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Ostinelli & Priest

Christmas Ceramic Showcase


3rd November 2018 - 5th January 2019

Pictured; Lottie

The working partnership which is Ostinelli & Priest flourishes and develops simply because the balance of understanding and purpose between artists continues to create work that both pleases and inspires.  The subjects chosen by Ostinelli & Priest is always changing because of the animal breeds that are their subjects and demand for the work to expand.


The making process begins with the construction of a form created from bubble wrap built over a rigid form.  It is then that clay is applied onto the bubble wrap armature to achieve the desired subject.

























They have always thought of their work as a crossover between on the one hand sculpture and on the other painting.  The pieces are first created in clay and fired and then the colour is applied bringing further character and individuality to the work as it develops.  Sculptures will be fired as many times as is necessary to achieve the required finish.  The development of the sculpture has evolved through a process of trial and error, honed in large by acceptance of the work when presented in various galleries, exhibitions, and the ever growing potential of the web.



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