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Saturday 21st May 2022
11am - 1pm  (2 hour workshop)

Materials provided


Make your own agateware vase with CloD Studio - a unique chance to work with clay.

Agateware Ceramics Vase Workshop with CloD Studio...

Make your own agateware ceramic vase with CloD Studio - a unique chance to work with clay.

Poppy Davis of CloD Studio is one of Leeds and Yorkshire's most exciting ceramicists.  The Craft Centre and Design gallery are proud to host Poppy for an intimate six person workshop, giving participants the unique opportunity to try their hand using agateware clay to make a vase using hand building ceramic techniques.

Over the course of the workshop you will be guided how to hand build your own agateware ceramics, creating your own decorative and functional patterned vase.  Agateware gets its name from its similarity to agate stone, a semi-precious stone that reveals swirling coloured patterns when cut into.  In this workshop you will layer contrasting coloured clay, roll it into slabs to create beautiful marbled patterns, then form them into unique vases.  At the end of the session Poppy will take the vases back to her studio, fire the pots, glaze them in a transparent glaze and return the pots to the Craft Centre for collection within 4 weeks.  You will receive an email when the pots are ready for collection.

CloD Studio is a rising star amongst Yorkshire and the North's contemporary ceramicists, making enduring homewares and functional stoneware pieces.  Each pot is finished with colourful, free brush strokes, textured carvings, and characterful silhouettes which are fast becoming designer Poppy Davis' signature style.


Absolute beginners and experienced potters alike are welcome to join CloD Studio and Poppy for a great opportunity to learn ceramic techniques and to leave with their own beautiful hand-built vase.

Materials are provided for this 2 hour workshop.  

Check out our photos of this workshop below; everyone had a great time!
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