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'Jewellery 5'

9th Nov 1991 - 15th Jan 1992

The fifth in a series of seasonal surveys of contemporary jewellery design.

Featuring work by Cynthia Cousens, Kim Ellwood, Sophie Hartley, Charmian Harris, Linda Lewin, Susan May, Zsuzsi Morrison (pictured), Amanda Peach, Janet Perry, Ruth Rusby, Suzanne Weston, Sue Williams.


'Five Potters'

14th Nov 1992 - 12th Jan 1993


A special tenth anniversary exhibition of the work of five contemporary potters.

With work by Gabriele Koch (pictured), Jennifer Lee, Duncan Ross, Sutton Taylor and Monica Young.

'Jewellery 6'

14th Nov 1992 - 12th Jan 1993

The sixth in a series of seasonal surveys of contemporary jewellery design.

Featuring work by Roger Barnes, Ingborg Bratman, Lillian Busch, Elaine Goff, Debbie Long, Jane Macintosh, Julie Sellars, Bettina Starke, Alan Vallis, Esther Ward, Jacqueline Warrington (pictured) and Laurinda Young.



30th Jan - 14th Feb 1993

A selection of jewellery, cards, hats, mirrors and other tokens of both declared and secret passions.

Featuring work by Stuart Akroyd, Grenville Barratt, Lesley Barratt, Malcom Betts, Brian Blandthorn, Jenny Blandthorn, Loretta Braganza (pictured), Lucy Coplestone, Rebecca Edmunds, Marianne Forrest, Diane Griffiths, Gruckaz, Maria Hansen, Gail Homer, Janet Hutchinson, Hilary Laforce, Catherine Mannheim, Tony Mann, Sue Mason, Muskett & Mazzullo, Mark Nuell, Elspeth Owen, Amanda Peach, Debbie Prosser, Victoria Richards, Geff Roberts, Caroline Siburn, Jeff Soan, Timothy, Clara Vichi, Frances-Julie Whitelaw and Avril Wilson.


27th March - 26th June 1993


A selling exhibition by a selection of the country's leading craft jewellers.  A dazzling and diverse selection of finely wrought and hand-crafted rings of gold, silver and other precious stones.

Featured makers are Roger Barnes, Malcom Betts, Anthony Blakeney, Ingeborg Bratman, Lilian Busch, Lucy Coplestone, Celia Davies, Pamela Dickinson (pictured), Robert Feather, Mike Gell, Jane Macintosh, Catherine Mannheim, Susan May, Mark Nuell, Jill O'Connor, Paul Preston, Jill Redknap, Alan Vallis and Jacqueline Warrington.


Edward Teasdale

6th August - 28th Sept 1993

A selling exhibition of furniture and boxes made from reclaimed timber.

Edward is a designer and furniture maker, currently lecturing at the University of Lancashire.  He was educated at Ryecotewood College, Oxfordshire and subsequently at Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Leicester and Manchester Polytechnics.  His work, both independently designed and privately commissioned, is in a number of collections.

'Jewellery 7'

13th Nov 1993 - 25th Jan 1994


The seventh in a series of seasonal surveys contemporary jewellery design.

Featuring craft jewellery by Vicky Ambery-Smith, Roger Barnes, Deborah Boyd White, Lisa Hamilton, Debbie Long, Mark Nuell, Guy Royle, Julie Sellars, Jolene Smith, Alan Vallis (pictured), Jacqueline Warrington and Caroline-Jane Webb

'Five Potters'

13th Nov 1993 - 25th Jan 1994

The second of our seasonal surveys, a selling exhibition of fine contemporary pottery.

New ceramics with an emphasis on the english tradition of fine domesticware and decorative slip work, by five of the country's foremost potters.

Featuring work by Terry Bell-Hughes, Clive Bowen, Jane Hamlyn, John Maltby (pictured) and A & J Young.



April - June 1994

A selling exhibition by some of the country's leading craft jewellers.

Wedding rings, engagement rings, rings for lovers, rings for occasions and rings for collectors.

Another dazzling and diverse selection of finely wrought and hand-crafted rings of gold, silver and other precious metals.  Unadorned or with fine settings of gems, enamels or semi-precious stones.

'Jewellery 8'

5th Nov 1994 - 16th Jan 1995


A selling exhibition from nineteen of the countrys leading jewellers - now celebrating eight successful years.

Featuring work by Jessica Briggs, Nicola Becci, Gillian Brooks, Hannah Coates, Rebecca Edmunds, Trevor Forrester, James Griffin, Fionna Hesketh, Jeremy Hicks, Valerie Mead, Debby Moxon, Kathie Murphy, Amanda Peach, Julie Sellars, Esther Smith, Jolene Smith (pictured), Alan Vallis, Jacqueline Warrington and Laurinda Young.


'Time and Eternity'

25th March - 24th June 1995

'Time' is a celebration of clocks; those that could be called charming to chose that will make you chuckle.  There never has been a more original and fun way to tell the time.  Be inspired by the 1920's with Louise Byrne's beach clocks or Catherine Purves welded metal clocks.  Also featuring clocks by Maura Heslop, Catherine Purves, Louise Haley, Anne Finlay, Marianne Forest, Jane Knowles, Jane Adams, Anthea Nelson, Helen Musselwhite, Lindsay Astill, Dawn Emms and Kate Brett.

Eternity rejoices in rings, resplendent and refined.  You will be in rapures at the variety.  From the elegant and mystical opals of Debby Moxon, classical and sparkling designs by Fionna Hesketh to the futuristic finger sculptures of Sophie Jonas.  Also featuring work by Nicola Becci, Sharron Joel, Rebecca Edmunds, Julie Sellars, John Field, Emma Hunter, Mark Nuell, Marsha Hunt, Sophie Harley, Heidi Yeo, Ruth Rushby, Astrid Mitterhauser, Anna Tortorelli and Zsuzsi Morrison.

'Jewellery 9'

4th Nov 1995 - 16th Jan 1996


In its ninth successful year 'Jewellery 9' exhibits seventeen jewellers latest collections.  Of course gold, silver and exotic stones abound but there are also surprising materials to be discovered.  Silvers are blackened like coal, acrylics that as you look through appear to be underwater, African blackwood, bone, pewter and embossed copper and brass - each piece lovingly created by the artist in their workshop.

Featuring work by Roger Barnes, John Field, Rowena Park, Revor Forrester, Debbie Long, Alan Vallis, Bridget Wheatley, Jacqueline Warrington (pictured), Jolene Smith, Anne Rowson, Debby Moxon, Valerie Mead, Marsha Hunt, Pamela Dickinson, Stephen Bottomley, Holly Belsher and Sue Williams.

Norman Ackroyd

4th Nov 1995 - 29th Feb 1996

Welcoming Norman Ackroyd, the UK's most renowned etcher back home to Leeds - the city he was born, grew up and also trained at the Leeds College of Art.  The dramatic effects of light and weather is the work Ackroyd is known for and this exhibition will be no exception.  Vast, atmospheric etchings in black and white welcome you into the world as seen by Norman Ackroyd.  There will be local scenes which will be of great pleasure.  All in all proving to be an exhibition of many collectible pieces.


'Rings and Moving

13th April - 15th June 1996

Planes, trains and automobiles, well not quite.  But rockets, propellers, wizards, moving people, mechanical animals - to name a few.  Large coin operated inventions contrast to whimsical contraptions like a machine to bring your toothbrush to you in the morning.  These fascinating moving objects are brought together in this exhibition.

The showcase aims to introduce automata to the people of Leeds.  Alongside the automata pieces five jewellery designers known for their wearable kinectic jewellery will show their work.  From brooches with enormous clasping hands to cufflinks with banging hammers it is an absolute must for a giggle and gasp of amazement.

'Jewellery 10'

2nd Nov 1996 - 11th Jan 1997


Honouring 10 years of Christmas exhibitions this showcase brings together both established and up and coming designers.  It encompasses work which pushes the implications of jewellery.  Work which combines alternate materials and ideas and also pieces which use traditional and seductive styles.  The jewellery on display ranges from refreshing, curious and fantastic pieces which use traditional and seductive styles.  The jewellery on display will range from refreshing, curious and fantastic pieces to exemplary, timeless classics.

Featuring work by; Sally Pirkis, Lynn Antley, Anna De Ville, Geoff Roberts, Penny Williams, Janet Moran, Teresa Samson, Nick Hubbard, Pamela Rawnsley, Shelia McDonald, Pamela Dickinson, Alison Evans, Valerie Mead (pictured), Suzanne Weston, Tricia Rafferty and Grainne Morton.

Ceramic showcase
Jennie Hale

2nd Nov 1996 - 11th Jan 1997

Coinciding with 'Jewellery 10' is the first anniversary of the Ceramics Showcase.  This is a three monthly exhibition which focuses on specific designers, providing an insight to the way they work, explaining processes, technique, influences and inspiration.

To celebrate the success of the showcase we will be exhibiting a new range of work by the renowned ceramicist Jennie Hale, whose work is sought after by collectors and cherished by many.  For this exhibition she has created families of Raku animals, a new departure in her work which is eagerly awaited.


'Something Out of

10th May - 12th July 1997

From pan-scrubbers to toothbrushes and from empty beer cans to waste packaging almost anything can be transformed into a decorative object, giving value to something that intrinsically is not worth anything.  This exhibition aims to explore this concept bringing together both established and up and coming designers. 

It encompassed a diverse range of materials and processes executedwith exquisite skill and artistic daring, items such as jewellery created from slate, sweet wrappers and even empty beer cans, scenes from everyday life and almost life size animals are constructed by sensitive manipulation of recycled printed and painted tin.

Including work by Andy Hazell, Lucy Casson, Andrew Hewitt, Val Hunt, Amanda Hunt, Dave Walker, Rachel Higgins (pictured) and Sarah Crawford.

'Cuffs and Collars'

2nd Sept - 31st Oct 1997


The Cuffs and Collars showcase aims to fill a gap in the market, notably the shortage of accessories and gifts for men.

The work on display will include individually designed ties encompassing a lively mix of embroidery, screenprinting, painterly marks, textures and such subject matter as footballers, cowboys and fisherman by some of the best contemporary textile designers.  To their credit they have designed for numerous fashion designers including Paul Smith, Nicole Farhi and Valentino.

The ties will be displayed alongside handmade contemporary jewellery that has been designed with men in mind; cufflinks, tie pins and tie slides.  Limited edition wristwatches and dramatic one-off pocket watches constructed from oxidised silver and accentuated by the bright polish of golden hands.  As an unusual twist we will also have a selection of handmade pocket knives from the only UK manudacturer of them.  Created from stainless steel, aluminium and brass they are stylish, modern and functional.

'Back to Life'

Jon Williams

1st Nov 1997 - 10th Jan 1998


1997 marks our fifteen year anniversary and to celebrate this and continue the growing sucess of the 'Ceramics Showcase', which is held four times a year, there will be a selection of new and exciting doughnut shaped earthenware pots by potter Jon Williams.

He is an experienced exponent of the potter’s wheel, using the technique in both his social engagement practice and personal work. His one off ceramics and clay interventions have been exhibited extensively in the U.K and abroad.

'Back to Life'

Three potters from the past

1st Nov 1997 - 10th Jan 1998


1997 marks our fifteen year anniversary and to celebrate we have invited three internationally renowned, distinguished potters; Loretta Braganza, John Maltby and Walter Keeler (pictured). Loretta known for her asymmetrical pots evolved around three main concepts; form, texture and colour.  

John whose creative sculptures are reminiscent of the Aegean Bronze Age and inspired by the mind of Paul Klee.  

And finally Walter, a pioneer of the use of salt glaze in contemporary studio pottery, who draws on a surprising range of influences; tinker metalwork, agricultural hardware and industrial pottery.

'Back to Life'

'Jewellery 11'

1st Nov 1997 - 10th Jan 1998

1997 marks our fifteen year anniversary and to celebrate we have invited three internationally renowned, distinguished potters and a number of new and established designers to exhibit their work over the busy Christmas period.

Building on our reputation for one of the best collections of contemporary jewellery in the country this Christmas our annual jewellery exhibition is in its 11th year.  'Jewellery 11' is the bringing together of a dazzling collection of fifteen of the country's leading makers, each with a fresh vision, exquisite skill and artistic daring.

Featuring work by Marlene McKibbon, Helen Smythe, Bridget Wheatley, Jill Stewart (pictured), Teresa Samson, Lesley Strickland, Sarah Stewart, Rebecca Edmunds, Caroline Temple, Daphne Krinos, Sheila McDonald, Nicola Becci, Jacqueline Warrington, Catherine Currell and Stephen Anderson.

'Back to Life'

Anita Klein

1st Nov 1997 - 28th Feb 1998

1997 marks our fifteen year anniversary and to celebrate we have invited Anita Klein to exhibit a selection of prints.

With a confident mastery of drypoint etching (lines gouged out of soft aluminium plates) Anita's prints from a hilarious diary of her life as a mother.  Strong black lines and big sweeping curves construct amusing figures of huge proportions fulfilling their daily domestic tasks.


'Figuratively Speaking'

9th May - 11th July 1998

Seventeen makers inspired by the human figure, it's character and pose, form this exhibition that acknowledges a renewed interest in the depiction of the human form in contemporary art.

The designers whose work will be on display use a variety of mediums as their means of personal expression including clay, wood, fabric and thread.  Subjects are humourous, abstract and narrative but they all share a fascination with the human figure revealed through self representation, observation or through characters created within their own mind.

Featuring work by Jackie McNamee, Lisa Moore, Taja Simpson, Christy Keeney, Claire Curneen, Linda Miller (pictured), Kate Brett, Barbette Martini, Vivienne Ross, Lucy Hawkins, Lucy Casson, Anna Mercedes Wear, Bill Ming, Andy Lloyd, Rachel Howard, Cleo Mussi and Neil Brownsword.

'Jewellery 12'

7th Nov 1998 - 16th Jan 1999


Fifteen exciting, influential and innovative contemporary jewellers celebrate twelve successful year of the annual jewellery exhibition. A spectacular selection of individually handcrafted jewellery to tantalise the most particular tastebuds.

Exquisite skill and artistic daring triumph.  From the elegant brilliance of gold, silver and precious stones, to the exotic extravagance of feathers and gold leaf to the more tactile, but uncoventional PVC, nylon and wood.  Each item a jewel, a treasure, a delight to behold and wear. 

Including work by Annabet Wyndham, Syann Van Niftrik (pictured), Alison Evans, Kate Wilkinson and Anne Finlay.


7th Nov 1998 - 16th Jan 1999


This Christmas we entice you to marvel in astonishment at the creatures on display in the selling exhibition 'Menagerie', which endeavours to celebrate the animal kingdom.

Enter with trepidation for you will be confronted by an assortment of animals formed in a variety of mediums by twenty eight contemporary craftspeople.  Clumsy home loving domestic creatures cavort with lethargic farmyard animals and savage hounds with exaggerated limbs scuffle with sensational wild beasts.

Featuring work by Christine Cummings, Ian Gregory, Neil Hardy, Jeremy James, Carol Mather, Martin Smith, Chris Utley, Louise Darby, Jennie Hale, Thomas Hill, Kerry Jameson, Jo Perry, Jane Strawbridge, Dave Walker, Pierre Dimantapoulo, Bruce Hardwick, Catrin Howell, Karen Laver, David Peterson, Jeff Soan, Tony White (pictured), Virginia Dowe, Brendan Hesmondhalgh, Chris Hunter, Christopher Marvell, Emma Rodgers, Anthony Theakston and Zoe Whiteside.


'Five Reasons'

15th May - 17th July 1999

An assemblage of fine jewellery crafted from punch patterned etched and coloured precious and non precious metals alongside a displya of inspirational artefacts and sketchbooks all created by local designer Roger Barnes.  With a keen interest in the natural world and conservation Roger's jewellery and his working practice, has been greatly influenced by travels to India and expeditions to Peru, Kenya and Paraguay.

"I have a policy of trying to use low energy consuming, low tech methods whenever possible" he explains "I try to buy raw materials from small firms and my stones 'native cut' or direct from source, in an attempt to acheive fair trading."

In 1997, Roger founded The Metal Craft Group.  Their first publication entitled "The Other Jewellery Book" wil be launched at the opening of the exhibition.  The book aims to increase the consumer's understanding and enjoyment of the popular and exciting discipline that is, British contemporary jewellery.


15th May - 17th July 1999

In addition to 'Five Reasons', sixteen innovative contemporary jewellers will explore the technical and aesthetic qualities of rings. Encapsulating makers who utilise both convenional and extraordinary materials and who have contrasting approaches to ring design.

Featuring work by Carl Wetter, Susan May, Mark Nuell (pictured), Rebecca Edmunds, Daphne Krinos, Martyn Pugh, Anthony Blakeney, Joanne Thompson, Monique A Walters, Randeep Virdee, Sarah Newall, Caroline Liam, Monica Perez, Michelle Best, Marie Foster, Jo Wilkins.

Karolina Larusdottir

1st July - 30th October 1999

A lively exhibition of recent prints taking their inspiration from Karolina's upbringing in Iceland, recalling moments; part actual, part imagined of her grandfathers hotel in Reykjavic.

Karolina's prints blend surreal images of floating people, uniformed hotel staff taking tea with angels within scenes of everyday life in the hotel trade, capturing a dreamlike quality which has gaine dher worldwide recognition.

Since studying at the Ruskin School of Art in Oxford she has become an elected member of The Royal Society of Painter Etchers, The New English Art Club and The Royal Watercolour Society.

'A Retrospective

Mixed showcase

6th Nov 1999 - 16th Jan 2000

As the century comes to an end, a growing concern for individuality has emerged, once again again established skills and material invention are higly valued by society.

'A Retrospective Future' intends to celebrate the utilisation for traditional techniques as the basis for innovation and creativity in contemporary craft.

Elements to be investigated include precious and non-precious jewellery, ceramics, glass, paper, wood, metalcraft and textiles by sixty nine key practioners; encompassing both well renowned and up and coming British designer makers.

Including work by Gareth Mason, Sharo Porteous, Martin Smith (pictured), Justine Smith, Julia Keyte and Kate Schuricht.

Chris Orr

6th Nov 1999 - 29th Feb 2000

Chris Orr was born in 1943 in Islington, London.  After Ravensbourned and Hornsey Schools of Art he graduated from the Royal College of Art in 1967 with an MA in Printmaking and began his career as an artist, publishing prints, exhibiting work and teaching part time at many Art Schools.  he has showed for the first time in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 1987 and has had numerous one-man shows in Britain, America, Australia, Japan and France.

'A Retrospective

Jewellery showcase

6th Nov 1999 - 16th Jan 2000

This exhibition will showcase the work of twenty three ground breaking jewellers, who produce handmae wearable objects.  Inclduing work from established makers, who are constantly exploring and pushing the boundaries of their discipline, to some of the most innovative recent jewellery graduates in Britain.

The idea behind the exhibition is to provide the public with a broad spectrum of work, which encapsulates the vibrant and varied activities taking place in contemporary jewellery making today.  The exhibition will mark a celebration of talent, technical expertise and material exploration to take us into the next century. 

Including work by Laura Gates, Nora Fok (pictured) and Karan Jones.


Jewellery showcase

1st March - 29th April 2000

Celebrating the best of future talent this showcase is part of a programme of events promoting the work of innovative and creative new applied arts graduates.  

This showcase spotlights the work of Charlotte Cornwell, a graduate from London Guildhall University and Christina Hirst (pictured), a graduate from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design. Both jewellers are influenced by nature and natural forms.

Charlotte works in both metal and acetate to produce pieces that reflect the delicacy of petals and leaves.  Colour is also influential in her work, petals are photocopied on to acetate to capture the unique markings of each flower or leaf.

Christina uses silver clay to recreate the delicate texture and shapes of nature.  She studies natural objects, such as seeds, fruits and plants by drawing and photographing them taking note of shapes, patterns and textures which she translates into designs for jewellery, cutlery and boxes.

'Does it pour?'

13th May - 22nd July 2000

From sturdy eminently functional pots with a wipe clean glaze to quirky vessels that appear to be non functional but come alive when used; we intend to investigate the concept of function through a selection of contemporary pots that invite use and promise to be a source of daily pleasure.

We have invited twenty makers who expresses a fine understanding of form and function.  With an emphasis on origination rather than surface decoration the makers are concerned with aspects such as the proportion, dualities of purpose and the feel and weight of an object.

Some utilitarian items have become casualties of the casual dining revolution, however the objects on display have a functional yet elegant philosophy, they can fulfil many different uses, meet so many practical needs and still remain beautiful objects in their own right.

Jewellery Showcase

1st July - 31st August 2000

The second jewellery showcase celebrating Future Talent, a programme of events dedicated to promoting the work of innovative and creative new applied arts graduates.  This summer showcase spotlights the work of Carla Edwards (pictured), a graduate from Edinburgh College of Art and Tracey Furlong a graduate from Central St Martins College of art in London.

Carla makes colourful polyester resin jewellery, which is light an durable to wear.  The shapes are case in silicone rubber moulds, and she creates textures within the pieces using fabric, corrugated cardboard and bubblewrap.

Tracey creates pieces inspired by the sea and the life that lives in it, using silver, gold, glass and knitted copper wire bound in hand dyed silk.  She produces work which has delicate, textural and translucent qualities.


4th Nov 2000 - 27th Jan 2001

This year the annual Christmas jewellery exhibition is entitles 'Alchemy'.  The exhibition showcases the work of fifteen jewellers who have graduated in the last five years.  The work has been chosen for its quality and diversity and highlights the varied yet commercially viable direction many recent jewellery garduates are taking.  The pieces on display are of impeccable quality and perfect for one off gifts or for those who like to treat themselves to something individual.

The work ranges from photocopied acetate neckpieces to silver and paper wrapped bracelets.

Including work by Jenni Wilson, Emma Jay, Clare Hillerby (pictured), Charlotte Cornwell, Julie Ann Seaman and Amanda Coleman.

'Stepping Out'

4th Nov 2000 - 27th Jan 2001

We intend to celebrate the wealth of emerging British talent by introducing the work of some of the most gifted up and coming designer/makers.  The exhibition will present a diverse mix of contemporary craft by a promising group of makers who have set up in business within the last five years.

Twenty five makers have been chosen for innovation and their ability to combine creative thought processes with a high level of technical expertise.

Including work by Virginia Dowe (pictured), Claire Norcross, Emma Jay, Sara Robertson and Olivia Brown.

Glynn Thomas

4th Nov 2000 - 28th Feb 2001

Sixteen unframed copperplate etchings by Glynn Thomas depicting witty, characteristic townscapes.

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