"You may have expected it to immediately be unpacked and placed on display, but I was happy eno

"Several years ago I accompanied my husband on a business trip to Leeds. Left to my own devices in the City I came across the Leeds gallery and there I bought my first John Maltby statue, which features a family on a boat. It encompassed a number of firsts - my first major purchase; beforehand I had limited myself to under £50 per item. My first Own Art purchase. And my first statue - before that I had only bought studio pottery. You may have expected it to immediately be unpacked and placed on display, but I was happy enough just to know that I owned it, and actually it sat safely tucked away in the box room and then in the attic, still in its original gallery wrappings, for a couple of years before I found the right place to display it, and the right cabinet to hold it. Since then it has been joined by several other figurines, and a couple more Maltbys, and has pride of place in the cabinet beside my desk. Thanks to this statue I am no longer afraid to buy larger and more expensive items from studio potters and galleries, often reserving the item and paying in instalments over three or four months while I decide how and where to display it when I finally bring it home."

Thank you Naomi for sharing your #craftstory with us and to our followers.

If you've read this and have your own craft story you'd like us to share we'd love to hear from you. Just send us an email to craftcentre-leeds@btconnect.com with a photograph of your treasured items and the story to accompany it. We'd love you to be a part of our 35 year anniversary celebrations.

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