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22nd Jan - 19th March 2011

Our annual mixed showcase of jewellery, ceramics and works in mixed media deemed perfect gifts for someone special over Valentine's and Mother's Day.

Featuring jewellery by Sally Pawson, Ebba Redman, Miranda Hughes, Rebecca Keast, Jenni Wilson, Heather Scott, Rose Hamilton, Lynne Morgan, Catherine Woodall and Helen Noakes.  Alongside a selection of ceramics, textiles and paper works by Katie Almond (pictured), David Pascoe, Linda Bristow, Janice Parker, Emma Dolan, Jane Strawbridge, Tracie Murchison, Hanne Mannheimer, Rob Whelpton, Abigail Brown and Sarah Westwood.

Nigel Lambert

​22nd Jan - 30th April 2011

Nigel's pots are both decorative and functional with a fabulous contemporary feel.  His inspirations have come from historic pots and potters themselves like Michael Cardew, Peter Smith and Jeff Oestrich.  Nigel uses warm colours influenced by old French and Spanish peasant ware and abstract designs inspired by painters like Terry Frost and Roger Hilton.

The collection includes platters, jugs, mugs and bowls  - a real feast for the eyes.


22nd Jan - 25th June 2011

Our annual striking ring exhibition has been researched to include ten established jewellers and their ring designs.  Rings will explore the technical and aesthetic qualities in this jewellery item and bring together a diverse collection for our visitors to admire.

Featuring work by Will Evans, Jacqueline Cullen, Mirri Damer, Pamela Dickinson, Mackay & Pearson, Disa Allsop, Cindy Ashbridge, Shona Carnegie, Bronwen Tyler Jones and Marianne Anderson.

'Once Upon a Time'

​5th March - 25th June 2011

This show presents the work of two printmakers who each explore the world of storytelling in their distinctive collection of prints.

Having spent most of his life working as an illustrator, Kevin Maddison sees drypoint and etching printmaking techniques as an extension of drawing producing both bold and delicate lines.

Ed Boxall (pictured) is an illustrator, writer and artist.  Ed's wood cut prints are wonderfully charming, delving into childhood thoughts and dreams.

'Remember When'

​26th March - 25th June 2011

A mixed showcase of jewellery, ceramics and works in mixed media which draw inspiration from memories, dreams and fairytales.  Using text, vintage imagery and a distinctive personal style these designers come together in this feel good exhibition.

Featuring jewellery by Betty Pepper, Lindsey Mann, Nick Hubbard, Clare Hillerby, Julie Allison, Becky Crow, Deborah Edwards and Zoe Duthie.  With ceramics by Jane Muir and works in mixed media by Samantha Bryan, Lynn Muir, Andy Hazell, Jan Zalud, Edwina Bridgeman, Alix Swan(pictured), Paola McClure, The Book Tree Press, Alice Rose Lewis, Helaina Sharpley, Anya Keeley and Sarah Morpeth.

'Life's a Beach'

​2nd July - 30th Sept 2011

​This exhibition showcases work by those designers inspired by the sea and the beach, whether this be in materials used, colours and textures explored or by a subtle reference to this diverse theme.

Featuring ceramics by Stephanie Black, Sarah Nicol, Anna Whitehouse, Adam Frew, and Carys Davies.  Mixed media pieces by Robert Race, carved wood by Jeff Soan, wall pieces by Clare Willard, Kate Samuels, Lynn Walters and Alex Malcolmson.  With jewellery by Jodi Wright, Penny Warren, Kate Rhodes, Jenny Pope, Sarah Perry, Anne Morgan, Liz Willis, Becca Williams (pictured), Barbara Price and Shirley Smith.

Sarah Young

​2nd July - 29th Oct 2011

Sarah Young is a painter, printmaker, illustrator and maker.  Her work is often narrative, inspired by and referencing myth, folk tales, circus and burlesque imagery.  Working as an illustrator for many years she has recently illustrated a major book of Greek myths for Walker Books as well as the illustrations for one of Michael Morpurgo's latest books, 'Running Wild'.

Sarah Young is predominately known for her lino and woodcuts, but also works in screenprinting and has recently been developing new methods of working in monoprint and collagraph.

Jane Perryman

​2nd August - 29th Oct 2011

This collection of sculptural work explores tension and balance where two forms are placed together.  The composite pieces are not static and invite interaction through repositioning their elements into new arrangements and compositions.  Jane's collection is handbuilt using slabbing, press moulding and coiling processes.  The clay she uses is a mixture of porcelain and stoneware mixed with organic material from the kitchen (coffee grouts and dried pulses) which fires out to give a pitted surface.


5th Nov 2011 - 14th Jan 2012

Twelve outstanding jewellers showcase their collections in this annual exhibition.

With jewellery by Denise Brown, Heather Fox (pictured), Tamara Gomez, Cath Hill, Sian Elizabeth Hughes, Bea Jareno, Kokkino, Jenny Llewellyn, Hannah Souter, Jill Stewart, Natalie Vardey and Andrea Thorpe.

'Glass in the Window'

​5th Nov 2011 - 14th Jan 2012

Three glass artists display their beautiful glass in our windows.

Featuring work by Sue Parry (pictured), Adam Aaronson and Kim Bramley

'Northern Lights'

5th Nov 2011 - 14th Jan 2012

A select group of 6 northern based designers showcase their inspiring collections.

Featuring work by Chris Jenkins, Sally Bradley, David Ashby (pictured), Sheila Spencer, Gwen Bainbridge and Catherine Green. 

'Animal Showcase'

5th Nov 2011 - 14th Jan 2012

Four designers showcase their animal inspired creations in a range of mediums.

Featuring work by Christine Moss, Rachel Higgins, Olivia Brown and Christine Cummings (pictured).

'Up Front & In the Spotlight'

​5th Nov 2011 - 14th Jan 2012

This front of house exhibition is a mixed showcase of jewellery, ceramics and works in mixed media highlighting some of the unique work made by UK designers today.

Featuring work by John Maltby, Ray Key, Vic Bamforth, Christine Moss, Jane Ryan and Jack Doherty for the plinths.  Wall hung work by Claire Brewster and Mark Hilde.  Jewellery and small keepsake items by Jayne Childs, Emily Jo Gibbs, Li-Sheng Cheng, Bronwen Tyler Jones (pictured), Kirsty Eaglesfield, Shimara Carlow, Kathryn Partington and Loretta Harmer.

'In the City'

​5th Nov 2011 - 25th Feb 2012

Featuring prints by Clare Caulfield and Glynn Thomas. 

These two wonderfully talented printmakers come together in this exhibition highlighting vibrant cities from around the world as well as cities nearer to home.  Clare's drypoint prints and screen prints showcase her quirky illustrative style wonderfully and etchings by Glynn Thomas (pictured) showcase the meticulous detail found in his cityscapes which lend him such lasting appeal.



21st Jan - 17th March 2012

An exhibition celebrating the romance of British craft.

Featuring work by Shirley Vauvelle, Heather Fox (pictured), Julie Pettitt, Michael Peckitt, Elizabeth Smith, ‘Rare Notions’, Lucy Palmer, Kate Hamilton Hunter, Suzanne Smith, Mizuyo Yamashita,  Vivienne Ross, Lok Ming Fung, Rachel Elliott, Lauren Van Helmond, Rachel Ducker, Sarah Jane Brown, Gabriella Casemore, Julia Wright, Daisy Dunlop and Angela Evans.

Adam Hussain

21st Jan - 28th April 2012

Our first ever solo glass showcase, featuring kiln work by Adam Hussain.

“Working from my studio in Coventry I specialise in kiln formed glass processes to create contemporary artworks.  My artworks are handmade and they have a distinctive character, each one is unique.  I am inspired by the works of modern painters such as Mondrian and Rothko for their use of bold and vivid colours.  The abstract nature of my art is a fusion of all these factors.”


21st Jan - 30th June 2012

This annual exhibition of rings showcases the work of ten fabulous jewellers which highlight some of the unique rings made by UK designers today. ​

From engagement rings, wedding bands and styles suitable for everyday wear, to  real statement pieces with stunning precious and semi-precious  stones for those occasions when you want to make a real imapct, there really is something for everyone in this stunning and unique exhibition.

Featuring work by Flowerie 88, Tamara Gomez, Emily Thatcher (pictured), Angela O'Keefe, Mark Nuell, Sarah Pulvertaft, Paul Finch, Laura Bennett, Anthony Blakeney and Ana Verdun.

​'In the Meadows'

3rd March - 30th June 2012

Katy Chard (pictured) and Jo Barry showcase their very different styles of printmaking in this exhibition inspired by meadows; incorporating beautiful landscapes and floral compositions Jo will be displaying a selection of etchings and Katy a selection of screenprints.  ​

Katy's work is inspired by natures ability to combine function with decoration.  she also draws on various interior and furniture design sources.  In addition Katy produces hand printed cards and stationery as well as textiles for interior furnishings.​

Jo Barry has been etching for many years and enjoys a considerable reputation in the art world.  She has exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer shows and is a member of the Royal Society of Printmakers.​

​'Birds and the Bees'

24th March - 30th June 2012

A wonderful array of jewellery, ceramics, works in mixed media and glass inspired by nature.

Featuring collections by Debbie Joy, Abigail Brown (pictured), Faye Power, Cathy Miles, Gordon Broadhurst, Anthony Theakston, Deborah Miles, Jennifer Tetlow, Fiona Cameron, Jennie Hale and Claire Brewster.  With jewellery by Cathy Newell Price, Helen Shere, Julia Parry Jones, Hannah Louise Lamb, Becky Crow, Anna De Ville, Karen Christie and Christine Kaltoft.

​Kellie Miller

1st May - 28th July 2012

This  talented maker showcases her wall mounted two and three dimensional works made from porcelain.  Her cityscapes and landscapes are almost like aerial views depicting images of England and places around the world that have inspired her.  Her collections often include animals in the compositions giving the pieces a quirky feel.


7th July - 29th Sept 2012

This exciting front of house exhibition is a mixed showcase of jewellery and ceramics celebrating contemporary craft which can be functional and appreciated daily.​

Featuring ceramics by Alistair Young, Maria De Haan, Lubna Chowdhary, Karen McPhail, Kaori Tatebayashi, Louisa Taylor, Ken Eardley, Ian Rylatt, Graham Hudson, Nicola Tassie and Tom Butcher (pictured).  With wire wall hung work by Helaina Sharpley and jewellery by Charlotte Brown, Julie Allison, Rachel Hearne, Jenifer Wall, Teresa Samson, Valerie Mead, Diana Porter, Zelda Wong, Jenni Wilson and Penny Warren.

​'Two for Joy'

7th July - 27th Oct 2012

Brighton based artist Eve Poland (pictured) displays her witty selection of screen prints capturing the mischievous spirit of cats wonderfully.  Her work reflects her own quirky sense of humour and is a joy to display alongside the playful and colourful screen prints by Jane Ormes. ​

Jane Ormes prints reflect her take on the world often involving animals in absurd situations.

"I like to think that these creatures all have a secret life that we know nothing about."​

Together these printmakers created cheerful works that will put a smile on your face and brighten up your day.

​'Points of View'

31st July - 27th Oct 2012

Clare Conrad and Craig Underhill come together in this ceramic showcase, each exploring the theme of landscapes from the differing perspectives.​

A word from Clare

"My unique stoneware ceramics try and capture the poignant beauty and drama of weathering and corrosion.  I find the vessel form the most satisfying to use and enjoy the traditional method of wheel-throwing which adds to the sense of capturing time.

​ A word from Craig:

" I want my work to evoke the feeling of landscapes that I have visited or travelled through.  For me, much of the fascination of making my work is in the exploration and discovery of finding new ways to express ideas."

'The Jewellery Show'

3rd Nov 2012 - 12th Jan 2013

15 jewellers come together in this spectacular showcase of beautiful jewellery highlighting new designers as well as those we have supported over many years.  Featuring work by John Moore (pictured), Kokkino, Moxon and Simm, Lucy Martin, Lesley Strickland, John and Dawn Field, Dot Sim, April Neate, Nettie Birch, Jane Moore, Jolene Smith, Jennie Gill, Helen Smythe, Alena Asenbryl and Louise Miller.

'Animals Up Front'

3rd Nov 2012 - 12th Jan 2013

A wonderful array of animal sculptures depicted by nine designer makers who bring out the characters of well-loved animals in their unique creations.  Featuring work by Barbara Franc (pictured), Susan O'Byrne, Annie Peaker, Zoe Whiteside, Jeff Soan, Loretta Braganza, Claire Guest, Christine Moss and Celia Smith.

'In the Spotlight'

​3rd Nov 2012 - 12th Jan 2013

Five designers showcase their unique collections of work in a dazzling display of jewellery and metal sculptures.  Featuring work by Zsuzsi Morrison (pictured), Nick Hubbard, Rachel Higgins, Jane Adam and Jed Green.


3rd Nov 2012 - 12th Jan 2013

Well established and highly reputable designer makers show their collectable pieces in this remarkable showcase of ceramics.  Featuring work by Elspeth Owen (pictured), Duncan Ross, Gabriele Koch and Walter Keeler.

'Glass in the Window'

​3rd Nov 2012 - 12th Jan 2013

Four designers showcase their sensational glass in our window display areas capturing daylight to really show off their unique properties.  Featuring work by Helen Slater (pictured), Jessica Irena Smith, Heather Gillespie and Ruth Dresman.

'Northern Lights'

3rd Nov 2012 - 12th Jan 2013

Eight local designer makers highlight the wealth of talent right on our doorsteps in this collection of ceramics and wall hung works in mixed media.  Featuring work by Emilie Taylor (pictured), Anna Whitehouse, Loretta Braganza, Stephanie Black, Brendan Hesmondhalgh, Alex Malcolmson, Catherine Green and Joanna Bramley.

'Treasured Moments'

​3rd Nov 2012 - 23rd Feb 2013

Renowned printmakers showcase a wonderful collection of prints exploring the tender and cherished interactions we come across in life.  Featuring work by Anita Klein (pictured), Trevor Price, Karolina Larusdottir and Mychael Barratt.


​'Made with Love'

19th Jan - 16th March 2013

An exhibition celebrating the romance of British craft.

Featuring jewellery by Cindy Ashbridge, Janet Wass, Dilyana, Emma Gale, Clare Collinson, Amanda Coleman, Penny Warren, Kate Hamilton Hunter, Judith Brown and Natalie Salisbury.  With ceramics by Jane Booth, Gwen Bainbridge, Anna Mercedes Wear, Christine Cummings, Jane Johnson and Makiko Hastings.  Also featuring glass by Heather Power, wire and wood sculptures by Hayley Dix and wall hung works in mixed media by Julia Jowett and Liz Cooksey.

​'Turning the Page'

19th Jan - 30th April 2013

‘Turning the Page’ is a stunning collection of turned wooden vessels exploring the work of Kylie Coles and Peter Archer (pictured).  Their unique collections demonstrate how diverse wood can be as a material and each produces remarkable contemporary objects for modern living.

Peter Archer makes one-off pieces in temperate hardwoods. His vessels and bowls are stained, carved and finely finished using oil and wax. 

Kylie Coles works with recycled magazines, layering them onto wood and turning them on the lathe.  The contour effect created reveals intriguing glimpses of broken and hidden text and pictures.


19th Jan - 29th June 2013

​This annual exhibition of rings showcases the work of ten fabulous jewellers which highlight some of the unique rings made by UK designers today.  From engagement and wedding rings to rings for every day, not to mention rings with stunning precious and semi-precious stones incorporated into them and rings with a real wow factor, there really is something for everyone in this stunning exhibition.

Featuring work by; Louise Parry, Donna Brennan, Shona Fidgett, Chris Boland, Marisa Arna, Nicola Becci, Adele Taylor, Susanna Hanl, Gerlinde Huth and Cathy Newell Price.

​'Birds Eye View'

2nd March - 29th June 2013

Four printmakers explore the beauty of birds in this group print exhibition.  Featuring work by Janis Goodman, Hester Cox, Pam Grimmond and Mike Smith

Janis Goodman:  With a background in architecture Janis has always enjoyed observing and recording the structure of inner city Leeds where she lives.Pam Grimmond:  Birds and the natural forms of trees and plants seen on walks around her home are a constant source of inspiration for Pam’s linocuts. Hester Cox:  Hester designs and makes relief and collagraph plates which are printed in layers to form one richly coloured and textured print.  Mike Smith:  Having worked in design and also taught for a number of years, Mike now works for himself focusing on the medium of lino block printing.  

​'A New Life'

23rd March - 29th June 2013

​An inspirational showcase of designer makers who bring new life to recycled, reclaimed and vintage objects.  With fantastic jewellery, sculptures and assemblage objects.

Featuring work by Edwina Bridgeman, Jennifer Collier, Anja Keeley, Tracie Murchison, Mirjana Smith, Ciaran McKay, Matthew Roby, Barbara Franc and jewellery by Rosie Bill, Katherine Richmond, Alys Power, Aiden Spencer, Judith Brown, Helen Adsetts, ‘Zinc White’, Heather Stowell, Kirsty Kirkpatrick and Leigh Shepherd.

​'Ceramics Plus'

1st May - 31st July 2013

Aiga Sattler’s collection of slip-cast earthenware bowls covered with suede, fur and leather are created using a variety of patterned and coloured materials.  Her unique combinations of ceramic and fabric create an unusual effect which is both functional and decorative.  Tactile and visually very striking, this vibrant collection of bowls bring out the best in each material utilised in their making. 

Working in steel and porcelain Joanne Bowles explores her fascination with the natural world and the endless possibilities of form and pattern through a series of exquisite bowl forms.  Joanne has developed these interesting forms using hot and cold forging and welding techniques working with the steel elements of her work together with casting and hand building techniques within her porcelain.  "I try and bring lightness and space into my work."

​'Here Comes the Sun'

6th July - 28th Sept 2013

A vibrant exhibition of ceramics, glass, jewellery and works in mixed media capturing colour, pattern and sumptuous imagery in this display of beautiful work.  ​

Featuring work by Maria Wojdat, Rachel Gornall, Naomi Flowers, Ken Eardley, Lisa Katzenstein, Peter Layton (London Glassblowing), Peter Lane, John Pollex, Ingrid Saag, Emily Knight, Charlotte Lowe, John Moore, Lily Faith, Gail Klevan, Fiona Cameron, Carla Edwards, Hazel Atkinson and Sarah Perry.


6th July - 26th Oct 2013

Dale Devereux Barker and Susie Perring showcase limited edition lino prints and aquatint etchings in this exhibition exploring swimmers, birds and fish in water.

Dale Devereux Barker’s lino  prints explore swimmers.  His imaginative imagery captures various poses in a quirky fashion.  With a vibrant palette of colour, lively mark making and a beautiful range of patterns featuring heavily in his prints his collection is a wonderful feast for the eyes. 

Susie Perring’s aquatint etchings reveal areas of pure bright colour and are combined with areas of overprint which produce dark velvety hues as a contrast.  Colour, light and movement  create a series of prints exploring fish gliding in dark but richly coloured depths and flamingos strutting in shallow waters.

​'Northern Sole'

1st August - 26th Oct 2013

Hilary’s work was inspired by visiting the Yorkshire Sculpture Park when her children were young.  There they were surrounded by the sculpture of Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth and the changing exhibitions of other international artists. 

Hilary showcases her Nautilus Collection of ceramics in this solo ceramic showcase, her first exhibition with the gallery.  The inspiration for these hand built, naked raku fired pieces came by studying shells collected from a deserted beach in The Gambia. The method of firing seems to bring the forms to life and Hilary feels there are endless possibilities using this firing technique.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

​'Tribute to
Anne Turner'

1st - 26th Oct 2013

A short exhibition to celebrate the life and work of local ceramicist Anne Turner.  A long standing exhibitor with us over the years we are honoured to have the opportunity to display a collection of her work to continue to support and keep her spirit alive.

Anne, who turned her artistic talents into a second career to become a noted potter following her early retirement from teaching, sadly passed away earlier this year, at the age of 63.

She worked mainly in ceramics especially Raku, the Japanese stoneware and became known particularly for her use of the technique of putting horse hair on her pots which became her signature work.

'The Jewellery Show'

2nd Nov 2013 - 11th Jan 2014

8 designers showcase their beautiful jewellery collections offering unique earrings, bracelets, necklaces, cufflinks, rings and brooches in this annual Christmas showcase. 

Featuring work by Mandana Oskoui, Katherine Campbell-Legg, Annabet Wyndham, Emily Thatcher, Stephanie Johnson, Becky Crow (pictured), Hannah Souter and Shimara Carlow.

'Up Front'

2nd Nov 2013 - 11th Jan 2014

9 designers come together in this exhibition housed at the front of the gallery exploring colourful and characterful ceramics, exciting glass, wooden automata, functional ceramics and sculptures with real impact. 

Featuring work by Laurance Simon, ‘Opi Works’ – Jane Ryan, Ostinelli and Priest, Sarah Wiberley, Sarah Saunders and Karen McPhail.  Wall hung works by Samantha Bryan, Nina Archer and Hilke MacIntyre (pictured) offer additional impact as they explore the materials they work in.

'Birds of a Feather'

2nd Nov 2013 - 11th Jan 2014

4 designers showcase their unique collections in our window display areas exploring the wonderful world of birds with mixed media works by Robert Race (pictured) and ceramic collections by Susan O’Byrne, Anthony Theakston and Fiona Thompson.

'Centre Stage'

2nd Nov 2013 - 11th Jan 2014

This showcase of stunning ceramics by 4 designers explores the work of Oliver Mellor, Lisa Ellul (pictured), Jin Eui Kim and Susan Disley with additional glass wall hung works by Hannah Lovett for a beautiful contrast.

'In the Spotlight'

2nd Nov 2013 - 11th Jan 2014

8 designers showcase their intriguing jewellery, keepsake items and wonderful sculptural works in this annual Christmas showcase. 

Featuring work by Catherine Chester, Phiona Richards, Li Chu Wu, Anna Bagnall, Lindsey Mann ([pictured), Barbara Macleod, Laura Baxter and Angela O’Keefe.

'Wild Thing'

2nd Nov 2013 - 11th Jan 2014

Nichola Theakston’s limited edition and unique ceramic animal sculptures (pictured) are displayed alongside Claire Ireland’s Saggar beasts and bears in this themed showcase of beautiful wild animals. 

Accompanying these freestanding pieces are wall hung works by Rosie O’Connor, whose quirky automata delight audiences across the UK.

'Wild Thing'

2nd Nov 2013 - 22nd Feb 2014

Andrew Waddington, Sonia Rollo, Flora McLachlan (pictured) and Carry Akroyd showcase their beautiful prints exploring wildlife.  Lithographs by Andrew, etchings by Sonia and Flora and a selection of lithographs and screen prints by Carry provide a unique look at the way they have interpreted this theme including beautiful animals in their natural habitats and exciting landscapes.


Laura Creer.jpg
Made with Love

18th January - 15th March 2014

​​Our annual exhibition celebrating the romance of British craft.  Featuring jewellery by Karin Sheldon, Robyn Kinsman-Blake, Bugged Up, Ebba Goring, Laura Creer, Zincwhite, Saima Jewel, Anna Backman, Elizabeth Chamberlain and Kate Chell.  With ceramics and mixed media pieces by Anna Collete Hunt, Rebecca Appleby, Caroline Lingwood, Lynn Walters, Dayle Green, Alison Gautrey, Bronwen Tyler Jones and Lara Scobie.

Catherine Thomas.jpg

18th January - 28th June 2014

​An annual exhibition showcasing rings by eight jewellers.  From engagement and wedding rings to rings for every day wear this years selection has something for every occasion.  Featuring work by Jean Scott-Moncrieff, Jennie Gill, Abigail Brown, Catherine Thomas, Frieda Munroe, Bek Genery, Bekki Churcher and Natalie Jane Harris. 

Daniel Cooper.jpg
Metamorphosis I

18th January -  30th April 2014

Fascinated by the beautiful textures and markings within slate, Daniel Cooper’s solo showcase explores this wonderful material with a series of vessels and relief pieces.  His inspiration comes from a visit to Elterwater Slate Quarry in the Lake District where after spending time with the local quarrymen he found himself inspired by them; their stories of riving slate, finding beautiful textures and strata markings within this incredibly unforgiving material. 

Shoots and Leaves 2014.jpg
Shoots & Leaves Print Show

1st March - 28th June 2014

Hedgerows are explored by two printmakers in this wonderful exploration of growth.  Stef Mitchell’s seasonal monoprints work directly with natural materials acting as recordings of walks which viewers can easily relate to.  Lynn Bailey combines several printmaking techniques in her collection including etching, collagraph, drypoint, mono print and photo etching which create an exciting and organic series of works.

Down to Earth 2014.jpg
Down to Earth

22nd March - 28th June 2014

An exhibition showcasing work which has been inspired by the Earth either through use of texture, colour and materials used in the creation of the collections.  A variety of environments have inspired the participating makers including coastlines, woodland, moorland and mountain ranges.  Featuring work by Valerie Wartelle, Janette Lazell, Eleanor Lakelin, Alison Graham, Mandy Parslow, Ben Davies, Joanna Still, Jacqueline Leighton-Boyce, David Wright and David Mayne.  With jewellery by Elizabeth Terzza, Nicola Rawlings, Phoebe Sherwood-Moore, Kokkino, Christina Hirst, Goldfinch Jewellery, Claire Troughton, Anna De Ville, Catherine Woodall and Holly Belsher.

Le Tour Yorkshire.jpg
Le Tour Comes to Yorkshire

27th March - 6th July 2014

We were really excited to be able to exhibit works by designers inspired by the Tour de Yorkshire; prints and token items to commemorate this remarkable event were made specially to mark this big occasion in sporting history.

Hedgerows are explored by two printmakers in this wonderful exploration of growth.  Stef Mitchell’s seasonal monoprints work directly with natural materials acting as recordings of walks which viewers can easily relate to.  Lynn Bailey (pictured) combines several printmaking techniques in her collection including etching, collagraph, drypoint, mono print and photo etching which create an exciting and organic series of works.

DD4 2014.jpg
DD4 Touring Exhibition

1st April - 1st July 2014

The collective DD4, consists of the jewellers Julie Allison, Emma Chalmers, Emma Kinnell and Nicola Morrison.  The four jewellers graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone in 2003 with a degree with homours in Jewellery and Metalwork.  After graduating, they set up a workshop in Glasgow.  Here they shared a creative space where they developed their own jewellery collections, supporting one another along the way.  This touring exhibition is a celebration of a decade of making jewellery.

Metamorphosis II 2014.jpg
Metamorphosis II

1st May - 31st July 2014

Mark Cooke explores the striking and timeless beauty of Welsh slate in this series of wall hung works and freestanding upright sculptures.  His sensitivity to the material he uses maximises the inherent qualities found in slate creating a contemporary collection of work.

Bloom 2014.jpg

5th July - 27th September 2014

Celebrating everything floral; buds, blossom, shape and colour. This exhibition intends to bring the natural glory of the summertime inside the gallery, showcasing work inspired by the beauty of flowers; drawing from not only their silhouettes but also textures and colours.  Featuring work by Shirley Vauvelle, Jenny Bell, Rose Dickinson, Lisa Katzenstein, Julie Murdoch-George, Susan Kemp, Julie Langan, Annette Vernon, Colette Halstead and Janet Browne.  With jewellery by Kate Hamilton Hunter, Alison Macleod, Sue Gregor, Jolene Smith, Penny Warren, Gabriella Casemore, Julia Wright and Jessica Hewitt.

Bloom Print Show 2014.jpg
Bloom Print Exhibition

5th July - 25th October 2014

Ruth Green and Sue Vanderplank investigate the wonderful world of flowers with their unique prints.  Vibrant, exciting, colourful and fun this exhibition explores a whole host of beautiful flowers to brighten your day.

Richard Phethean Ceeramic Showcase 2014.jpg
Richard Phethean Ceramic Showcase

1st August - 25th October 2014

Solo show exhibiting stunning pottery by Richard Phethean.  Richard's earthenware vessels are classical in form and slip decorated.  The pots explore contour and shape, through a combination of throwing and slab built techniques; thrown elements are cut, altered and assembled, with additional rolled and textured slabs.  Slip brushing and sgrafitto is carried out on the leather hard surface.  After bisque firing, areas of plain clay are stained, and pieces are selectively protected from glaze by wax resist. 

David Ashby (2).jpeg
All I Want For Christmas

1st Nov 2014 - 10th Jan 2015

Makers come together to showcase their unique contemporary collections resulting in some fabulous gifts for Christmas and wonderful collectable pieces by some of our renowned makers. Featuring work by David Ashby, Geoffrey Bickley, Carolyn Genders, Delyth Jones, Richard Kennedy, Juliette Hamilton, John Maltby, Lynn Muir, Rosie O'Connor, Sarah Saunders, Lisa Slater and Ruth Shelley.

Jessica Briggs.jpg
The Jewellery Show

1st Nov 2014 - 10th Jan 2015

This year 30 makers come together to showcase their unique contemporary collections resulting in some fabulous gifts for Christmas and wonderful collectable pieces by some of our renowned makers.  Featuring work by Jessica Briggs, Georgina Franklin, Tamara Gomez, Bea Jareno, Lucy Martin, Stephanie Ray, Kate Smith, Adele Taylor, Jenifer Wall and Kate Wood.

Rachel Higgins.jpg
In the Spotlight

1st Nov 2014 - 10th Jan 2015

5 makers come together to showcase their unique contemporary collections resulting in some fabulous gifts for Christmas and wonderful collectable pieces by some of our renowned makers.  A select showcase, 'In the Spotlight' features striking jewellery and small scale sculptures and keepsakes by  by Colette Bain, Lorraine Corrigan, Rachel Higgins, Rozie Keogh and Cristina Zani.

David Mayne.jpg
David Mayne Showcase

1st Nov 2014 - 10th Jan 2015

David is a sculptor of national repute who produces work for galleries, public spaces and the domestic environment. His artwork has been commissioned through-out the country and can be found in town centres, rural locations, public buildings and private homes and gardens.  Working in mild steel, stainless steel, bronze and cast-iron David creates a range of sculptures exploring landscapes with trees and animals.

Kerry Tremlett.jpg
Kerry Tremlett Solo Print Show

1st Nov 2014 - 28th Feb 2015

Kerry studied textile design and specialized in printed surface decoration. Her love of rich colour, pattern and design in general, is clearly apparent in the work and she finds printmaking is an exciting way to explore these passions.  All of the prints are produced by hand on her treasured 1861 Victorian Albion printing press using oil based inks and Fabriano cotton rag paper.  The work uses two techniques - Lino Cut and Monotype.



Made with Love 2015.jpg
Made with Love

17th Jan - 14th March 2015

​​Our annual exhibition celebrating the romance of British craft.  Featuring jewellery by Buddug, Judith Brown, Clare Collinson, Natalie Jane Harris, Sian Elizabeth Hughes, Anne Morgan, Helen Shere, Gillian Stein, Jill Stewart and Gwyneth Williamson.  With ceramics and mixed media pieces by Kirsty Adams, Luke Bishop, Laurence Brand, Buddug, Alison Counsell, Sarah Dunstan, Miriam Jones, Marmoo, Janine Roper and Jenny Southam.

Rings 2015.jpg

17th Jan - 27th June 2015

​An annual exhibition showcasing rings by ten jewellers.  From engagement and wedding rings to rings for every day wear this years selection has something for every occasion.  Featuring work by Ruth Bridges, Leoma Drew, Andrea Eserin, Sue Lane, Carole Leonard, Alison Macleod, Laura Thomas,

Shivani and Kate Smith.

Charlotte Jones Ceramic Shocwase 2015.jpg
Charlotte Jones Ceramic Showcase

17th Jan - 30th April 2015

Solo showcase by Cornish based ceramicist Charlotte Jones.  Cornwall with its dramatic land and seascapes inspire Charlotte to make her ceramics, observing her surroundings so design decisions become intuitive.  Shells, pebbles and natural found objects are explored in detail by drawing and painting to inform the pots.  Her distinctive pots are made from coloured stoneware clay, using oxides and self dug clay.  

Keeble and Mayes Print Show 2015.jpg
Emerson & Mayes Print Exhibition

7th March - 27th June 2015

Group print exhibition with Victoria Keeble and Emerson Mayes.  Victoria and Emerson showcase their limited edition collagraphs and drypoint prints in this exploration of animals in their natural habitats; expect to see birds circling and swooping, hares bounding and crouching in long grass and a truly enchanting collection to inspire you.

A Walk in the Park 2015.jpg
A  Walk in the Park

21st March - 27th June 2015

This collection of jewellery by ten British jewellers showcases the very best of contemporary jewellery today.  Each collection has been inspired by the experiences of the maker and the natural world around them.  Featuring jewellery by Liz Samways, Katie Stone, Charlie High, Glenn Campbell, Kate Rhodes, Karen McMillan, Alison Haddon, Anna De Ville, Christine Kaltoft and Joanne Tinley.

Hare We Go 2015.jpg
Hare We Go

2nd May - 25th July 2015

An exhibition celebrating hares by makers who interpret this wild creature through different materials and artistic styles.  Featuring work by Jan Beeny, Lilia Umana Clarke, Rachel Elliott, Juliette Hamilton, Brendan Hesmondhalgh, Rachel Higgins, David Mayne, Annie Montgomerie, Martin Norman, Rosie O'Connor and Penny Phillips.

Jacqui Atkin Ceramic Showcase 2015.jpg
Jacqui Atkin Ceramic Showcase

2nd May - 31st July 2015

Solo showcase by ceramicist Jacqui Atkin.  Having been potting for twenty years now, the main focus of the work has encompassed low firing techniques and especially resist Raku.  However, in an attempt to move away from this extreme firing process, recent work has been exploring new surface treatments where texture forms the background for botanical imagery.  Using under-glaze for dramatic colour variations, Jacqui's aim is to replicate, to some extent, the look of raku fired clay. 

Green and Pattullo Print Show 2015.jpg
Green & Pattullo Print Exhibition

4th July - 24th October 2015

Group print exhibition with Catherine Green and Mandy Pattullo.  Mandy and Catherine Green offer up their latest works in this beautifully bright and vibrant exhibition of screenprints and monotype prints.  Mandy explores still life compositions and flowers with a strong colour palette and Catherine’s new screenprints explore the sights of Yorkshire, her home county.  

Paul Jackson Ceramic Showcase 2015.jpeg
Paul Jackson Ceramic Showcase

1st August - 24th October 2015

This series of pots focuses on the recent development of a new range of slips and patterns.  The resulting decoration has given Paul the freedom to be able to paint directly on to the pots in a more abstract and painterly way, layering colours to create a tapestry of incidental tones and impressionistic brush work. Named ‘Madrugada’ (meaning dawn in Portuguese), this collection hopes to give an impression of the vibrancy and warmth of the Mediterranean.

Figure That 2015.jpg
Figure That

1st August - 31st October 2015

An exciting exhibition studying the human form.  A diverse group of makers who explore various materials and techniques in their collections come together in this showcase of contemporary craft. Expect to see spectacular sculpture, wonderful wall hung works and fabulous functional pieces.  Featuring work by Rachel Ducker, Sue Hanna, Christine Hester-Smith, Christy Keeney, Sally MacDonell, Lynn Muir, Guy Routledge, Rhian Stone and Chiu-i Wu.

Intrinsic 2015.jpg
Intrinsic - Touring Exhibition

5th Sept - 17th October 2015

A touring exhibition of textile jewellery by seven jewellers; Hannah-May Chapman, Joanne Haywood, Yu-Ping Lin, Mandy Nash, Kathryn Partington, Liz Willis and Julie Usel.

Simply Silver 2015.jpg
Simply Silver

8th Oct - 17th Nov 2015

A variety of making techniques are explored in this exciting showcase of contemporary jewellery and small objects of desire.  Expect to see pierced, etched, knitted, hammered, polished, reticulated and layered silver by talented jewellers Charlotte Brown, Shimara Carlow, Becky Crow, Fiona De Marco, Cath Hill, Kate Holdsworth, Anne Massey, Teresa Samson, Joanne Thompson and Gerlinde Huth.

Manifest 2015.jpg
Manifest - Touring Exhibition

21st Oct - 28th Nov 2015

Manifest is a touring exhibition of jewellery designed for the hand to celebrate forty years of extraordinary jewellery designed and handmade in Britain by past and present members of the Designer Jewellers Group.  Featuring work by Petra Bishai, Michael Carpenter, Faith Chapman, Shelby Fitzpatrick, Catherine Hendy, Catherine Hills, Christina Hirst, Ulli Kaiser, Christine Kaltoft, Jennifer Kidd, Sabine Konig, Sarah Macrae, Elizabeth Maldonado, Jo McAllister, Tom McDowell, Jane Moore, Jill Newbrook, Kerry Richardson, Ute Sanne, Harriet St Leger, Bettina Starke, Annie Ruthven Taggart, Georgina Taylor, Jan Truman, John Weiss, Jo McAllister, Emma Farquharson and Jeanne Werge-Hartley.

Blandine Anderson 2015.jpg
Natural Balance - Blandine Anderson

28th Oct 2015 - 9th Jan 2016

Solo showcase by ceramicist Blandine Anderson.  This wonderful collection of ceramics by Blandine Anderson has drawn inspiration from Myths and Folklore.   Several pieces refer to ancient creation myths; many of which involve the sea.  These peculiar and enigmatic tales add another layer of ingredients to the mixture.  The ceramics are individually hand-built in either porcelain or stoneware.

Winter Shows 2015.jpg
Winter Shows

September - December 2015

Every month from September through to December we introduced brand new makers to the gallery as part of our Winter Shows programme. We also worked with some familiar faces who had developed new ranges.  Featuring work by Hyu-Jin Jo, Norman Yap, Melanie Kew, Jenny Ayrton, Hannah McAndrew, Laura Birdsall, Zoe Hillyard, Mel Day, Wendy Kershaw, Louise Darby, Jonathan Rogers and Paul Young.

The British Jewellery Show 2015.jpg
The British Jewellery Show

18th Nov 2015 - 9th Jan 2016

The very best of British jewellery is showcased here for a truly stunning selection of classic, contemporary and innovative jewellery.  Featuring work by Karen Elizabeth Donovan, Catherine Thomas, Katherine Campbell-Legg, Nick Hubbard, Anna Wales, Anne Massey, Gerlinde Huth, Becky Crow, Shimara Carlow and Joanne Thompson culminating in 10 fabulous displays.

In the Spotlight 2015.jpg
In the Spotlight

1st Dec 2015 - 9th Jan 2016

Inspiring jewellery created from a variety of materials including silver, gold, enamel, patterned plastic and pattinated copper as well as small sculptural keepsake items made from ceramic, etched copper and silver.  6 makers come together in this annual showcase of some of the most talented makers in the UK today.  Featuring work by Nancy Pickard, Esme Parsons, Sophie Currie, Morna Darling, Chris Boland and Elizabeth Campbell.

Carry Akroyd Print Show 2015.jpg
Carry Akroyd Print Exhibition

7th Nov 2015 - 27th Feb 2016

Carry showcases a beautiful selection of screen prints and lino cut prints which explore fields and fens, the natural habitats of birds and other wildlife and rich landscapes.  Her style is bold and her colour palette vibrant and exciting.  Carry lives in the rich arable landscape along the valley of the River Nene and nearby Fens.  Her images examine the relationship between humans, landscape and wildlife, alongside formal concerns about colour, pattern, shape and balance.

Made with Love 2016.jpg
Made with Love

16th Jan - 12th March 2016

Our annual exhibition exploring the romance of British Craft.  These talented British makers come together to showcase their beautiful jewellery, ceramics and works in mixed media resulting in an array of ideal gifts for Valentine’s and Mother’s Day.  Featuring work by Charlotte Bezzant, Gracie May Designs, Nicola Becci, Becca Williams, Rachel Brown, Natalie Vardey, Ane Mi Design, Mandy Nash, Donna Barry, Rebecca Wilson, Victoria Lindo, Charlotte Miller, Angela Mellor, Kerry Hastings, Brittany Delaney, Jane Johnson, Rhian Malin, Antonia MacGregor, Temporary Measure and Linda Miller. 


Rings 2016.jpg

16th Jan - 25th June 2016

Every year we select jewellers to display with us whose rings offer a unique alternative to what you might find out on the high street.  Stunning engagement and wedding rings, rings to mark special occasions or just a ring to wear every day; there’s something for everyone to enjoy.  Featuring work by Mark Veevers, Emily Thatcher, Ruth Wood, Anna K Baldwin, Rachel Jones, Amy Keeper, Barbara Bertagnolli, Jennie Gill and Cindy Ashbridge.

Gin Durham Ceramic Showcase 2016.jpg
Gin Durham Ceramic Showcase

16th Jan - 30th April 2016

Solo showcase by ceramicist Gin Durham.  A truly enchanting collection of sculptural animal ceramics inspired by traditions of folklore, fairy stories and nursery rhymes. 

Tessa and Mary Print Show 2016.jpg
Tessa Asquith-Lamb & Mary Gillett Print Exhibition

5th March - 25th June 2016

Atmospheric prints by renowned printmakers Tessa Asquith-Lamb and Mary Gillett are displayed together in this group exhibition of etchings, collagraphs and mono prints.  Tessa’s etchings reflect her love of stories and storytelling.  Each image she creates is assembled from drawings in her sketchbooks of beautiful things founds in museums, remembered moments, carefully observed self portraits, and objects from her collection of Victoriana and childhood treasures.  Mary’s images, many of Dartmoor and the North Cornwall coastline are contemplations on how our surroundings can reflect our histories, our moods and our thoughts. 

Another Life 2016.jpg
Another Life

19th March - 25th June 2016

An exhibition of jewellery, sculptures and wall hung works by makers who reclaim, upcycle and re-invent materials into beautiful contemporary craft pieces.  Innovative, inspiring and truly stunning collections to marvel at.  Featuring work by Wycliffe Stutchbury, Joanne Tinker, Bryony Rose, Isobel Cortese, Jennifer Collier, Jane Bevan, Aimee Bollu, Barbara Franc, Anya Keeley, Tracey Murchison, Lindsey Mann, Rosie Bill, Tina MacLeod, Maria Whetman, Sally Ayling, Emma Farnworth, Kathleen Smith, Sabira Silcock, Clare Lowe and Katherine Richmond.  Featuring additional work in ‘Little Treasures’ by Society of Little by Eunice Beeching, Tania Covo, Uncommonly Beautiful, Kate Hamilton-Hunter and Priormade.

Beneath the Surface 2016.jpg
Beneath the Surface Ceramic Showcase

3rd May - 30th July 2016

This trio of new designers are making their mark in the world of Contemporary Craft and come together in this remarkable showcase of emerging talent. Kate Welton, Hannah Tounsend and Josie Seymour-Jones explore stoneware, earthenware and porcelain with a variety of making and decorating techniques.  Each individual shares the love and beauty of mark making with their richly animated surfaces treating the clay as the canvas.

Jane Ormes Julia Ogden Print Show 2016.jpg
Jane Ormes & Julia Ogden Print Show
2nd July - 29th October 2016

Group print exhibition with Jane Ormes and Julia Ogden.  Whimsical and decorative prints by Jane Ormes and charming screen printed works by Yorkshire printmaker Julia Ogden are showcased in this beautiful group exhibition sure to brighten up any interior.  Julia’s depiction of woodlands, birds and changing seasons are a source of inspiration for her, meanwhile Jane’s inspirations come from a wild imagination involving animals in comical scenarios.

Seeing Colour 2016.jpg
Seeing Colour Jewellery Show

2nd July - 24th September 2016

These inspiring jewellers come together in this fascinating showcase highlighting the beauty of colour in jewellery; explored through various techniques and made from a variety of exciting and innovative materials by inspiring British makers across the UK.  Featuring work by Cecile Gilbert (Tiki), Emily Kidson, Jenny Llewellyn, Yuka Jourdain, Sarah Lindsay, Emily Knight, Gail Klevan, Sarah Perry, Hazel Atkinson and Zincwhite.

Glass Now 2016.jpg
Glass Now

2nd July - 24th September 2016

An exciting exploration of glass by makers at the cutting edge of contemporary glass design.  Highlighting beautiful collections from makers who explore colour, technique, materials and form in their works.  Featuring work by Morpheus Glass (Stephanie Bowen), Catriona MacKenzie, Vinegar & Brown Paper, Alison Lowry, Pia Wustenberg, Jane Charles, Samantha Sweet, Hayley Gammon and Stephen Foster.

Moyra Stewart Ceramic Showcase 2016.jpg
Moyra Stewart Ceramic Showcase

2nd Aug - 27th October 2016

The ceramics Moyra makes are a response to the challenges in life, the personal journey that is taking place at a deep level in all of us.  She strives to make vessels that feel as though they are alive and vibrant, objects that resonate in the mind and the hand, in the way that a favourite rock brings us inner calm.  By working to make sense of inner turmoil and transforming it into objects of beauty, she hopes she will inspire others.

Up Front 2016.jpg
Up Front

5th Nov 2016 - 7th January 2017

A diverse range of contemporary ceramics, wood, wire, textiles and works in mixed media are brought together in this exceptional front of house Christmas exhibition.  Techniques and processes are explored and stories are told as we bring the best of contemporary craft to visitors of Leeds.  Featuring work by Jane Strawbridge, Christine Pike, Samantha Bryan, Frances Noon, Vivienne Sillar, Debbie Page, Jean Tolkovsky, Roger Bennett, Jasmine Simpson and Sally Burnett.

The Jewellery Show 2016.jpg
The Jewellery Show

5th Nov 2016 - 7th January 2017

Every Christmas we select jewellers who are at the cutting edge of contemporary jewellery design to showcase pieces of jewellery in our Christmas exhibition programme.  This year is no exception as we explore brand new and exciting makers and those more established.  Silver, gold, acrylic, precious and semi-precious stones and much more besides is explored making an inspiring show for visitors to discover.  Featuring work by Kathryn Williamson, Mandana Oskoui, Wendy Sarah Pacey, Rachel Jones, Alison Phillips, Rauni Higson, Julia Smith and Rebecca Sarah Black.

In the Spotlight 2016.jpg
In the Spotlight

5th Nov 2016 - 7th January 2017

Intriguing collections of jewellery, turned wood, porcelain, small keepsake items and lots more besides are showcased in this annual exhibition where we explore the intricacy and diversity of contemporary craft by some of the most talented British makers today.  Featuring work by Emily Richard, Mauri Ann Beardshaw, Jennie McCall, Angela Learoyd, Stephanie Tudor, Ann Povey, John Parsons and Jane Strawbridge.

On Yer Doorstep 2016.jpg
On Yer Doorstep

5th Nov 2016 - 7th January 2017

Celebrating award winning makers from around the region to showcase the talent that’s right on our doorstep and discovering the links makers have with Yorkshire.  Featuring star of The Great Pottery Throw Down 2015 Sandra Whyles, Emily Stubbs, Rowena Brown, Chris Hindley and Rebecca Appleby.

Christine Cummings Ceramic Showcase 2016.jpg
Christine Cummings Ceramic Showcase

5th Nov 2016 - 7th January 2017

Christine is a ceramic sculptor, her unique style and love towards the natural world is captured by her beautifully hand crafted pieces.  Using a mixture of crank bodied and stoneware clays she brings her research and sketches to life, the finished pieces complimented by her own unique method of Raku and smoke firing.  

John Duffin 2016.jpg
John Duffin Print Exhibition

5th Nov 2016 - 25th February 2017

To mark John Duffin's first solo show in Leeds he has created new prints of the city and other exciting cities near and far.  John’s work speaks of his experiences of city life and of the struggle of man against an often domineering urban environment.  John makes drawings on the spot in sketchbooks and on small pieces of paper and takes these back to the studio where he develops them into powerful images that are a fusion of what he has observed and has felt; that combined with his imagination, creates paintings and prints that are his powerful personal vision of modern city life.

Made with Love 2017.jpg
Made with Love

14th Jan - 11th March 2017

Our annual exhibition exploring the romance of British Craft.  These talented British makers come together to showcase their beautiful jewellery, ceramics and works in mixed media resulting in an array of ideal gifts for Valentine’s and Mother’s Day.  Featuring work by Nettie Birch, Tania Covo, Cathy Newell-Price, Joanne Tinley, Jane Sedgwick, Clare Collinson, Alice Barnes, Yu Lan Burkmar, Amy McColl, Jolene Smith, Karen Risby, Jan Scott, Anna Mercedes Wear, Georgina Fowler, Kirsti-Hannah Brown, Meghan Downs, Penny Hunt, Virginia Graham, Mark Smith and Sarah Saunders.



Rings 2017.jpg

14th Jan - 24th June 2017

Every year we select jewellers to display with us whose rings offer a unique alternative to what you might find out on the high street.  Stunning engagement and wedding rings, rings to mark special occasions or just a ring to wear every day; there’s something for everyone to enjoy.  Featuring work by Libby Ward, Bea Jareno, Sarah Brown, Kerry Newth, Cari-Jane Hakes, MH Goldsmith, Mikala Djorup, Sally Grant, Kat B London and Jenifer Wall.

Fresh Talent 2017.jpg
Fresh Talent

14th Jan - 29th April 2017

In the Summer of 2016 we visited New Designers and discovered the fresh talent of Rob Anderson and April Black.  These two emerging makers come together in this showcase of fresh talent where the metalwork of Rob Anderson (New Designer of the year 2016) and turned wooden creations of April Black showcase the skills of true craftsmen and craftswomen.

Still Life Print Show 2017.jpg
Still Life Print Exhibition: Sarah Du Feu & Vicky Higginson

14th Jan - 29th April 2017

A group print exhibition of still life prints by Sarah Du Feu and Vicky Oldfield.  Sarah’s recurrent vase, jug and bowl motifs are a study in form, colour and the relationships between these elements.  Her prints include many printmaking methods including monoprinting, linoprinting, etching and screenprinting.  Vicky’s collagraph prints are inspired by plants, objects and the animals that surround her and her work shows an atmospheric response to the beauty and drama of her daily life.

Branching Out 2017.jpg
Branching Out 

18th March - 24th June 2017

Inspired by the beauty of trees we bring together a selection of talented makers creating contemporary jewellery, ceramics, glass and works in mixed media whose work captures the essence of these remarkably diverse and beautiful marvels of the natural world.  Featuring work by Tina McLeod, Charlie High, Laura Baxter, Jessica Jewellery Design, Ruth Sutcliffe, Elizabeth Terzza, Kate Bajic, Naomi James, Claire Troughton, Sue Gregor, Juliette Hamilton, Valerie Wartelle, Janine Partington, Helaina Sharpley, Jane Bygrave, Katrin Moye, Linda Bristow, Sam Harrison, David Mayne, Sarah Wiberley, Julia Smith and Kit Anderson.

Jo Lee Ceramic Showcase 2017.jpg
Jo Lee Ceramic Showcase

2nd May - 29th July 2017

An exploration of ceramics by curious creative and Yorkshire artist Jo Lee.  These original and quirky characters that make up Jo’s range stem from childhood memories of creating crazy creatures with Mr Potato Head, Fuzzy Felt and the wild and boundless imagination of a child.  Now, as a ‘grown up’ Jo gets to play with photography, Photoshop and ceramic decals to bring to life a bunch of delightfully unusual individuals with whom you can share your home.

Dress Code Glamour 2017.jpg
Dress Code Glamour

1st July - 23rd September 2017

Dress to impress with this stunning collection of jewellery ideal for special occasions or dinner parties.  Fabulous conversation starters including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches and rings made from silver, gold, precious and semi-precious stones and Glass.  Featuring work by Kate Wood, Kokinno, Charlotte Verity, Scarlett French, Lauren Bell-Brown, Amy Leigh, Hannah Bedford and John and Dawn Field. 

Come Dine With Me 2017.jpg
Come Dine With Me

1st July - 23rd September 2017

Lazy brunches, relaxed Sunday afternoons or perfect picnics, dine in style with this collection of informal and contemporary tableware, serving utensils and items to set the scene including candle holders and decorative objects.  Featuring work by Josie Walter, Ken Eardley, Laura Lane, Emma Lacey, William Firth, Luke Bishop, Victoria Claire Dawes, Helen Faulkner, Jane Maddison, Sinead O’Moore, Simon Denvers, Timea Sido, Rebecca Lawley and Sue Candy.

Hilke MacIntyre Print Exhibition 2017.jpg
Hilke MacIntyre Print Exhibition

1st July - 21st October 2017

Linocuts, paintings and ceramic reliefs which celebrate the world around us including nature, animals and people.  Hilke enjoys working in a simplified figurative style using bold shapes, strong colours and patterns.  Particular influences are primitive art, artists of the early 20th century and contemporary design.  Explore the many disciplines this celebrated maker creates in her solo exhibition in Leeds.

Anna Lambert Ceramic Showcase 2017.jpg
Anna Lambert Ceramic Showcase

1st Aug - 28th October 2017

Anna Lambert makes hand built earthenware ceramics for the wall and for the table that relate to place.  Using a range of techniques including altered clay slabs, modelling and painted slips, Anna‘s new work reflects a growing interest in her locality and to the fragile and constantly changing environment, responding to places as diverse as flooded valleys, degraded moorland and bird filled hedgerows. 

35 Years Main Show 2017.jpg
Celebrating 35 years
4th Nov 2017 - 6th Jan 2018

Showcasing the diversity of contemporary crafts from across the UK by a wealth of talented designer makers, all masters of their chosen craft.  Glass, jewellery, ceramics, wood, mixed media and automata by established makers and some new faces amongst them too.  Featuring work by Liz Cooksey, Sarah Saunders, Jennie Hale, Elspeth Owen, Jack Doherty, Christine Cummings, Christine Pike, Rachel Higgins, Lynn Muir, Samantha Bryan, Rob Parr, Duncan Ross, Chiu-I-Wu, Sophie Southgate, Gin Durham, Julia Linstead, Rosie O’Connor, David Ralston, Bob Johnston and Karen McPhail.

35 Years Jewellwery Show.jpg
The Jewellery Show - 35 Years

4th Nov 2017 - 6th Jan 2018

Group showcase of stunning contemporary jewellery by highly skilled and innovative jewellers.  Some familiar faces with established makers we've had the pleasure of working with over the past 35 years and some emerging makers premiering their work here for the first time.  Featuring work by Jessica Briggs, Jennie Gill, Adele Taylor, Emily Kidson, Jennifer Gilbert, Holly Suzanna Clifford, Jenifer Wall, Caroline Finlay, Moxon and Simm and Anna Wales.

35 years In the Spotlight 2017.jpg
In the Spotlight - 35 Years

4th Nov 2017 - 6th Jan 2018

A group showcase of stunning contemporary jewellery & small keepsake gift items by highly skilled and innovative makers.  Some familiar faces with established makers we've had the pleasure of working with over the past 35 years and some emerging makers premiering their work here for the first time.  Featuring work by Bronwen Tyler Jones, Amy Stringer, Lindsey Mann, Jane Muir, Jane Adam and Betty Pepper.

Anthony Theakston Ceramic Showcase 2017.jpg
Anthony Theakston Ceramic Showcase

4th Nov 2017 - 6th Jan 2018

Collected worldwide and with examples of his work in major museums across the UK, Anthony Theakston uses the elegant shapes of birds both in movement and at rest in this collection of beautiful sculptural ceramics.  This is Anthony’s first ever solo ceramic showcase with the gallery after being involved with various group shows here for the past 20 years.  Herons, pelicans, owls, wrens and bluetits are just some of the birds Anthony depicts in his beautiful collection of ceramics. 

Master Printmakers 2017.jpg
Master Printmakers

4th Nov 2017 - 24th Feb 2018

The skills of master printmakers are explored in this beautiful group exhibition of etchings, mezzotints, linoprints, screenprints, collagraphs, drypoints and woodcuts by some of the most celebrated printmaker’s of our time.  Featuring 16 printmakers; some established and who we’ve had the pleasure of working with for the past 35 years and those that we've recently discovered.  Featuring work by Anita Klein, Trevor Price, Mychael Barratt, Louise Davies, Roger Harris, Stuart Brocklehurst, Janis Goodman, Tim Southall, Zena Parker, Suzie MacKenzie, Jason Hicklin, Karolina Larusdottir, Sarah Harris, Jonathan Ashworth, Piers Browne and Carry Akroyd.

Made with Love 2018.jpg
Made with Love 

13th Jan - 10th March 2018

These talented makers come together to showcase their beautiful jewellery, ceramics and works in mixed media resulting in an array of ideal gifts for Valentine’s and Mother’s Day.  Featuring work by Annabet Wyndham, Emma Leonard, Claire Gent, Carla Edwards, Beverly Bartlett, Sara Buk, Izabela Motyl, Josephine Gomersall, Natalie Vardey, Emily Glidden, Aine McKennam, Karen Howarth, Abigail Leach, Hanne Mannheimer, Lisa Katzenstein, Ali Tomlin, Rachel Thornton and Helen Kemp.  



Rings 2018.jpg

13th Jan - 23rd June 2018

Every year we select jewellers to display with us whose rings offer a unique alternative to what you might find out on the high street.  Stunning engagement and wedding rings, rings to mark special occasions or just a ring to wear every day; there’s something for everyone to enjoy.  Featuring work by Anna K Baldwin, Emily Thatcher, Elizabeth Chamberlain, Marion Lebouteiller, Phoebe Simpson, Kate Phipps, Emily Nixon, Joanne Tinley, Amy Stringer and Jenny Gilbert.

Jane Pritchard Ceramic Showcase 2018.jpg
Jane Pritchard Ceramic Showcase

9th Jan - 28th April 2018

Jane Pritchard is a ceramicist living and working in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.  She originally trained as a graphic designer but then changed careers taking an MA in Ceramics (UCA Farnham) in 2011.  Her current range of work centres on the theme of Renewal and how our environment (both built and natural) changes with the passage of time; also how 'new' contrasts with 'old' – for example,  smooth, white surfaces against textured, dirty – and enhances both.  A recent, controversial, renovation of El Castillo de Matrera in Cadiz exemplifies this.

Liz Somerville Print Exhibition 2018.jpg
Liz Somerville Print Exhibition

3rd March - 23rd June 2018

Liz creates linocut prints with imagery concentrating on landscapes and the incidental forms and structures found within them.  Walking forms a major part of Liz’s work and life.  She does most of it in winter, a perfect time to see a landscape; its bare bones, hard contours, un-obscured structures and un-adorned trees.  Once back in the studio she draws what she’s seen, using sketches, photos and memory and then translates her drawings into lino.

Monochrome Surface 2018.jpg
Monochrome - Surface

3rd March - 23rd June 2018

An exploration of contemporary monochromatic ceramics, glass and wood revealing the unique surfaces and forms created by using various craft practices and techniques.  Well established and emerging makers combine in this discovery of contemporary craft practice.  Featuring work by Simon Conolly, Eric Moss, Luke Bishop, Clare Wilson, Kevin Hutson, Penny Fowler, Diane Horne, Ilona Sulikova, Sarah Partridge and Sue Mundy.

Scratch the Surface 2018.jpg
Scratch the Surface Jewellery Show

3rd March - 23rd June 2018

A variety of materials and techniques in contemporary jewellery making are showcased.  Explorations of techniques which manipulate and change the surfaces of materials reveal more about contemporary jewellery practice.  Featuring work by Katherine Richmond, Nicola Becci, Clare Hillerby, Ghost and Bonesetter, Rachel Brown, Gwyneth Williamson, Mizuki Takahashi, Naomi James, Rebecca Blakeway and Heather McDermott.

Adam Frew Ceramic Showcase 2018.jpg
Adam Frew Ceramic Showcase

1st May - 28th July 2018

Adam's work centres on the potters wheel.  Traditional eastern forms inspire him, but spontaneity as a means of personal expression is key to his work.  The exuberant action of throwing is enhanced by a continued experimentation through process, form and colour.  Mark Making is gestural and intuitive, sometimes relating to form or the process of making.  For this showcase Adam has selected functional pieces including mugs, jugs and bowls as well as his one-off vessels.  

The Wonder of Woodcuts Print Exhibition 2018.jpg
The Wonder of Woodcuts Print Exhibition

30th June - 27th October 2018

Printmakers Andy English and Jonathan Ashworth come together in this remarkable look at the skilful printmaking technique of woodcutting.  Both printmakers demonstrate this technique wonderfully in their prints which explore storytelling, nature, people and personal experiences.

Rhian Malin Ceramic Showcase.jpg
Rhian Malin Ceramic Showcase
1st Aug - 27th October 2018

Inspired by her Grandmother’s Willow Pattern collection, Rhian continues the long historic tradition of hand-painting porcelain with cobalt-blue decoration.  Her elegant wheel-thrown porcelain vessels are the chosen surface created to stretch this tradition in to the 21st Century.  Taking a mathematical approach to applying each design, patterns are either projected onto vessels to accentuate their unconventional, dimpled contours or divided up vertically into eighths by eye, to highlight their tapering forms.

On the Block 2018.jpg
On the Block

30th June - 29th Sept 2018

Wonderful collections of contemporary ceramics, wood and works in mixed media that are given a platform as part of their creation to raise their profile as a special object.  These statement pieces for the home or the garden showcase the very best of contemporary craft in the UK today by established makers and some talented new makers fresh on the craft scene.  Featuring work by Georgina Warne, Shirley Vauvelle, David Mayne, Philip Hearsey, Michael Disley, Helen Leaf, Dinah Wyatt, Rachel Thornton, Anya Keeley and Anna Whitehouse.

On the Block Jewellery Show 2018.jpg
On the Block Jewellery Show

30th June - 29th Sept 2018

A selection of jewellers who all create unique statement pieces of contemporary jewellery deserving special attention.  These beautiful jewellery collections are given a platform to showcase the qualities found in various materials and reveal a variety of ways pieces are constructed using traditional jewellery making techniques.  Featuring work by Stacey West, Lindsey Gallacher, Catherine Thomas, Nicola Rawlings (Seed), Rachel Butlin, Lynn Clayton, Cecile Gilbert (Tiki), Harriett Morris, Michele Daykin and Kelly Munro.

Christmas 2018.jpg
Christmas Show 2018

3rd Nov 2018 - 5th Jan 2019

A unique selection of contemporary craft by established makers and makers fresh on the craft scene from across the UK come together in this special exhibition.  Ceramics, wood and works in mixed media explore a variety of skills and techniques in the world of craft today for you to own or admire.  Featuring work by Helen Martino, Anne Butler, Paul Wearing, Verity Howard, Carolyn Genders, Wendy Farley, Sun Kim, April Black, Loco Glass, Stephanie Cunningham, Lucy Elisabeth, Lisa Wisdom and Clare Crouchman.

Christmas Jewellery Show 2018.jpg
Christmas Jewellery Show 2018

3rd Nov 2018 - 5th Jan 2019

Contemporary jewellery collections by 10 talented jewellers exploring different materials and jewellery making techniques.  Featuring work by Ella Fearon-Low, Jenny Llewellyn, Catherine Rua, Mamm and Myrgh, Fiona DeMarco, Monique Jeffrey Jones, Katherine Campbell-Legg, Karolina Baines, Carol Hunt and Sarah Pulvertaft.

In the Spotlight 2018.jpg
In the Spotlight 2018

3rd Nov 2018 - 5th Jan 2019

A selection of makers creating collections of jewellery, keepsakes and special objects that captivate curious minds with their ability to translate ideas and inspirations into unique pieces of contemporary craft to own, admire, collect or gift to a loved one.  Featuring work by Marcus Steel, Toby Cotterill, Francesca Marcenaro, Ruth Laird, Sarah Perry, Tania Clarke Hall and Jo Pond.

Ostinelli and Priest Ceramic Showcase 2018.jpg
Ostinelli & Priest Ceramic Showcase

3rd Nov 2018 - 5th Jan 2019

The working partnership which is Ostinelli & Priest flourishes and develops simply because the balance of understanding and purpose between artists continues to create work that both pleases and inspires.  This showcase of different breeds of dogs creates a showcase full of character.

Karolina Larusdottir Print Exhibition 2018.jpg
Karolina Larusdottir Print Exhibition
3rd Nov 2018 - 26th Jan 2019

For the past 20 years Leeds has been proud to display a collection of etchings by renowned printmaker Karolina Larusdottir.  As she prepares to celebrate her 75th birthday next year we celebrate her life and works in a special solo print exhibition.  Leeds is lucky enough to be showcasing several of Karolina’s etchings that have been out of circulation for some time including The Good Gathering, The Chat Up, The Boat, Tango, The Lover, Good Intentions, The Dark Forest, The Big Stage, Rok and High Tide.

Anna Whitehouse Ceramic Showcase 2019.jpg
Anna Whitehouse Ceramic Showcase: Sketching in Clay - 100 bottles 100 days 8th Jan - 20th April 2019

On 1st January 2018, Ceramic Artist Anna Whitehouse began a project to make 1 bottle a day for 100 days.  Using a 2 part press mould she created a plain bottle every morning to be her blank canvas for the day.  This process allowed her to push new ideas quickly and be far more experimental in her approach.  The results of this period of experimenting and making are on show with The Craft Centre and Design Gallery in Leeds  from the 8th January until the 20th April 2019.



Made with Love 2019.jpg
Made with Love 

12th Jan - 9th March 2019

Our annual exhibition exploring the romance of British Craft.  These talented British makers come together to showcase their beautiful jewellery, ceramics and works in mixed media resulting in an array of ideal gifts for Valentine’s and Mother’s Day.  Featuring work by Tracy Wilson, Amber Cooper-Green, Penny Warren, Rose Ellen Cobb, Evie Leach, Joanna Wakefield, Jodi Hook, Jill Stewart, Olive Rose Jewellery (Emma Trott), Frances Noon, Moya Tosh, Bev Seth, Grainne Watts, Heather Mathieson, Liz Cooksey, Sam Walker, Makiko Hastings, Hannah Staniforth, Mary Johnson, Karen Dawn Curtis, Katie Lowe and Sarah Jane Brown.

Gail Kelly Print Exhibition 2019.jpg
Gail Kelly Print Exhibition

2nd Feb - 22nd June 2019

Gail creates timeless woodcut and linocut landscapes printed onto Irish linen.  Her beautiful scenes include landscapes populated by standing stones and fairy thorn trees, little mountain cottages and distant islands, reflecting the seasonal changes in the patterns of the countryside and farmland.  She also draws inspiration from old legends and traditions.  

Tweet 2019.jpg

16th March - 22nd June 2019

Makers inspired by the beauty of birds come together in this remarkable display of jewellery, ceramics, stone, wood and works in mixed media.  Each maker translates their inspirations into unique handmade creations for you to own or admire.  Featuring work by Sally Ayling, Magnolia Restrepo, Becky Crow, Anna De Ville, Becca Williams, Kate Rhodes, Claire Gent, Leoma Drew, Alison Haddon, Laura Baxter, Chris Hindley, Juliette Hamilton, Kathryn O’Kell, Lucy Large, Rachel Higgins, Jennie Hale, Jennifer Tetlow, Jean White, Phil Arthur, Rachel Sumner, Amanda Anderson and Lucy Jean Green.

Rings 2019.jpg
Rings 2019
6th April - 27th July 2019

Every year we select jewellers to display with us whose rings offer a unique alternative to what you might find out on the high street.  Stunning engagement and wedding rings, rings to mark special occasions or just a ring to wear every day there’s something for everyone to enjoy.  Featuring work by Michele Wyckoff, Tamara Gomez, Hannah Batstone, Ghost & Bonesetter, Josef Koppmann, Roxanne Gilbert, Agneta Bugyte, Disa Allsopp and Pistol and Peach.

Helen Beard Ceramic Showcase 2019.jpg
Helen Beard Ceramic Showcase 

26th April - 27th July 2019

Helen Beard is a potter and illustrator with a love of her local area which inspires much of her work. There are all sorts of characters who crop up again and again in Helen’s sketchbooks and on her pots, from swimmers in the parks to traders at the local markets. By grouping her pots together, her work tells a story which create whimsical scenes capturing the small yet precious moments that make up our daily lives.

Canine 2019.jpg
29th June - 28th September 2019

Sculptural works of art for the home or garden by a collection of celebrated UK makers.  Man’s best friend is explored through a variety of materials which have been cleverly handcrafted into different breeds of dogs as well as those animals closely related to dogs such as wolves and foxes.  Featuring work by Pippa Barrow, Heartfelt Dogs (Von Allen), Jan Beeny, Christine Cummings, Virginia Dowe-Edwards, David Mayne, Robin Parker, Christine Moss, Sarah Saunders, Joanna Osborne, Marieke Ringel, Michael Disley and Heather Mathieson.


29th June - 28th September 2019

The ancient technique of enamelling is explored in this exhibition of contemporary jewellery highlighting a variety of enamelling techniques.  Jewellers are brought together to celebrate this exciting craft through their unique designs and skills honed throughout their jewellery making careers.


Drew Caines.webp
Drew Caines Ceramic Showcase

30th July - 26th October 2019

"Over the last 18 months I have been developing a series of animal-headed sculptural figures, collectively called 'An English Dreamtime'.  These figures fuse my love of nature, folk, sacred and ethnographic art with more contemporary influences such as Japanese character culture and urban street art. I describe my style as 'Archaic pop' art because it blends the ancient with the modern."


lesley birch.webp
Lesley Birch Print Exhibition

29th June - 26th October 2019

Amy Stringer.webp
Amy Stringer: 12 Brooches of Amsterdam

16th Nov 2019 - 11th January 2020

Remote: From wild storm clouds and windy shores to dark, moody eerie forests, these new expressive pieces are inspired by the artist’s love of remote places.  Especially created for The Craft Centre & Design Gallery Leeds, Lesley says;  “It’s a privilege to display my work here in a space which shows such a commitment to printmaking.”


A year long project inspired by jeweller Sarah Chapman’s annual incentives.  Yorkshire jeweller Amy is creating one brooch per month throughout 2019 as an exploration of ideas, techniques and materials.  The concepts for each piece have come from a solo trip to Amsterdam in 2018 where Amy spent three inspiring days in the beautiful city.  Each design is strongly directed by a certain material or technique that Amy wanted to explore, whilst reflecting an inspiration or emotion from her time in Amsterdam.  The collection is a step away from her usual cement filled designs, and focuses on a broad range of traditional and none traditional techniques and processes. 


Sarah Jenkins.webp
Sarah Jenkins Ceramic Showcase

2nd Nov 2019 - 11th Jan 2020

"From my studio in a shallow dip of rolling farmland, I witness the enduring landscape exposed to the weather, the changing seasons and passing of the sun.  I glimpse the progress of wild creatures in the margins and ponder on the various traces of human life."


Marna Lunt.webp
In the Spotlight 

2nd Nov 2019 - 11th Jan 2020

Keepsake objects of beauty and jewellery created by makers who explore exciting materials and making techniques.  Highlighting embroidery, silversmithing, ceramics, resin, silver, printmaking, metal and found objects resulting in a vibrant display of work by some of the most inspiring craftspeople in the UK today.


Ashraf Hanna.webp
The Christmas Show 

2nd Nov 2019 - 11th Jan 2020

A celebration of contemporary craft by established makers and makers fresh on the craft scene from across the UK.  Exciting decorative and functional glass, ceramics, wood and works in mixed media showcasing a variety of skills and techniques in the world of craft today for you to collect or admire.


Hayley Grafflin.webp
The Christmas Jewellery Show 

2nd Nov 2019 - 11th Jan 2020

Established and emerging jewellers are celebrated in this exhibition of contemporary jewellery.  A selection of 5 jewellers in their first 5 years of business and 5 who have been making for 5+ years come together to highlight the craftsmanship behind jewellery making today.


Phil Greenwood.webp
Phil Greenwood Print Exhibition

2nd Nov 2019 - 22nd Feb 2020



Phil is a landscape artist whose printmaking showcases the technique of etching wonderfully.  This is his first solo show in the city of Leeds.  His work is extremely economical in that he uses only two plates and two or three colours to achieve a great range of tone and colour by the depth of the etch and by over printing; fusing one colour with another.  His images do not always relate to a specific place rather he develops and works from an amalgamation of ideas recalled.


Cat Santos.jpg
Handmade with Love 2020

18th January - 7th March 2020

Our annual exhibition explored the romance of British Craft.  These talented British makers came together to showcase their beautiful handmade jewellery, ceramics and works in mixed media resulting in an array of ideal gifts for Valentine’s and Mother’s Day. 


Barry Steadman.webp
Barry Stedman Ceramic Showcase

14th Jan - 18th April 2020

Barry’s vessel forms express abstract ideas of colour and form.   Barry uses white earthenware clay and decorates the surfaces with slip, oxides and underglazes.  The surfaces are created in layers, firing in between using thin washes, wiping back and building up rich zones of colour.


Collagraph Print Show

29th Feb - 31st Oct 2020

Exploring the printmaking technique of the collagraph, four established printmakers come together highlighting the versatility of this printmaking process.  Estella Scholes, Clare Maria Wood, Suzie MacKenzie and Hester Cox create different textures on the plate which hold varying amounts of ink and therefore print different tones revealing some beautiful results. 


Set in Stone Jewellery Exhibition

14th March - 31st Oct 2020

Innovative approaches to contemporary jewellery making are explored in this curious exhibition where alternative settings are used for alternative materials.  The show brings to the attention the diversity of materials UK makers use in their collections today including sea glass, aluminium, pebbles, precious and semi-precious stones.


Stand by Me Exhibition

14th March - 31st Oct 2020

Investigating how work when work placed together creates a narrative.  Collections of work are brought together by makers whose work sits harmoniously together through shape, size, texture or colour telling a story of contemporary craft practice in the UK today.

Rings Exhibition

4th April - 31st Oct 2020

This year our ring exhibition has been carefully curated to showcase beautiful handcrafted rings suitable for engagements, weddings and special anniversaries.  This exhibition will evolve over time as more send us their stunning rings. 


Katrine Barber Ceramic Show

21st April - 31st Oct 2020

"In the frantic world we live in today, I want a sense of peace to envelope the viewer when they look at my vessels."  Katrine has put together a beguiling collection of work which invites participation, her vessels need to be handled.


Playful Jewellery 2020

7th Nov 2020 - 19th June 2021

This show celebrates makers who produce contemporary jewellery which is not only visually playful but through which you can see the joy of making.  The talented UK based makers explore their craft in a playful, naïve and imaginative way.


Playful Things 2020

7th Nov 2020 - 19th June 2021

A celebration of all things feel-good, this show explores craftspeople who produce playful ceramics and mixed media artworks where the joy of the making process is very apparent in the work.  Imaginative and inspiring, the show will bring a smile to your face.


Natural World Print Show

7th Nov 2020 - 19th June 2021

Celebrated printmakers Tim Southall and Jeremy James come together to showcase their colourful limited edition prints inspired by the beautiful countryside around them and the wildlife living there.  Both artists capture the four seasons with such brilliance their prints almost invite you into their exciting compositions. 


Sculptural Assemblage 4-3.jpeg
In the Spotlight 2020

7th Nov 2020 - 19th June 2021

Keepsake objects of beauty and jewellery created by makers who explore exciting and innovative materials and making techniques.  The show highlights paperwork, ceramics, silver, mixed media and found objects resulting in a vibrant display of work by some of the most inspiring craftspeople in the UK today.


Marina 4.jpg
Marina Bauguil Ceramic Showcase

7th Nov 2020 - 24th July 2021

Through her beautiful porcelain animal forms Marina Bauguil explores her relationship and reverence with the world of nature.  It is her belief that human beings need a strong relationship with the natural world in order to live a balanced life. 


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