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"We have had lots of beautiful things from the gallery..."

We loved looking through images visitor and long time customer Michela Burrows sent of her beautiful collection that she has purchased from us over the years. Thank you Michela for all of your support shown to us and to our makers, we hope you continue to add to this already amazing collection of treasured pieces.

Michela, a good friend of our Director Hayley Walker, posted her images on Facebook and wrote: "The Craft Centre and Design Gallery in Leeds are celebrating their 35th anniversary this year, so Hayley asked us if we could share some pictures of some of our little treasured possessions from there. Here are a few: our two favourites that mean the world to us are pictured top right and middle left of the second image montage! We have had lots of beautiful things from the gallery, some unfortunately did not make it, due to everyday mishaps, animals, kids, you know how it goes. All these beautiful things don't even include the stunning jewellery we have from there, that's a whole lot of other pictures!"

Images left to right; Emma Grover print, Kate Brett ceramic ladies, Taja Simpson ceramic mermaid, Alison Blant leather cow sculpture, Amanda Ross textile print, Vivienne Ross ceramic bowl, Jane Muir ceramic ladies, Sally Bradley ceramic vessel and another print by Emma Grover.

Images left to right; Alison Coaten ceramic dog sculpture on wooden base, Shirley Vauvelle ceramic and mixed media sculpture, Michaela Bartlett wall art (not 100% of the name of this artist so this may be incorrect), Virginia Dowe-Edwards ceramic dog, maker unknown of these two ceramic candleholders, Simon Shaw ceramic vases, Anna Mercedes Wear ceramic lady sculpture, unknown maker of sculptural light and print by Emma Grover.

If you have a story you'd like to share of a treasured piece purchased from the gallery in the last 35 years we'd love to hear from you. Simply send us a few images and your story to and we'll share them for you on our blog and via social media.

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