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Lorna Jackson Currie - Solo Ceramic Showcase

6th November 2021 - 8th January 2022

One of the UK’s most remarkable ceramic designers and a firm favourite at the gallery, Lorna Jackson Currie is celebrated in this special solo showcase of her bold and beautiful tableware.  Underglaze pencil designs, slips in vivid colours, often on a black background are all hallmarks of Lorna’s designs on a variety of handmade bowls, platters, cups and jugs.

Lorna studied at Loughborough Art College finishing her degree in ceramics in 1990.  After leaving Art College she exhibited for many years at the London, New York and San Francisco trade fairs supplying shops such as Barneys, Saks, Gumps, Lane Crawford and Libertys.  She has also sold her ceramics on a Sunday at the Apple Market, Covent Garden where she loves meeting her customers.  Artistic yet practical, Lorna's work is dishwasher and microwave proof. 


Lorna creates her pieces in her studio in Bedfordshire.  Her work is either slip cast or handthrown in white earthenware; "each piece takes 3 firings and is very time consuming as I like to layer colours and fire them in between creating a lot of texture.  I carefully hand paint my designs using underglaze pencils and slips in vivid colours often on a black background and then these are glazed."  These are the stand out hallmarks of Lorna's designs, making each piece as unique as the hands that made it.  Bowls, platters, jugs, vases, teapots and mugs are brought to life with Lorna's amazing designs making her pieces highly collectable.  Lorna has exhibited with the gallery for many years but this special showcase is a real opportunity to see the range of her creativity and of course for visitors to add more beautiful pieces to their collections or to start their own collection today!


Please note - the above images are representations of the work which will be provided and might not be the exact pieces featured in Lorna's exhibition.  Check out the work that did arrive for the show below.  Seen anything you want to know more about?  Just get in touch, we're happy to help!  You'll also find some items gradually added to our online shop this space!

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