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The Yorkshire Print Show

Exploring the rich diversity of the Yorkshire landscape, this captivating exhibition at the Craft Centre & Design Gallery, in the heart of Leeds City Centre, invites four printmakers to showcase a collection of original prints inspired by the hills, lakes, towns and coastlines of this green and pleasant corner of the world. Born and bred, or proud to now call Yorkshire their home, James Green, Eva Juusola, Rose & Hen and Tim Slatter present their master skills through etching, screenprinting, linocut prints and collagraphs.

Meet the Artists

Here are the brilliant artists who are to sharing their work with us.

James Green

James is a Sheffield-based artist and printmaker. He has been working with linocut and screen-print for the last sixteen years. His subjects range from UK wildlife to surreal compositions, but a large part of his practice is landscapes. He was inspired initially by the hills and view of Sheffield, working out the puzzles of rooftops, windows and jumble of architecture. This interest grew outwards into Yorkshire and James has also focussed on the coastline and other significant locations in the county. Outside of his personal work, James has created commissions for people like English Heritage, The Hepworth Wakefield and Abbeydale Brewery. 

Eva Juusola is an artist and printmaker based in Sheffield.

After working in watercolours for many years, Eva took up printmaking in 2019. She started off making collagraph prints, then taught herself aluminium plate etching. Eva feels that printmaking best allows her to express her fascination with light and atmosphere. She enjoys both the discipline of the process and the unpredictability of the end result.

Eva is inspired by the Peak District and loves nothing more than getting outside and sketching the landscape in all seasons. Her watercolour and ink sketches often form the basis for her prints. She aims to capture the moods created by different atmospheric conditions in the simplest way possible, by stripping away any unnecessary detail to get to the essence of the subject.

Carrie is a printmaker based in the village of Stamford Bridge, between the historic city of York and the rolling beauty of The Wolds. She creates contemporary landscape and nature themed linocuts. Sometimes she is inspired by patterns she finds in nature, and sometimes it is purely to capture a moment or memory, like walking through meadows, watching the bees on the sunflowers or a day out at a favourite spot. Her design ideas are then sketched onto battleship lino in her home studio using specialist tools. Each design is carved either as a single plate and printed in solid colours, or multi plate blocks, which are then layered and printed using contrasting colours with semi transparent Hawthorn Printmaker inks, which are located a few villages away. In her studio, Carrie has a handy little press which is actually a die cutting machine. It’s perfect for printing her multiblock prints, and for larger prints she uses either a glass barren or a Slama hand held press.


Carrie’s latest work focuses particularly on the use of perspective in street views of York, to create a 3D effect which draws the viewer into the image. Her favourite part of the process is cutting the designs, as she often gets completely immersed in creating marks and lines. She is also a member of York Printmakers.

Eva Juusola 

Carrie Lyall | Rose & Hen

Tim Slatter

Tim Slatter studied Illustration at the University of Kingston and received a BA(Hons). After travelling in India and the US he returned to his childhood home of Wensleydale to apprentice  with the Master Etcher and Painter Piers Browne  for 3 years. He then joined the Princes Trust and went into business. After having a studio at The Chocolate Factory in Stoke Newington North London, he moved to Whitstable, then the Isle of Wight to help raise his Son Harry, who is now an accomplished sailing student at UKSA.


Tim has exhibited at over 300 shows, galleries and fairs nationally, and has won best artist: Great Northern show 2002,  best artist: Brighton Open house 2008, and appeared on Dales Diary on ITV. He has 16 etchings in the permanent collection at the Palace of Westminster. His Main Gallery is Clifton Fine Art in Bristol.


Tim is principally an etcher, line etching and pattern aquatinting into steel and zinc plates.


He then inks these plates up with heavy oil based printing inks, and prints onto acid free paper on either a rollaco, or gunning press. 


His interest is in the landscapes and cityscapes he travels in, and his style has frequently been compared to that of the Victorian Illustrator Arthur Rackham, but with a Japanese style.


Tim also paints large trees, landscapes and seascapes to commission.

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