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Moira McTague, My mothers Jug, etching printed in colour.jpg

Image: Jane Booth

25th Feb – 17th June 2023

An exhibition of serenity and calm capturing the stillness of time and simplicity of a still life.  Sarah Du Feu and Moira McTague come together in this group exhibition to show how their chosen printmaking methods can instil a sense of calm to the viewer with Moira creating prints using etching techniques and Sarah utilising monoprinting techniques combined with collage.  Together the pair capture moments to enjoy amongst peaceful and quiet scenes.


Still - Print Exhibition

Image: Moira McTague

Moira McTague

After a Foundation course in Art and Design, Moira completed a Fine Art degree in Newcastle, spending her time painting and etching.  Then followed a Post Graduate in Education at Bristol University.  Moira works from her home studio in Rural North Yorkshire, mainly etching on copper plates and printing using Rollaco Presses.  "My work is based on an intimate observation and response to my surroundings, memories and more recently connecting the present with the past.  Working in a rural location I am immersed in the environment and inspired by how I feel connected to the land.  This may take the form into intimate insights into the larger landscape, by working from life and creating images based on my experience of sometimes seemingly tiny observations.  I  walk and run, noticing everything around me and try to grow as much of my own food as possible in the summer, so all this feeds into my work."

In 2020, during lockdown, Moira planted and nurtured a little wildflower meadow.  This became the inspiration for her copper plate etching ‘In search of the willow warbler’.  "It was a large plate to work on with the limitations of my home studio and as each species emerged, I drew on the plate in an organic way, not really having a direction other than immersing myself in the act of drawing, looking, feeling and allowed the composition to grow and develop.  For me, etching can also be a problem-solving experience and inevitably there are technical obstacles to overcome.  That’s the challenge I love.  Daily drawings and notes in the form of 3 tiny sketchbooks were also worked on during this time."  Drawing is a very important aspect of her work and etching plates are sometimes taken out into the countryside to be drawn on.  As a printmaker, working mainly with copper plate etching, Moira often work in layers, enjoying the physical, material properties of the medium working in harmony with the ideas.


In the cooler seasons, Moira's work often becomes a little more interior.  "I have also always been interested in working from still life set ups, composed both of found objects and those that have more personal significance for me.  These could be jugs, or a cup, given to me, or inherited.  From my early years, I have loved the work of 17th Century Dutch Artists and the quiet yet determined work of Gwen John.  Drawing from life, the object takes on significance beyond its original use; the act of observing, contemplating, quietly building up marks, looking at form, shapes between the objects and how light affects the form and atmosphere, I enjoy creating balance and harmony."  The processes of making a plate always excite Moira and the challenging printmaking processes never lose their seduction. 


Please note the images below may not be works featured in this show.  Once the show starts we'll be adding photos and a virtual gallery tour so you can explore what Moira created for this special exhibition.

Sarah du Feu

Sarah is a Yorkshire based artist and printmaker and takes inspiration from the landscape around her in Yorkshire, as well as Cumbria, Norfolk, and a small stretch of the North Cornwall Coastline.  “I have tried to record the physicality of some of these changes in my prints.  They are an emotional response to these ever-shifting landscapes.”


The weather in Yorkshire and Cumbria can alter a landscape in the blink of an eye, from dreary greys to warm earth tones, through to vibrant oranges, greens and blues, with a quality of light that seems to have come straight from the heavens.  Sarah’s prints are built up in layers of ink, creating depth and texture.  Although the prints have a deceptively simple and serene composition, they are complex, multi-staged works.  The monoprints are made using cut out newsprint stencils, lino, and layers and layers of inking.  These prints can take weeks to make as drying times are necessary between layers.  Both landscape and still life works are studies in form, composition, colour and the relationships between these elements.

Please note the images below may not be works featured in this show.  Once the show starts we'll be adding photos and a virtual gallery tour so you can explore what Sarah creates for this special exhibition.

Check out the photos and Virtual Gallery Tour (coming soon) of our Still print exhibition below.  If there's anything you want to know more about or to check availability of specific pieces please just get in touch, we're always happy to help!  
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