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 In the Spotlight: Adele Taylor

  7th Oct 2022 - 20th Jan 2024                                   

This annual exhibition has provides a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase intriguing contemporary craft collections made from unusual materials created with fascinating techniques.  This year we’ve curated a show that celebrates one of our makers from last year's In The Spotlight - 40 Years in the Making show. Adele Taylor was one of the featured makers we invited to create an exclusive piece for our anniversary show. The public voted for their favourite piece and as a result, Adele won this solo show. We have worked with Adele many times over the years, and she holds a special place in our hearts!

Image: Adele Taylor

About Adele Taylor

Adele is a maker we’ve had the pleasure of working with in many shows including Up Front and In the Spotlight in 2010, Rings in 2013, The Jewellery Shows in 2014 and 2017 (when we celebrated 35 years), and our Playful Jewellery Show in 2020. Most recently, Adele featured in our In The Spotlight - 40 Years in the Making exhibition, in which her exclusive piece was voted as the public's favourite piece from the show.


Adele  values practical hand making skills in the creation of her designs and enjoys letting the material influence and, to some extent, dictate how the pieces of work evolve during production.  She became increasingly interested in pattern and texture as a result of a trip to Iceland where she found the linear texture and patterns in the vastness of the dramatic volcanic landscape very inspiring and much of her work since then has been expanding and exploring landscape ideas.  The Icelandic colour pallete also suited her well as she was drawn to the muted colours and was struck by the similarity of these colours to the subtle and gentle colours which occur in metals and precious stones.  Also, as part of Adele’s recent exploration of landscape, she has been developing a series of pieces which are a combination of 2D mixed media work created to include small pieces of 3D precious metal jewellery work which occupy their own places in the landscape.  She works from her studio in Sheffield and also teaches small groups practical. 

Please note that the images below may not be the work arriving for our show.  You'll be able to see the work that arrived in our gallery once the show has started, and when the Virtual Gallery Tour has been posted below.


"Back in 1990 I was the recipient of a grant from the Princes Youth business Trust with which I bought essential workshop equipment. I would not have been able to start my business without this support. I also received mentoring help and financial support to do my first trade fair at the NEC where I won the gold medal design award for my kaleidoscopes and met and received my award from Prince Charles."

working Adele.jpg

Find out more about Adele's exclusive piece from last year's 40 year anniversary...

When we invited our carefully curated jewellers to take part in our In the Spotlight Show, we also invited them to make an exclusive piece to celebrate our special anniversary.  Adele Taylor accepted the offer and made this wonderful piece. The public voted for their favourite piece and Adele won. We then invited Adele to showcase her work with us in this special showcase in 2023 so you’ll be able to enjoy her work here once again!

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