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Moxon & Simm | Mamm + Myrgh | Tamara Gomez | Jennie Gill | Tracey Birchwood | Claire Allain | Kate Wood

7th October 2023 - 20th January


The Winter Show 2023 will be a celebration of the very best of UK contemporary craft, showcasing skilfully handcrafted ceramics, beautifully formed woodwork, visually captivating glass, stunning contemporary jewellery and so much more, created  by some of the most inspiring makers on the craft scene today, each carefully curated to tempt visitors over the festive season and beyond.

The Winter Show 2023                            

Moxon and Simm


Debby and Ian trained at Sheffield achieving a BA(Hons) 3D Design (Silversmithing and Jewellery) in 1981. Established in 1982, designing and making high-quality designer jewellery, selling and exhibiting in some of the best galleries and craft shops across the UK.


Each piece is unique and made by hand from design to finish so production is limited. Although well known for their titanium jewellery, precious metals and stones, including opals, are used in additional ranges and one off pieces.


Work can be bought directly from the makers’ studio workshop, where commissioned pieces are designed and made to individual requirements.



MAMM + MYRGH Goldsmiths was formed by mother-daughter team Amanda Maltwood and Greta Kaniok.


Amanda is a 30-year veteran of the jewellery industry. Greta is a freelance designer who specialises in Computer Aided Design.


Together, they combine traditional Goldsmithing techniques with the latest design technologies to create stylish pieces with a distinctive aesthetic.

Using the ancient language of Cornwall to tell their story, MAMM (mother) and MYRGH (daughter) have a workshop n
ear the Helford river an area of outstanding natural beauty, being surrounded by the rugged Cornish coastline of the Lizard to the south inspires their collection and they create contemporary jewellery which captures the unique sculptural forms and textures found in the natural world.

Tamara Gomez


“From my studio at Cockpit Arts in Central London I hand craft fine gold and silver jewellery that celebrates natural beauty and individuality. Specialising in rough diamonds and gemstones, my jewellery calls to anyone who sees magic in the earth and world around us. Each piece in my signature Rough Diamond collection is a celebration of the raw beauty of a natural uncut diamond. Just like the people to whom these jewels speak, each piece is filled with individuality and personality. The fine jewellery industry might call these quirks and inclusions flaws, but I see the depth and beauty of a truly unique stone.My inspiration comes from nature, spirituality and intuition. My greatest joy is working closely with clients to create pieces that mark milestones and celebrate the relationships in their lives. I was born in Sri-Lanka and grew up just outside London, graduating from the Royal College of Art with a Masters degree in Goldsmithing and Jewellery back in 1997.”


Rooted in creativity and artistry, Tamara Gomez designs bewitching fine jewellery for anyone who feels a connection to the magic and beauty of the earth. Designed to celebrate curiosity and wonder, each piece captivates with distinctive details. Uncut diamonds and ethereal gemstones are set in an organic and textural style reminiscent of the earth from which they came. Rough diamonds call to those who find beauty in individuality. Tamara Gomez transforms precious stones into captivating fine jewellery inspired by the magic and spirit of the world. Each piece is unique in every detail, soulful fine jewellery for people who are like no other. Designer Tamara’s intuitive and personal process makes commissioning bespoke jewellery a joy. 

Jennie Gill


Jennie Gill is one of Sheffield’s most exciting, creative and highly skilled jewellers whose 25+ year-long career has garnered fans all over the world.


Known for her modern spin on handmade tradition, Jennie’s signature is the raw energy that each sculptured piece of precious jewellery contains; a quality, which is often lost in mass manufacture.


“My jewellery is invested with the time it takes to make something with my hands. I don’t draw or design on paper; I design at my bench, responding directly to the stones and metals I’m working with. Choices of materials are important: diamonds are all ethically sourced or re-purposed and the gold is recycled.”


Due to the growing demand for Jennie’s bespoke services (wedding and engagement rings in particular ) from an international clientele who appreciate that her pieces are as unique as the stones she uses, it comes as no surprise that each jewel has its own narrative.

Tracey Birchwood


“My work developed from porcelain vases to porcelain pendants.  My handmade jewellery designs all have a geometric theme, whether it is spots and stripes, or having things evenly spaced.


Repetition is always apparent in my work. I think the maths ‘A’ level has a lot to answer for! I sell my work directly from her own workshop – Studio 6 at Manchester Craft & Design Centre. Here I have my largest display of my own jewellery, and also from other fabulous galleries and jewellery shops around the country.


I hand make all of my jewellery at my studio in Manchester Craft & Design Centre. Each petal is hand formed out of porcelain clay. These are then fired and glazed, to have different matt and shiny textures. Each one is then decorated with a special ceramic ‘lustre’ glaze – the gold contains real gold and the silver coloured lustre contains real platinum!


These are painted onto the petals to colour the petals or to form intricate patterns including lots of spots and stripes! Once the lustres have been fired onto the petals, the petals are then carefully linked together to form earrings and necklaces. Tiny freshwater pearls are used to embellish the pieces. All the fittings, earrings and chains are made from sterling silver. I also makes rings and cufflinks to compliment the range.”

Claire Allain


“I have been making jewellery since graduating from the Birmingham School of Jewellery with a B.A Hons In jewellery and silversmithing  back in 1998.


I have been fortunate to live on both sides of the Planet and have travelled and seen many things. My love of the outdoors leads me to more rural places and my life in the UK has been mainly spent by the sea in Cornwall.


My other longest place of residence was New Zealand for ten years, where I saw and was part of the recovery of native gold. My ethics for jewellery making have been influenced not only by the things I have experienced but by the people I have worked with and alongside.


I made a conscious choice to use recycled metals, fairtrade and ecometals , and to only obtain gemstones from reputable sources many years ago. It has become clear to me that the more we can do to preserve our Earth the better.”

Kate Wood

“I only work with precious metals and natural semi-precious and precious gemstones. I love sourcing natural gemstone beads in subtle and unusual colours.


The majority are hand-cut in Jaipur, India’s ‘Pink City’.  Pearls are carefully selected for their smooth surface and natural lustre. I use nickel-free sterling silver and gold vermeil, as well as 18ct yellow gold.


My gold vermeil pieces are made from sterling silver, plated with a thick layer of 23.7ct yellow gold or 18 carat rose gold. The natural world is an abiding obsession, and I can often be found crouching to examine the form of a flower, or admiring the lichen on a branch.  This macro view of the botanical world definitely influences my jewellery.


I’m looking to reflect the balance and irregularity of nature when I create what I see as little wearable sculptures. I might make a series of rough sketches when inspiration strikes, but primarily I design through making, working directly with the materials, experimenting with different techniques, adding and subtracting until the form is ‘right’.


I want my pieces to be calm, natural and balanced, and achieving this apparent effortlessness can be deceptively challenging.  I often start with a complicated idea and end up with something much simpler.  The skill is in knowing when to stop."

Juliette Hamilton | Ralph Shuttleworth | Sarah Rickard | Lil Rabbitfoot | Emma Bird | Tone Von Krogh | The Cat In the Shoe

Juliette Hamilton


“I originally trained at Manchester Metropolitan University in Textile design, gaining a BA Hons specialising in weave. A job designing embroidery for Marks and Spencers followed. In order to fit life round a growing family, after 5 years at M&S, I became self employed, setting up a successful soft furnishing business. A few years into this I started a course at Reaseheath College to study horticulture and garden design. The willow sculpture emerged unexpectedly after the college put on a willow weaving workshop.


I enjoyed it, but never imagined it would be my future career! I attended a few more workshops around the North West and made some sculptures for myself. To my great surprise people wanted to buy what I’d made, so I just went with it! I started my willow business in 2008 by simply saying yes to everything, teaching at Arley Hall and selling at the newly emerging artisan markets. Things just took off from there.”

Ralph Shuttleworth


Ralph is a Sculptor working primarily in wood, who uses movement within the material to form sculptures with intriguing, elegant forms. His contemporary style draws on both traditional woodworking techniques and modern technology to create unique gestural pieces. Ralph’s work is a collaboration between natural processes and human involvement, in order to create sculptures with a clean yet organic feel.


He started working with wood in various ways in 2017 and was part of many emerging talent exhibitions and awards. Ralph continues to exhibit across the country in selected exhibitions and events.  After graduating from his Furniture design degree in 2021, Ralph has continued his work with movement, with a focus on sculptural works in both wood and metals, which encapsulate the energy and elegance different materials can have. Ralph now works from his studio at the Sculpture Lounge in West Yorkshire.

Tone Von Krogh 


“I was born in Switzerland, but spent most of my childhood in Norway. My fascination with clay started early. I used to dig in the clay rich soil in our garden in a suburb to Oslo and shape it into small wobbly bowls and cups before drying them in the sunshine. As a teenager I took the interest a bit further and took up ceramics evening classes where I was introduced to throwing. The techniques I learned here are still part of my own teaching today. I went on to study Product design with ceramics specialization at Hogskolen i Akershus, avdeling Blaker. After a short apprenticeship during the summer months in the pottery at the norwegian Folk Museum in Oslo, I came to England in 1994 on an Exhange programme with  Manchester Metropolitan University and graduated in  3Dimensional Design in 1995.


After years of having retail studios at various art centres in, I now work from a purpose built studio in my garden.My current collection of contemporary domestic Ceramics is strongly influenced by my impressions from the winter landscapes in Norway. When the snow covers trees, rocks, paths and architecture; any sharp edges become soft and everyday shapes may become unrecognizable. I have tried to bring the same feel to my work with a range of wavy vases and softly distorted beakers, bowls and bottles. The colour range is reflecting the many tones of snow and ice and winter skies. The work is produced using a potter’s wheel, but then cut and reassembled to non circular shapes or given soft dimples or bumps. I use a combination of food friendly glazes on the inside and barium based glazes on the outside and fire the work to stoneware temperatures. I mix all my own glazes using basic materials and oxides.”

Sarah Rickard

"I’m an artist and ceramicist creating unique, handmade pieces from my garden studio in rural East Sussex.  My workshop is my sanctuary, where I come to be creative and escape the distractions of family life.  I do allow the odd cat and my studio schnauzer Gertie in, but only if they promise not to break anything. Ever since I was a child, nature has beguiled and enchanted me. I would spend hours studying the plants and creatures in my parent’s garden and I’ve always noticed and appreciated the beauty of the natural world. Painting, drawing and making naturally occurred to me as a way of expressing myself and so I went on to study art.


A foundation year , where I discovered the joy of working in 3D was followed by a degree in ceramics and textiles at The Manchester Metropolitan University where I graduated from in 1996. I have continued my art practise in various guises ever since, including successfully selling my original paintings, and designing for the card and wallpaper industries. My passion for drawing, painting and ceramics has led to my current collection of decorative ceramics. Future plans including working on new collections alongside creating one-off pieces in both ceramics and on paper."

Lil Rabbitfoot (Sam Yates)

Samantha Yates is a Botanically Inspired glass artist based in Yorkshire , working under the name Lil' Rabbitfoot. Her work is concern with the appreciation of the natural environment, the simple beauty of nature and the joy it can bring. She playfully explores the limitations of her materials and techniques, using different botanical patterns, shapes and forms to present coloured glass to the light.


"I have a unique background, I've been teaching Horticulture for 14 years and have degrees in Environmental Science and Civil Engineering. These seem to naturally unite through my fascination for presenting glass to light through different botanical forms, patterns and structures.I love to play with the limitations of my materials and techniques I believe we are so genetically programmed to connect with nature that we feel satisfaction when we strip seeds from a stalk of grass."

Emma Bird


"Ever since I can remember I have always made things. My mum used to dread coming home when Blue Peter had been on – she knew scissors, card and sticky back plastic would be everywhere. I studied Art at Canterbury Christ Church College, graduating with honours and receiving the University’s Summerfield Award. I love to be creative, particularly enjoying working in wire to produce both 3D and 2D pieces. My work celebrates the beauty of creation, the people and animals that I see around me, as well as the interaction between them.


Wire gives me the freedom to draw in the air: it is so intriguing to see the line hold its shape without losing a sense of flow and delicacy. I love using the minimal amount of ‘lines’ to suggest the highlights of each creation and its character. I work with my hands, pliers and cutters alone to create my pieces: valuing the purity of this process and avoiding the temptation to solder or glue wires together, so that I produce truly handcrafted work. Wire adds extra depth to my 2D work, helping to bring such ‘drawings’ to life, while allowing me to explore the linear aspects of 3D forms to produce incredibly delicate sculptures. I hope you enjoy looking at my artwork as much as I enjoy making it! If you are interested in purchasing anything please do contact me."

The Cat In The Shoe (Lucy Brasher)

'The cat in the shoe' is the creation of Lucy Brasher a self taught textile artist. Working from her studio at the bottom of the garden by the sea in Dorset, Lucy's work focuses on the animal form incorporating the human element. Her work has a touch of whimsy with a darker undertone, much like the fables and folklore that have influenced them. All of Lucy's work is created by hand and machine using predominantly reclaimed and re-purposed fabrics. Trained in Fine Art and Photography at the Arts Institute Bournemouth Lucy began experimenting in textiles in 2010 and found a love for the medium.

"Fabric is a forgiving and flexible medium to work with, it can become anything it wishes even if its life began as something else. An old jumper, an unloved leather jacket, a scrap of lace and an off-cut of felt. In my mind these could become a whimsical being straight from the pages of a book you read as a child."

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