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The Craft Centre and Design Gallery acts as an agent for a diverse range of UK based designer makers. Each designer agrees to lend us a collection of work for a set period of time, at the end of which we return any unsold pieces as we don't own any of the work on display. That's why we have different policies than you may be used to on the high street. However, it is this difference which makes us unique and allows us to offer an exciting and vibrant exhibition programme. With your support our designers can continue doing what they love!

When are you open?

We're open Tuesday to Saturday 10am - 5pm.  Please note however prior to the start of a new exhibition or around a bank holiday our opening times are subject to change so it's best to call the gallery to check if you're making a special trip to visit us to avoid disappointment.
Also in the run up to Christmas we'll have extended opening hours to give you extra opportunities to squeeze in all that Christmas shopping!  Keep an eye on the website as all changes to our usual opening times including each years' Christmas opening times will be posted on our home page.

Is the gallery wheelchair/pushchair accessible?

Yes, we are fully wheelchair and pushchair accessible.  The gallery can be accessed via a ramp from Victoria Gardens and once inside the space is all on one level.
Our doors are manual but a member of staff will be only too happy to assist if required.  Customer's with access issues may instead prefer to enter through our neighbours the Art Gallery shop as they have automatic doors at their entrance (rather than our manual doors) and an automatic inter-connecting door between us.

Can I commission a designer to make me something special?

We're happy to liase with the designer of your choice to make that special something.   After the design process is complete we will then require a 50% deposit to place the order*.  There are a few things you might want to consider before approaching us;

Is what you're asking for in keeping with their existing designs and processes?
What is your budget
What is your timescale

*Depending on the nature and complexity of your enquiry a 5.00 administration charge may be made initially - this would then be deducted from the total cost of the commission should you decide to place an order.

Do you sell gift vouchers?

​Yes we do.  They can be purchased in person in the gallery or you can buy them online here.  Our gift vouchers are valid for 6 months from the date of issue.

Non-refundable.  Not exchangeable for cash.  No change given.

I saw a piece I really liked on my last visit. Will it still be there?​

If we haven't already sold it, it may well still be on display.  Here at the Craft Centre and Design Gallery we like to keep our displays looking fresh so we do change the displays around regularly.  So if you're struggling to locate a piece you saw on a previous visit just ask a member of our friendly team who will do their utmost to tell you of its whereabouts.
You may find it useful to keep a note of the designer's name and a description is always handy!

I'm buying a gift for someone, what if they don't like it?

I'm buying a gift for someone, what if they don't like it?
If you're buying a gift and you're not entirely sure that they'll love what you've chosen please let us know at the point of sale*.  In this scenario we can offer you a 'cover-note'.  Items cannot be returned without a cover-note.  This clever note ensures we delay paying the designer giving the person you're buying for time to exchange it for something else.
Please make sure you include the cover-note with the gift as they will need this should they wish to return the piece.
*The Craft Centre and Design Gallery regrets it cannot offer cover-notes on pierced earrings.

I've been bought a gift but I don't like it. What are my options?

Simply return the piece in mint condition before the expiry date on the accompanying cover-note**.  You can then exchange it for anything else in the gallery to that value.  If you are unable to find anything to suit at that time we can provide you with a credit note.  Refunds cannot be issued.

**Unfortunately items cannot be returned without a cover note, please check with the person who bought you the gift if you do not have one.

One of my purchases is in need of repair. Can anything be done?

You may like to call or email us initially to seek our advice but generally we'll ask you to to drop the item off at the gallery so we can assess the damage.  In every scenario we will need to speak to the designer for their advice. Sometimes a charge may be made associated with the repair and this would be payable should you decide to proceed.

I've lost an earring. Can I purchase a replacement?​

You may like to call or email us initially to seek our advice but generally we'll ask you to to drop the remaining earring off at the gallery as we'll need to post it to the designer for their comment.
In the majority of cases the designer is able to make a match and once they have provided a quote we would require a 50% deposit in order to proceed.

Can I take photos on my visit?

Because all of the works on display are still in copyright, which is not held by the Craft Centre and Design Gallery, photography at the gallery is strictly limited to specific private use or study (not for general interest) and the images must not be published or reproduced in print or electronically for commercial use or private gain.


Photography is not permitted at all without advance written permission being requested and granted and you must give a purpose for the photography and state exactly which works/discipline they wish to photograph.


Photography permission forms can be obtained here.  Thanks for your cooperation 


  • Any photography will be solely for personal use.  If staff have concerns that photography may be for commercial use or private gain then you will be asked to provide ID and sign a disclaimer.

  • Permission may be withdrawn at any time if we feel the level of risk is too high.

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