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Our top 10 reasons why you should support handmade...


Our top 10 reasons why you should support handmade:

1. Because handmade means made with love; no mass production just beautiful bespoke collections.

2. Because every time you buy something from us you help a small business continue to do what they love doing and that means the world to us.

3. Because you become a story teller: every maker has a story to tell so when you buy something from us we share that story with you in the hope you’ll pass the story on again to friends and family when they admire what you’ve purchased.

4. Because when you support handmade you keep part of a creative community alive.

5. Because handmade deserves recognition. All of our makers have spent years honing their chosen craft showing dedication to the skills and techniques employed in making, some skills dating back hundreds of years.

6. Because every sale matters, even if you buy a card it helps so be proud to support handmade in whatever way you can, big or small!

7. Because supporting handmade is a way of expressing yourself with unique creations for yourself and for your home.

8. Because handmade pieces are the antiques of the future. Cherish for a lifetime and pass on to future generations.

9. Because supporting handmade is a lovely experience; we do our best in promoting all of our makers in a peaceful environment, no pushy sales just us being passionate about what we do here.

10. Because when you support handmade it shows the world that you care about small businesses and what they contribute to our community.

We look forward to welcoming your support here soon.

Open Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 5pm, closed Sunday and Monday.


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