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Studio Critical: Nick Vorstermans Wood Showcase

15th January - 16th April 2022 

Craftsman Nick Vorstermans of Studio Critical focuses his practice on using locally and sustainably sourced materials.  Nick received our very special Exhibitor Award at last year’s Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair.  Our Director Florence awarded him the award for his amazing craftsmanship and sensitivity shown towards the materials he uses.  We were delighted to offer him this special exhibition in our showcase space where his work can be explored in all its glory!

Check out some pictures from Nick's fantastic wood carving workshop in February 2022 here.

Studio Critical is an Old Trafford based studio creating tactile wooden objects.  Nick focuses his practice on using locally and sustainably sourced materials.  His spoons, bowls, vases & other objects are handmade, many of them out of green wood salvaged from urban trees that were trimmed or fell naturally.  If you are taking a tree down on your property and want to give it a new life, we can get you in touch with Nick.  Nick uses a whole range of beautiful wood to create his collection of stunning bowls, vases and serving spoons/coffee scoops including Cherry, Sycamore, Beech, Birch and Oak.


“Craft is not just the art of making beautiful, carefully made objects, craft is a form of protest.  A protest against the mass produced, mass consumer products that are clogging our landfills and whose processes are ruining our environment.  By engaging with craft we are attempting to show people that it is possible to make usable, beautiful objects from truly renewable and sustainable resources.  Craft demands that the maker respects their material and process in a human centred way.  We love to share our craft with you and hope you enjoy it too.”


Please note - the above images are representations of the work which will be provided and might not be the exact pieces featured in Nick's exhibition. The photographs below show you you what's on display and all pieces are for sale (subject to availability).  Want to find out more about a particular piece?  Just get in touch, we're happy to help!  You'll find several items available to purchase from our online shop and for anything else just contact us.

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