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Materials provided
Saturday 5th March 2022
11am - 1pm  (2 hour workshop)


Macramé Workshop with Barbara Gudaniec...

Weave, knot, and hitch your own macramé coaster - with guidance from expert macramé artist Barbara Gudaniec.

Barbara Gudaniec is an artist guided by her work as an engineer to create technical, intricate, and durable macramé pieces that are both functional and beautiful.  Beginning her journey with macramé during school, she rediscovered the warmth and texture of decorative knotting in 2017: "I rediscovered macramé in 2017 and from that very first knot, I fell in love with this craft.  I believe that macramé is a very therapeutic craft.  It helps to relax and to focus, and to feel calm.  It also helps boost creativity.  I really enjoy creating macramé that is not just an art piece, but also can perform as functional décor."


With Barbara's expert guidance, you will be shown how to produce a functional and elegant macramé coaster, leaving you with your own artwork to take home at the end of a two hour crafting session.  You'll also leave with a newly acquired crafting technique, knowledge of some of the foundational macramé knots, and the newfound skills to experiment with creating your own pieces.  "I absolutely love the art of macramé and enjoy the creative process all the way from beginning to end, but most of all I truly love when I can see a participant's work created with the help of my tutorials.  The joy and happiness that people are sharing with me after finishing their macramé is just incredible."


Using different coloured and textured yarn and with just your hands as tools, workshop participants will be able to share in the joy of macramé!

The session will run for 2 hours and materials will be provided.  


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