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Saw&Pour; a new exciting collaboration for Leeds!

Working alongside practicing makers here at The Craft Centre and Design Gallery is a real treat, not only for us but for our visitors who often enjoy chatting with jewellers Amy Stringer (our Jewellery co-ordinator), Gwyneth Williamson (our Educational co-ordinator) and paper artist Florence Hoy (our Card co-ordinator). We get to hear all about brand new collections they might be thinking of creating, their hopes and dreams for their work in the future and we're so delighted for them when these hopes and dreams become a reality. We were recently very proud to see the results of Amy's and designer Oliver King's new jewellery collaboration Saw&Pour; contemporary jewellery inspired by Ramen.

"At first glance, this seems like an unusual source of inspiration. However, when digging a little deeper, the bold geometric shapes, combination of colours, pristine arrangement and attention to detail all lends it’s self to a jewellery brand so well. Combining these two different worlds was a unique challenge."

Amy studied Jewellery and Metalwork at Sheffield Hallam University and has been the Jewellery co-ordinator for us for coming up to 2 years now and Oliver studied Product Design at Loughborough University, going on to work in graphic design and branding. The combination of these two worlds makes for an interesting and unique result, with bold graphic and geometric influences, while also having an attention to detail and materialisation found in contemporary craft.

"The intention of all the designs was always to be fun and interesting, with a unique twist – something unusual and eye-catching. This is where the Ramen came in. We also understand that people love simple and clean style, we do too! Simple geometric shapes work well whatever your mood or occasion. The biggest design challenge was to incorporate these two opposing ideas."

We wish Amy and Oliver's collaboration every success for the future! If you're interested in making a purchase from the Saw&Pour jewellery collection then you can visit their website here or visit us when their collection is displayed here in Leeds very soon. Follow our social media posts to find out when it arrives!

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