies Jones Glass, Sandra Callowhill, Rowena Gilbert, Eric Moss (pictured), Adam Wahby and Kate Noakes, Sally Bradley, Pam Dodds and Tina Vlassopulos.  With jewellery by Amy Keeper, Dasiy Choi, Sarah Keyes, Katie Clarke, Li-Sheng Cheng, Helen Smythe, Jacqueline Cullen and Suzanne Potter, Louise Miller and Betty Pepper.

Katie Adams

​2nd May - 25th July 2009

​Katie Adams has been working with clay since she started pottery class at the age of twelve.  Since then she went on to study at Camberwell College of Art and now works from a studio at Cockpit Arts in London where she makes tableware in white stoneware clay.

She throws post with subtle lines then draws into the surface to express simple narratives.

For her solo show Katie has chosen two subjects: a devoted fan of architecture Katie celebrates the Leeds skyline on her tableware and secondly, inspired by a commission for the Natural History Museum, she has developed a range of large dishes featuring the Coelacanth fish.

'Colour and Gems'

​4th July - 26th Sept 2009

A marvellous selection of work vibrant in colour and rich with sumptuous gems.

Colour section: ten designers take part in this bright and colourful exhibition whereby different materials and techniques have been employed to create striking pieces of contemporary jewellery.  Featuring work by Sarah Lindsay, Gail Klevan, Melanie Tomlinson, Lynsey Walters, Moxon and Simm, Claire Austin, Heather Fox, Penny Warren, Marion Barclay and Lesley Strickland.

Gems section: a further five designers showcase their sumptuous jewellery whereby precious and semi-precious stones are featured in their designs.  Featuring work by Louise O'Neill, Jane Macintosh, Catherine Mannheim, Karen Morrison and Monica Boxley.

'A Splash of Colour'

4th July - 31st Oct 2009

Following on from the success of 'The Black and White' print exhibition, we're thrilled to now present a contrasting selection of vibrantly coloured prints from a diverse group of respected printmakers.  Each printmaker has been carefully selected to demonstrate their unique style in printmaking where colour plays a key a part, showing a range of techniques in the process.

Featuring work by Jenny Devereux, Susie Perring, Richard Spare (pictured) and Louise Davies

Susan Nemeth

1st Aug - 31st Oct 2009

Susan Nemeth was born in Australia and resides in London.  The work is made from laminated sheets of coloured clays inlaid with hand cut patterns, which are then beaten, rolled and stretched over moulds.  The final form is forced from one single flat sheet of clay, which ensures a simple shape. The pieces are then buried in sand to prevent warping and fired to their limit, which achieves a smooth, matt watertight finish.


7th Nov 2009 - 16th Jan 2010

Our annual jewellery showcase, highlighting the work of 15 outstanding designers.

Featuring work by Clare Hillerby, Kate Smith, Misun Won (pictured), Bernadine Chelvanayagam, Sheila McDonald, Katherine Campbell-Legg, Naomi James, Emma Sedman, Hannah Souter, Shona Fidgett, Valerie Mead, Mackay & Pearson, Zelda Wong, Kokkino and April Neate.

'Glass in the
Window II'

7th Nov 2009 - 16th Jan 2010

Four glass artists display their stunning collections in our window areas, presenting an array of wonderfully inspiring and sensuous pieces.

Featuring work by Lucy Alexandra Batt, Amanda Simmons (pictured), Kathryn Pearce and Kathryn Roberts.

'Northern Lights'

7th Nov 2009 - 16th Jan 2010

A select group of five local or Northern based designers showcase their work highlighting the breadth of talent right on our doorstep.

Featuring a selection of ceramics by Rebecca Appleby, Chris Utley, Brendan Hesmondhalgh, Jill Ford (pictured) and with constructed paperwork by Emma Cowell.

'Metal Marvels'

​7th Nov 2009 - 16th Jan 2010

Five designers who all use metal as their main source of material come together in this showcase of unique and inspirational work showing the diversity of this material.

Featuring work by Don Porritt, Maya Selway, Sally Elizabeth Deane, Ann Marie Colquhoun and Claire Malet with wall pieces by Michelle McKinney (pictured).

'All I Want
for Christmas II'

7th Nov 2009 - 16th Jan 2010

Highly desirable works of contemporary craft featuring designers working in different mediums.  Featuring work by Julia Linstead, Brendan Hesmondhalgh, Lynn Muir, Samantha Bryan, Anna Noel, Dan Reid, Sarah Hillman, Lindsey Mann, Edwina Bridgeman, John Maltby, Zoe Whiteside, Antonia Salmon and Nancy Sutcliffe.

'In the Spotlight'

7th Nov 2009 - 16th Jan 2010

Five designers showcase smaller sized yet highly desirable and collectable works in individual cainets located around the gallery.  Including work in wood, colour treated aluminium, ceramics, porcelain and silver.

Featuring work by Sarah Hutchinson, Bronwen Tyler Jones, Barbara Macleod (pictured), Alan Ardiff and Ruth Chalmers.

'The Animal Show'

7th Nov 2009 - 28th Feb 2010

Four talented printmakers come together in this group print exhibition and delight us their unique interpretation of well-loved animals.  Each printmaker has been carefully selected to demonstrate their unique style in printmaking where animals play a key part, shwoing a range of techniques in the process.

Featuring prints by Sonia Rollo, Kirsten Schmidt, Chris Salmon and Helen Moore.


'Rings 2010'

23rd Jan - 26th June 2010

Our annual striking ring exhibition has been researched to include ten established jewellers and their ring designs.  Rings will explore the technical and aesthetic qualities in this jewellery item and bring together a diverse collection for our visitors to admire.

Featuring work by Sue Lane, Nick Hubbard (pictured), Charlotte Brown, Claire Troughton, Nicola Becci, Kelvin J Birk, Adele Brereton, Rita Baek, Ema Fox and Justin Duance.

'Amore 2010'

23rd Jan - 20th March 2010

This year we are delighted to present another delightful collection of affordable gifts and keepsake items deemed perfect for this time of year.  An annual mixed showcase including ceramics, jewellery and works in mixed media.

Featuring mixed media work by Catie Gough and Jennifer Collier, ceramics by Stacey Manser Knight, Ali Tomlin, Stef Storey and Karin Eriksson, turned wood by Kevin Hutson and mixed media pieces by Liz and Kate Pope and Lauren Van Helmond.  Jewellery by Stanley Barrett, Julie Allison, Charlotte Brown (pictured), Gabriella Casemore, Elizabeth Chamberlain, Kate Hamilton-Hunter, Tamsin Howells, Gerlinde Huth, Chie Mannami and Sarah Packington.

David Ralston

​​23rd Jan - 30th April 2010

David Ralston lives in Galloway, where markings in stone - in the rolling and varied landscape - go back to Megalithic times.  Intrigued by these and working with the artistic use of precision and experimental engineering David approaches stone with a forward looking creative curiosity.

His stone sculptures explore a sense of presence behind the initial appearance of the stone's shape.  Sculptures by reduction (the taking away of stone) become something else altogether, revealing other kinds of harmony.


6th March - 26th June 2010

Four exceptional printmakers come together in this group print exhibition and delight us with their interpretation of our theme of park life.  Each printmaker has been carefully selected to demonstrate their unique style in printmaking where animals, landscapes, birds, flowers and plants are featured, presenting a range of techniques in the process.

Featuring work by Jo Barry, Tessa Asquith-Lamb, David Bowyer and Rachael Edgar.


​27th March - 26th June 2010

A celebration of nature in all its glory, a mixed showcase of jewellery, ceramics, glass and works in mixed media.  Flowers, leaves, insects and small animals are represented providing a real feast for the eyes.

Featuring jewellery by Hannah Louise Lamb, Shivani, Alice Highet, Becky Crow, Tanya Igic, Sian Elizabeth Hughes, Jessica Sheriff, Anna De Ville, Gisella Peacock, Shimara Carlow and Clare Stiles.  With ceramics by Stephanie Cunningham, Jeremy James, John Maltby, Jennie Hale, glass by Lowri Davies, Ruth Dresman, Morpheus Glass, Desiree Hope, and works in mixed media by Rachel Higgins, Cathy Miles, Janet Browne (pictured) and Michelle Mckinney.

Sara Moorhouse

1st May - 31st July 2010

​Sara makes vessels with vivid colours and linear decoration.  She uses bowls as metaphorical landscapes, using lines of colour in different thickness to convey physical features, evoking feelings experienced when studying the landscape.

The manipulation of line and pure colour are key themes in Sara's work.  Playing colours off each other to create an intensity of feeling,  Sara emulates David Hockney's paintings by using colour to draw the viewer physically into the vessel.

Roger Harris

​3rd July - 30th Oct 2010

We're delighted to present a collection of Roger Harris' mezzotint prints in his first solo exhibition in Leeds.

Roger studied as Kingston College of Art, then went on to specialise at Richmond College of Art where his love of printing developed into his own unique and beautiful signature style.

This wonderful printmaking technique offers the viewer a rich surface to explore where a real sense of atmosphere is achieved.  Themes of fairytales and the nude female form are explored within this collection and are sure to enchant.


​3rd July - 25th Sept 2010

Ten jewellers, five ceramicists and one wall hung designer take part in this exhibition where our objective is to highlight how well pieces work together and also how appealing it can be to develop a collection of a particular designer's work.

Featuring jewellery by Natalie Jane Harris, Dianne Saad, Ashi Marwaha, Louise Miller, Susan May, Charlotte Brown, Marianne Anderson, Dot Sim, Jenifer Wall and Jessica Briggs. With ceramics by Rosanna Martin, Kate Schuricht (pictured), Susan Nemeth, Sasha Wardell and Chris Keenan and wire wall hung work by Helaina Sharpley.

Nicola Richards

​3rd August - 30th Oct 2010

Having trained at Wolverhampton Polytechnic and acquired a BA Hons in 3D Design Ceramics in 1982 it wasn't until 2004 that Nicola re-ignited her ceramics career. 

Since then she has developed a stunning range of individually hand-built pots, bowls and pebble forms in stoneware clay.  Layers of coloured slips are painted or sponged onto the forms to give a base colour before each piece is carefully burnished to create a soft sheen.  Finally decoration and pattern is added using a variety of resist methods and smoke firing techniques.

Nicola is influenced by pottery of the ancient Greeks, Celts as well as Indian and African traditonal pottery today.

'All Things Bright & Beautiful'

6th Nov 2010 - 15th Jan 2011

An exhibition of beautiful desirable pieces which are showcased in our large glass fronted cabinet.  Glass, wire and metal piece all feature making perfect Christmas gifts.

Featuring work by Hannah Dennis (pictured), Kerry O'Connor, Jenna McDonald, Emmy Gai-Palmer and Sarah Jane Brown.

'Up Front & In the Spotlight'

​6th Nov 2010 - 15th Jan 2011

This front of house exhibition is a mixed showcase of jewellery, glass, ceramics, wire and wood highlighting some of the unique work made by UK designers today.  We aim to showcase a real variety of work suitable for Christmas gifts, from small keepsake items and jewellery to larger collectable pieces.

Featuring ceramics by Brendan Hesmondhalgh (pictured) and Barry Pratt.  Glass by Michael James Hunter and wood by Ted Summerhayes.  Wall and freestanding wire sculptures by Celia Smith and ceramic wall pieces by Linzi Ramsden.  With jewellery and keepsakes by Leoma Drew, Sally Elizabeth Deane, Nicola Becci, Melanie Tomlinson, Vicki Ambery-Smith, Adele Taylor, Carol Mather and Becca Williams


6th Nov 2010 - 15th Jan 2011

Twelve designers take part in our annual jewellery showcase exhibiting the best in contemporary jewellery design.

Featuring work by Olivia Schlevogt, Stephanie Johnson, Jean Scott-Moncrieff, Gerlinde Huth, Petra Bishai, Kate Tilt, Miranda Sharpe, Carole Leonard, Annabet Wyndham, Susan Fenwick (pictured), Noon Mitchelhill and Yvonne Gilhooly.

'Glass in the Window'

​6th Nov 2010- 15th Jan 2011

Four glass artists display their stunning collections in our window areas, presenting an array of wonderfully inspiring and sensuous pieces.

Featuring work by Tabitha Tansey, Gillies Jones Glass, Phil Atril and Stewart Hearn (pictured).

'Northern Lights'

6th Nov 10 - 15th Jan 11

A select group of six Northern based designers showase their work highlighting the breadth of talent right on our doorstep.

Featuring work by Karen Hollinson, Eric Moss, James Oughtibridge, Chiu-i Wu, Ilona Sulikova (pictured) and Samantha Bryan.


​6th Nov 10 - 26th Feb 11

Four talented printmakers come together in this group print exhibition and delight us their unique interpretation of Yorkshire scenes.  Each printmaker has been carefully selected to demonstrate their distinctive style in printmaking where the delights of Yorkshire are explored showing a range of techniques in the process.

Featuring prints by Clare Caulfield, Piers Browne, Janis Goodman (pictured) and Pauline Meade.

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