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"There was a show of her work, with a flock of dark, powerful wooden birds and I spent time dec

We were delighted to hear from Janis Goodman, one of our fabulous printmakers whose work we showcase here in the gallery. She shares her #35years #wherearetheynow? story below.

Don't forget if you'd like to share your #craftstories just send us your images to or tag us via social media, we'd love to hear from you.

"I moved to Leeds in 1982, so it is also my 35th anniversary of living in Leeds. I discovered the Craft Centre and Design Gallery almost immediately as a customer rather than as an exhibitor. I was still working in animation with no notion of becoming an etcher. My largest buy took place a year or two later; it was a wonderful bog oak sculpture of a raven made by Claire Guest. There was a show of her work, with a flock of dark, powerful wooden birds and I spent time deciding whether I should spend so much money on myself. I struggled with the decision for a while; then bought the bird. The raven has made its presence felt in all the houses I have lived in in Leeds. I discovered recently that the now adult daughter of a close friend, had as a child dreaded going into my front room. I kept a box of toys there but she had to pass under the watchful and sombre gaze of the raven. I have never assigned it a name or gender but love it still."

Janis purchased this piece around 1983/4. Huge thanks to Janis for her continued support over the years and for supplying us and visitors to Leeds of her inspiring etchings. We love Janis's visits to the gallery, they brighten up our day.

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