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Reminiscing on a life-long passion for the arts...

We were thrilled to welcome loyal visitor George into the gallery recently who came in specially to tell us his craft story from 20 years ago. It was going home time at the office and he had to buy a gift for his wife; "you were my saviour."

George selected a piece of pottery from the renowned potter Jennifer Jones, known for her beautiful collections of vessels. The piece has been adored ever since it was gifted and twenty years later it is remarkable to still receive such support from our collectors. George came along with the brochure he was given about her work at the time. Back then, these brochures were specially compiled by the gallery to profile a variety of ceramicists and have been treasured by collectors, visitors and customers ever since. These days, a small part of our educational work consists of CVs on all of our makers which visitors can purchase for 10p or get for free if a purchase is made of the maker's work. It's a really great way of sharing the maker's story and inspirations behind the pieces which can then be shared through generations to come.

Thank you George for visiting, we loved hearing your story and look forward to welcoming you back to the gallery soon.

There's still time for you to share your own craft story as part of our #35years anniversary celebrations. Just send us a picture via email of the piece you've purchased from us over the years, tell the story behind the purchase and why you love it so much and we'll do the's that easy!

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