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Gail Kelly - Solo Print Exhibition

2nd February - 22nd June 2019

Gail creates timeless woodcut and linocut landscapes printed onto Irish linen.  Her beautiful scenes include landscapes populated by standing stones and fairy thorn trees, little mountain cottages and distant islands, reflecting the seasonal changes in the patterns of the countryside and farmland.  She also draws inspiration from old legends and traditions.  Gail graduated from the University of Ulster in Belfast with a BA Honours in Fine Art Printmaking and a Masters of Fine Art from Louisiana State University, USA. 





"My linen collages are inspired by places I have seen on my travels in the UK and Ireland and from memories of farms we visited when I was a child.  Each collage is made by stitching together my small lino cuts printed on Irish linen.  I enjoy using the different colours, weights and textures of the linen, along with my printmaking using my Victorian cast iron press, to focus on elements of the countryside which have caught my eye.  Sewing by hand has proved most satisfactory as I can use different stitches and colours of thread to enhance the image." 

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