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Olivia Joy Paper Flower Crown Workshop

Saturday 29th June 2024    10:30-16:30    £85

Olivia is a local artist who creates life-like paper flowers. She is inspired by the beauty of the natural world around us and aims to capture that sense of awe in her floral creations. She is self taught with over 10 years of expertise. She creates arrangements for weddings, gifts and home decor, with a keen interest in botanical realism. 

Spend a day immersed in paper craft as you learn how to make your very own flower crown from crepe paper. You’ll get to rewear your creation over and over or keep it as a hanging decoration- it will never wilt!


Join local paper artist, Olivia Joy Flowers, as she teaches you step by step how to make paper roses and assemble them into a crown that fits you perfectly. All materials provided, including a choice of high quality crepe paper in a variety of colours to meet all looks from Frida Kahlo, to festival goer to queen of chic and everything in between.


The workshop will begin by choosing the colours for your roses. Then Olivia will teach you how to transform crepe paper into beautiful roses using her templates and techniques as a guide. She’ll be demonstrating throughout as well as offering hands-on guidance. Once your flowers are complete, you’ll learn how to fasten your creations to a wire base to complete the crown, ready for wearing!

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